How to Prevent Car Stereo From Being Stolen?

How to Prevent Car Stereo From Being Stolen?
How to Prevent Car Stereo From Being Stolen?

How to Prevent Car Stereo From Being Stolen?

Car stereo is the equipment installed in the car to provide user entertainment. Usually, implemented for listening to radio and music.

Car stereo is now part of car telematics, telecommunication, hands-free calling, and in-vehicle security also. Now, they are equipped with an anti-theft system to provide protection from thieves.

Car stereos are still being stolen from all across the country. If your car stereo is from the costly brand, then you are likely to get the attention of thieves.

Yes, you can protect car stereo from being stolen by taking preventive measures to make sure your stereo is safe from thieves. When you step out of the car check car doors and windows, are closed. Park the car near the busy junction. Park the car in a safe secure place. Park the car in the unlit area. Install security anti-theft devices.

Thus, thieves and opportunists are always looking for possible ways to steal from you. But you can prevent this risk of potential theft by taking protective measures to protect car stereo from thieves.


How to Prevent Car Stereo From Being Stolen?

Car stereos make thieves a lot of money in the resale market. Factory-installed stereo devices are not in high demand. While specialty car stereos are attractive to thieves.

Because these expensive stereos are attractive and easy to remove than the fixed stereos.

Car alarms could help to get rid of thieves, but the experience car stealers have no problem in breaking the window and stretch the stereos out while the alarm is going off.

Thus, the risk of expensive car stereos is high than usual. Potential theft is always a risk for the owners, which should be taken seriously.


Best Methods to Prevent Your Car Stereo From Being Stolen

Preventive measures should be taken to lessen these risks and to prevent the expensive car stereos from thieves ‘ hands.

You can prevent car stereos from thieves by taking a variety of measures to reduce the risk of being stolen.

Some of them come with the cost while others are more strategic and some are free. Our editors have explained the best methods that will prevent your car stereo from being stolen.

Check windows and doors before leaving the car:

As you stepped out of the car make sure the car doors and windows are closed and locked.

As you leave the car make sure your car is properly locked and closed. This will keep the thieves stray away.

Unlocked doors and windows encourage the thieves from stealing the stereos and other expensive possessions from the car.

When you leave the car, never leave it running or unattended. As it will be easy for the thieves to steal your car stereo.

Park car at a safe place:

Whenever you go out, park the car at a safe and secure place such as parking areas, whenever possible.

When you enter the house, close the garage doors properly, so no one can get into to steal the stereo.

Always close the door while driving. When you leave the car never leave the keys inside the car, always make sure doors and windows are closed.

When you park in the public, always be aware of your surroundings. Park in the well-lit area that has a lot of foot traffic.

Thieves prefer to target those cars that could not be seen easily and get caught. This could be easy to break their windows and steal the stereo without getting into the eye of anyone.

Cars parked at the darker sites, near an easy escape route, away from the public isolate the thieves to break-in.

So, it is always important to manage to park in the right place where security is present to prevent car stereos from stealing.

Keep stock radio:

If you have the stock radio keep it in your car if it has good sound quality and works well in your car.

Thieves rarely target or steal the stock radios, as they do not have much resale offer and value.

Every car has a different model and these are not easy to transfer to other types of car models. As they have no use other than the original vehicles.

Get car stereo with the removable face:

If you choose to invest stereo with the removable face to upgrade your car stereo from the stock radio.

You can take the stereo with the removable face with you, wherever you go or leave the car.

Never leave this removable face in the car or in the glove box, as thieves always wander around to look in these spots.

But sometimes it feels awkward to take the face with you anywhere you step out of the car. So, most people avoid using the stereo with a removable face.

Use of tinted glass window:

To avoid the thieves, you can use the tinted glass window in your car to help prevent the thieves from seeing inside the car, what type of stereo you have in the car.

The tinted window film helps to prevent intruders to look inside what you have in the car.

You can also use black cloth sheet covers on the windows, to help prevent the thieves to look inside the car to avoid stereo from being stolen.

Avoid putting brand stickers:

Avoid putting the brand stickers or logos or hood ornaments on your car.

As these can advertise the thieves that you have expensive accessories inside your car which could be stolen.

So, it is important not to advertise any kind of item you displayed in the car to attract the wanderers and looters.

Use anti-theft car devices:

Install an anti-theft car system, to discourage the thieves from stealing your car. As the car without any security system could be easy for the intruders to stole the stereo, this can be easily removed.

Anti-theft car devices come in different variety and ranges, you can choose any of the system which cost cheap on your pocket.

If you are worried about the car stereo speakers and want to save them from thieves it is best to use these anti-theft devices that prevent anyone to take speakers from the car.

Car stereo speaker is an important part of your car image, if you have a high priced speaker then it is better to choose a good security device.

Anti-theft devices for car stereos have been focused by car insurers, as it is a good way of reducing the amount that you have to pay in car insurance, also reduces car stereo crimes.

There are a number of ways to prevent the car from break-ins:

  • Car alarms
  • Anti-theft code
  • Improved door locks
  • Steering wheel lock
  • Baby monitor
  • Electronic immobilizer
  • Security camera
  • Window security film

Car alarms:

Using car alarms could be helpful for protecting the car and all its contents.

This alarm could ensure anyone from breaking into the car or touching the car and could be easily recovered and stopped before stealing the car or anything from inside the car such as car stereo speakers.

A smaller alarm being fitted on the car stereo might be helpful, just like a phone alarm, which is useful to stop anyone from stealing the stereo.

If your car is equipped with the alarm, then while leaving the car always set the alarm properly.

Anti-theft code:

The use of the anti-theft code in the car stereos might be helpful for you to defend the speakers from stealing.

Anti-theft code imprinted on the stereo, as this will prevent the device from working if it is moved from one car to another car.

Stereos with these types of anti-theft devices could be useful for you, to make sure that your stereo with this type of preventive measure is no longer attractive for the thieves.

Improved door locks:

Improved door locks could be helpful to prevent theft. Most cars could be locked manually and automatically.

It depends on how you do it. You should always lock your car after leaving the car or while when you are inside it.

Nowadays, the car has both manual and automatic ways to lock the doors. Some also have automatic doors.

Cars with the automatic locks are equipped with an automatic lock button near the handle of the door or in the center of the console.

Basically, these buttons are labeled with the image of a traditional lock. When you press the button down towards the closed lock image will lock the door.

But when you pull the button up towards the open lock image will unlock the car doors.

Thus, pressing the automatic locks from any point in the car will lock the vehicle’s door.

To lock the automatic locks of the car from outside, the car key has the automatic lock button on the key to press and you can easily open and closed the door without inserting the key in the keyhole.

Most of the cars have a manual lock system, you have to put the key inside the keyhole and turn it towards the trunk, closes the door.

While turning the key towards the hood should unlock the car. As the car door has the manual lock outside the handle, you will be able to lock it from outside.

Steering wheel locks:

The steering wheel lock is attached to the wheel of the car to lock it at a certain place. Thus, preventing others to drive away.

This type of lock is attached to the bottom of the wheel with the end extending below the breaker clutch, preventing the car wheel from turning.

While the other type is attached across the steering wheel horizontally, attaches to the wheel at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions, thus prevent the steering wheel from turning.

Baby monitor camera:

Another practical anti-theft device is the baby monitor. There are many anti-theft monitors, which are wireless and can detect at night. It has night vision and audio.

You can easily allow the monitor left in the car and can get the live update, of what is happening around.

This could help to retrieve the thieves from stealing the car stereo if they can see through the window that there is a video camera inside the car.

If a thief does not get scared of the camera, then you have the video footage of that incidence to help get your car back.

Make sure you turned up the audio of the camera, so you can hear any loud noises like the window-smashing or someone trying to open the door or hood of the car.

Electronic immobilizer:

Electronic immobilizer works in the same way as other devices as kill switch do.

It is an in-built device in many new cars. It prevents the car from starting without receiving any radio signal from the key or the key fob.

So, without the correct key thief would not be able to open the car or even cannot start the car also.

So always use a better security device to protect your car from any kind of damage.

Install security camera:

Install a security camera outside the house where you parked your car.

Always make sure that the camera is installed at the right place, where you can see the footage of your car on the screen.

Window security film:

Install the window security film on your window to help prevent window break-ins.

The security window film makes it difficult for the thieves to smash the car window because it keeps the glass fragments in place.


Why thieves are interested in stealing car stereos?

As car stereos are small and could be easily removed from the dashboard of the car in a couple of minutes.

As the trained thieve could do this without wasting any time and making any noise within minutes.

Special car stereos have a higher resale price. As they are also easy to resale at a hefty price also.

There are many resale markets available that deal with these types of resale products and make others buy at the cheap rate also.

Some people love to have the amplifiers and subwoofers in their car, but due to theft, they cannot place in their car.

Basically, amplifiers and woofers are used to improve the bass noise and to prevent the rattling sound.

Mainly, the car trunk has enough space to place, so amplifiers and woofers are placed there, for the sound waves to move around and to prevent the rattling noise of doors and windows.

It’s better to cover the car trunk with the tonneau cover. As the cover protect the electronic circuits from sunlight and heat and also protect them from theft.

Some car trunks could be easily opened without using the keys, as they manipulate the keyhole by the modified screwdriver.

When you park the car overnight, unplug the cable wire from being stolen.


What to do if a car stereo gets stolen?

As there are a lot of car resale markets, it becomes difficult to trace the stolen car stereo.

A thief could end up by placing it on the website, or sell it to the friend or relative or resale it to the black market.

Calling the police and reporting the complaint is recommended. But do not expect much from the authorities. As they could drive in case if there is an expensive stereo or if there is much damage to your car.

Thus, best to prevent the car stereo from being stolen is from the beginning. The above methods could help you to save the car stereo from the thieves successfully.


Final words:

As we have discussed, how to prevent the car stereo from being stolen by thieves. Thieves always wander around to find which car has a good stereo and how they can get this.

Most car stereo comes in different variety, they could be cheap or some are a bit expensive also. When you park your car, make sure you parked in the well-lit area.

When parked never leave keys in your car, never leave the car unattended and running. Always closed the doors and windows properly when you leave the car.

Use the tinted glass window, can use the stock radio or can use the removable face of the car stereo. Place the amplifiers and woofers in the trunk area as it has enough space to put inside. Anti-theft devices could be used to help prevent thieves from stealing car stereos.

There are many devices now available in the market which are focused by the car owners to install in the car to save their cars from being stolen. These devices could be alarms, security cameras, window security film, anti-theft code, and many others.

If all these things listed above could be focused, then you can save your car stereo from being stolen by the thieves.

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