Why Does My Car Subwoofer Have 2 Inputs?

Why Does My Car Subwoofer Have 2 Inputs?
Why Does My Car Subwoofer Have 2 Inputs?

Why Does My Car Subwoofer Have 2 Inputs?

A subwoofer is a distinctive kind of speaker that helps to produce sounds of the best quality. Subwoofers work along with the other speakers in a car stereo system to give a vast range of sound frequencies.

Dual input allows the car subwoofer an extra sensitivity adjustment. Normally, it would be enough to use a mono LFE subwoofer signal from its receiver. If you have a receiver with very low output so you can use a Y-splitter. By using both inputs with the same mono signal doubles the car subwoofer sensitivity.

Dual inputs produce when the two magnetic coils are attached behind the nest of the subwoofer, one for the sound and the other for the good quality of sound these out from single source.

Why Does My Car Subwoofer Have 2 Inputs?

Two input subwoofers have double magnetic coils and four wires. Due to the double magnetic coil, it creates the adding of two channels, and due to which double signals convert into a single signal. It helps to produce the best sound.

It empowers down the mingling of a two-channel stereo sign into a single signal, which still has all the first data which were in the signals of stereo. This is valuable on the chance at which someone has a stereo signal, yet just subwoofer.

It permits an LFE mono plus stereo proliferation. When utilizing both the subwoofers, this is conceivable to utilize a Y-splitting of the LFE signal into the receiver sub yield.

It is additionally conceivable to associate the subset at the other side to the principle out left from the receiver. The equivalent should be possible for the correct side of the subwoofer.

The principal benefit is that you get the chance to keep off the dual devoted LFE signal just like your right and left bass of stereo. It gives 3D bass executing many most of the views as a huge update.

Double information permits subwoofer as an additional affectability modification. Typically, it is sufficient to utilize a single signal of the LFE subwoofer after its receiver. On the off chance that you have a receiver with an exceptionally low yield so you could utilize a Y-split.

Due to utilizing the two contributions with a similar mono sign twofold the subwoofer affectability. This implies there is currently just a large portion of the sign solidarity to take it to the full yield. I always recommend going for a car subwoofer with 2 inputs


The two inputs in car subwoofers are very necessary because it helps to produce the best quality of sound and improves the bass. The improvement in the bass is the response of more than one input. Two inputs help to improve the power of the subwoofer and enable it to produce a louder sound.

Two inputs help you to get an enhanced stereo effect and preserve the bass from the music system. In this way, imaging is also enhanced, and soundstage is also expanded.

If your car has less space for the woofer and other sound-producing devices, then you need to use two inputs in subwoofers because it enhances the stereo effect.

Two inputs are also helpful in eliminating the localized bass, and even the best-positioned single woofers may be inefficient in producing the deeper octaves.

Due to which the listener feels that sound is producing from a specific location. But if you use two inputs, it will able to produce the double sound in the subwoofer, and you may enjoy the music.

Two inputs do not need any special place for fixing, so no need to create a place for them; they can easily adjust in the same place easily.


Two inputs are produced in a subwoofer by connecting the two more wires and a magnetic coil to the other magnetic coil and wires in a subwoofer to produce the high-quality bass.

The subwoofer with single input produces a single sound like that a sound just coming from the specific area, and the bass is of very low quality. The people of the modern era do not like it; they like high-quality sounds with the superb bass. It is always good if your car subwoofer have 2 inputs.

Modern technology has introduced two inputs in a single subwoofer that produce high-quality bass and superb sound system. Two inputs in a subwoofer is introduced by connecting the subwoofers with the dual wires and magnetic coil due to which it is able to produce good sound that creates the sensational atmosphere.

These wires are connected in the coil of the subwoofer from its backside, and the other magnetic coil just attaches just with the previous one, so it means it does not take too much space and the best for the high-quality music and superb bass.


The dual magnetic coils in the subwoofer increase the quality of sound, and initially, it widens the choices for matching the amplifiers and also maximizes the power availability to the sound system, and provides vast options for the installation.

It produces a sound of louder intensity and high quality. It also provides a greater degree and range of flexibility in achieving the most from your car subwoofers.

The most critical advantage of the dual input is the ohm level. If your car’s electrical sound system gives 4 ohms, that means your wiring needs to be done, but the dual input wired at 2 or 8 ohms depending on the system of the car.

You can easily check if your car subwoofer has 2 inputs. Always go for a car subwoofer with 2 inputs


Two inputs play a vital role in the sound system; they induce the best quality sound. Two inputs are mostly liked by those persons who want to enjoy high-quality music.

If there are two inputs, the subwoofers will add the right and left channels together to make a mono channel to be played by the subwoofer of the car. Often these inputs are labeled by LFE, whose simple meaning is that the input you are using is the input of the woofer that has already been combined into the mono signal.

People mostly like those devices which provide them good quality sound without splitting and breaking. In the car, this good quality sound with subwoofers is only produced when someone uses them with two inputs.

These two inputs are basically due to the magnetic coils when these coils vibrate at once they produce neat sound without any splitting.

These are basically for those persons who like loud music during their journey as the car has not too much space for large woofers, but the person likes loud music, so he must need to use subwoofers having double input. He will definitely like the music and get this at a low price.

People also use dual input subwoofer along with the headphones in the car for the best quality of sound and mainly due to the habit of hearing loud music.


My car subwoofers have two inputs because I like high quality and loud music, and double input subwoofers fulfill my demand at a meager and affordable price; its double magnetic coils are the reason for dual input.

It works on a low electrical current, and it is good for me because it takes very little space in my car and I really like it.

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