Can You Put Subwoofers in a Car Door?

Can You Put Subwoofers in a Car Door?
Can You Put Subwoofers in a Car Door?

Can You Put Subwoofers in a Car Door?

Speakers can be installed in the doors of every car. When people install 4-channel or 6-channel speakers, they try to create a surround sound in their car. You can also install a surround sound amplifier for that purpose.

But when it comes to the installation of bass in a car, the situation is not that same. We all know that the subwoofers need bigger or medium-sized enclosures to serve their purpose properly. If you are using the subwoofer at home, you can use a bigger enclosure for your subwoofer, but you have to be careful about the size of the enclosure when you are installing the subwoofer in a car.

Mostly the car subwoofer is placed under the seat or in the trunk. Sometimes it is fitted in non-moveable wooden cases, and sometimes people create an enclosure and mount the speaker in it and place it in the trunk somewhere. You can install small subwoofers in a car door.

Subwoofers take an amount of space wherever you place them in your car. But people always want to utilize the space in their car. So, we receive too many questions about placing the subwoofer in a car door somehow.

Can You Put Subwoofers in a Car Door?

Every car has different dimensions and spaces in it. So, a smart answer for you is, No, you cannot install the subwoofer in a car door. But if you still want to install it, then we can guide you about it.

Well, installing the subwoofer in a car door is a tricky process, and professionals do not recommend it. It is even harder to install in a car door, and the technicians charge too much money for it.

Subwoofers require bigger enclosures

The purpose of subwoofer in a car or any sound system is to throw bass out of it. People who are fond of listening to music with higher bass always tend to use subwoofer in their sound system. Larger enclosures produce larger bass because they store a large amount of air inside the enclosure.

So, when people install larger enclosures in the car, they have to give up an amount of space in their car, which they cannot use until they remove the subwoofer from their car. So, it is clear that subwoofer requires a larger space to function properly.

Subwoofers are used by those people who need extra bass in their car and want to enjoy each beat in their music. The subwoofer with bigger enclosures cannot be installed in the car doors. So, when you are installing the subwoofers, you cannot usually choose the door of a car.

You can choose the door to installing speakers or tweeters, but this cannot happen in the case of the subwoofer. So, always go for a bigger space for your 6-inches to 12-inches of subwoofers. There are other subwoofers available in the market which we will discuss further in this article.

Use smaller subwoofers for car door

People always install subwoofers that range from 6-inches to 12-inches of diaphragm, which are impossible to install in car doors. So, if you want to install subwoofers in the door of your car, then you must use smaller subwoofers. Smaller subwoofers can range from 2-inches to 4-inches. These types of subwoofers are easily available in the market.

And smaller subwoofers are cheap so that you will not have to spend extra money like the bigger ones. The benefit of using the smaller subwoofers in that you will not have to create a bigger hole in the door from inside the car. It will be easy to mount and will not require more power like the bigger ones.

We have a good opinion for you if you have a speaker already installed in your car doors. Please replace the speakers of the doors with the relevant size subwoofer to create a good bass in your car. In this way, you can have four subwoofers in your car doors.

Now, you must be wondering where to install the speakers and what you will do when all the locations are booked with the subwoofers. Well, we have a solution for that too. You can install the speakers above the trunk, behind the backseat. There you can have extra bass of the speakers from the trunk.

If not, then you can install tweeters only along with the subwoofers or can locate them anywhere in the car, where they look good and do not get touched by the passengers.

Why you should put speakers in a car door?

People do not often install the subwoofer in the car doors. They always install the subwoofers in the trunk or under the backseat where good space is available. There is a specific purpose of doing that thing.

Subwoofers do not require extra space when they are packed in a good quality enclosure. But people have experienced more bass when the subwoofer box is kept in the trunk where it is in contact with the car body back seat. So, people do not even think about installing the subwoofer in car doors.

People only think about installing the subwoofer in the car door when they can neither compromise in the space of their car nor the bass of their sound system. So, they want another solution, which is to place the subwoofer in a car door.

Everyone knows if they install the subwoofer in the door of their car, the bass will not be like the subwoofer, which is kept under the seat or in the trunk. Even the doors rattle too much and need to be repaired often after a specific period. So, people do not want to get into this kind of a mess and install the subwoofer anywhere else but the door.

Are subwoofers in a car door worth it?

The smaller subwoofers are not bad. They only cannot create more bass like the bigger ones do. Several cars are smaller in size and cannot afford to place a giant subwoofer box in it. If you are driving a 2-seat car, then you may have to install a subwoofer in the car doors.

But, your car door may not have space for anything more than the previously installed equipment. Many smaller cars like 2-seat cars come with pre-installed speakers in their doors. So, there is no more room for a subwoofer in the door.

In that case, what you can do is that you can create a custom door panel for proper fitting for your subwoofer. In that way, you can create a good bass inside your car because of the doors if your car will help give you more bass when they are also doing the job.

Smaller as well as SUV cars are also one of the cars which are recommended for smaller subwoofers. Subwoofers should be installed in SUV doors because SUVs have larger door panels which have greater space for an extra set of speaker or subwoofer. You may not have to create a custom door panel for your subwoofer because the doors in SUVs are already large enough to accommodate 2-inch to 4-inches of subwoofers.

You have to be creative:

Installing and creating a good quality sound system is a creative thing to do. If you are creative and have a good sense of knowledge about the speakers and subwoofers, then you can develop a good sound system in your car with the availability of fewer appliances.

In that case, you have to be creative in designing a perfect door panel for your car. So, you can get a good quality bass and sound from the panel. When you install a speaker and subwoofer in the door panel of your car, then the door panel of your car works as an enclosure for your subwoofer and speakers. And being in the same enclosure, the door panel gives a better bass.

Also, do not fit the subwoofers with standing screws. Try to mount the subwoofer with the nut bolt, which will hold the subwoofer for a longer time and will not defect the fiber in which it is installed. Use a fiber base in your car doors, and if you use a wooden base, it will wear out after a while.

Pros and cons of installing subwoofers in a car door

There are some pros and cons of installing the subwoofer in car doors, which are very important for you to know. First, let us discuss some pros of installing the speakers in the car doors, which are as follows:

  • The car door creates a good quality bass
  • Wiring is easy
  • You do not have to buy a full wiring kit, and you can connect with ordinary wires
  • You can save room in your car
  • Closer to the passengers listening to songs

Here are some of the cons of installing the subwoofer in car doors:

  • The door always rattles due to higher bass which damages the fitting of the door
  • You have to install a custom door panel
  • Lesser bass than the bigger subwoofers create


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