How Can I Use My iPad as a Car Stereo?

How Can I Use My iPad as a Car Stereo?
How Can I Use My iPad as a Car Stereo?

How Can I Use My iPad as a Car Stereo?

An iPad in your car can make your trip entertaining and helpful. You can use it for navigation purposes in your car and can enjoy its music library. People are tired of their car stereo, so they love to use an iPad as a car stereo. Through an iPad, you can see videos and audios easily in your car and make your trip beautiful.

People love to have long drives and when the car stereo is old then drive becomes harder. The best option is to use an iPad in place of a car stereo. By placing iPad you can reach your destination without any difficulty with the help of navigation. The iPad is a perfect product to be used as a car stereo.

Many people don’t know how they can use an iPad in place of the car stereo when there is no room for an iPad. In old cars in which no room for the iPad, you can use it with the Bluetooth connectivity.

By connecting the iPad through Bluetooth you can enjoy the music library easily. But many people do not know how can they connect the iPad in their car. Here I will tell you the ways how can you install an iPad in place of care stereo in 5 easy steps.

You can also connect an iPad with an audio cable it is a more common method but the major thing is to buy a good quality audio cable. The iPad can also be connected by the Fm transmitter easily. You can also connect the iPad with a cassette adapter.

How Can I Use My iPad as a Car Stereo?

There are different methods to connect the iPad as a car stereo. Here we are describing a few easy methods, I have also added a list of precautions when you use an iPad as a Stereo in your car.

Use the iPad with Bluetooth:

Using the iPad as a car stereo can be connected by Bluetooth. But the need is this car stereo should have Bluetooth in it. Some old cars do not have Bluetooth in their car stereo but new cars of new models have Bluetooth option in their car stereo.

If your car stereo is not having Bluetooth option then install a new car stereo in your car having Bluetooth and use it to connect the iPad wirelessly.

You can use an iPad in the car and also in your office and homes easily. There are some steps involved in connecting the iPad through Bluetooth.

For connecting the iPad as a car stereo, your iPad must-have properties of having the 2ADP Bluetooth. If your iPad is not supporting then it may not connect with the car stereo.

For connecting it with car stereo, first of all, open your iPad setting from its icons. In settings, you will found an icon of Bluetooth, click on the option of Bluetooth and you can enable the Bluetooth on or off.

Click the ON and wait for the device to connect. Now go to your car stereo menu setup. Different car stereo has different menu settings. You will go with your car stereo menu. Open the menu.

After opening the menu you will see different icons on the screen, now click on the phone icon. As you are connecting the car stereo with your iPad then choose the option of the phone from your car stereo.

Now come into your iPad and search for devices to connect. Choose the car stereo Bluetooth and pair it with the car stereo.

In the list of Bluetooth devices, car stereo Bluetooth will appear to select the car stereo option and allow it to pair it with a car stereo.

You can pair a car stereo with the iPad by putting the password of a car stereo. Mostly the password of the car stereo is 0000. You can put your password accordingly to your car stereo and connect the Ipad.

Wait for a few minutes, your iPad will connect with car stereo. The car stereo will show the option of please wait connecting. After a few minutes, your iPad will connect with your car stereo.

Turn your car stereo into AUX mode or Bluetooth mode and allow the music to play.

Now select music from your iPad and it will play from your car stereo you can easily use it with your car stereo.

You can play music of your choice from your iPad music library and can enjoy your long drive with your loved ones.

Connect iPad with car audio cable:

The method that can use for the entertaining purpose is to connect the iPad through the audio cable. By connecting your iPad with audio cable to the car stereo and it will work as a car stereo.

In-car stereo only radio can be played built when you will connect it with a car stereo you can use the iPad in your car easily and can enjoy music and avail the facility of navigation.

First of all, take a good quality audio cable having a length of 3.5 mm. Purchase a good quality of cable that can easily connect with your iPad and give better results with a car stereo.

Now connect the one end of the audio cable to the iPad and the other jack of the cable to the car stereo. Make sure that you are connecting the right head of the audio cable to the iPad and car stereo. If the quality of the cable is good then it will work very nicely and will not give any disturbance during traveling.

The next step to connect is to set the mode of the car stereo. If the car stereo mode is selected to AUX then it will work. Go to the menu and set the mode into AUX.

If your audio cable is not giving output it could be of two reasons. Either the cable is not of good quality or the other reason could be mode selection is wrong.

Some people choose FM mode or other modes on the car stereo due to this reason audio cable does not give output.

So when you will choose the right mode then the iPad will connect with the car stereo and it will work efficiently.

You can play music of your choice and can use the map on the iPad to reach the destination.

Use a car cigarette lighter to connect with the iPad

As technology is developing day-by-day. There are a lot of methods to have fun. Nowadays, everything is possible with the help of technology. If you are thinking that you can enjoy music in your car with the iPad, Yes, you can do that now.

A cigarette lighter is used for charging purpose but you can use it to connect it with your iPad and you can enjoy your iPad in your car.

Sometimes people have a cigarette lighter in their car but they complain about not having music in their car. Here are some steps to connect the iPad with a cigarette lighter.

As cigarette lighter is connected in your car stereo. Make sure it is working or not. Mostly it works when the car engine is on it means lighter is working.

Now take 3.5 mm of the USB cable and connect one head of the cable with cigarettes lighter. Connect the USB cable to another side with your iPad.

Now go to your iPad settings and enable USB mode. Now, your iPad is connected with a car stereo.

Go to your iTunes and select music and enjoy the music of your own choice.

Use FM transmitter to connect iPad in car:

You can also connect the iPad with a radio transmitter as a car stereo. Question is this that how radio transmitter works. It produces the radio waves that connect the radio. But it is not good in urban areas because of the population.

Due to a large amount of population in the urban area audio frequency could not connect therefore it can be connected with the iPad. You will enjoy good quality music in your with the help of an iPad.

Take a good quality of the FM transmitter and connect it with audio cable to the iPad.

Now go to the iTunes from your iPad and select the music. Music will play in your car and you can also use the iPad for other purposes.

Attach iPad with a cassette adaptor:

It is also a very easy method to use an iPad as a car stereo. As we know that car stereo is very helpful in playing music from different sources and we can change its frequency volume and amplifier volume. But if you want to connect the iPad in your car then you can easily use this method.

Insert a caste on your tape deck that is present on the head unit. But some cars do not have a head unit. This method is difficult for those but it is very helpful in those cars which have the head unit into it. Insert any of the cassettes into the tape.

Now take an audio cable of having a length of 3.5 mm and connect it with your iPad and tape the jack located in the head unit. It will connect the iPad with the head unit to play the music of your own choice.

Now select the mode from your car head unit. So you insert a cassette into the tape that’s why selecting the mode tape on your car stereo.

Press the source button present on your head unit and enable the mode of tape on your head unit of your car.

Now you have enabled the mode so it’s time to press the play button so that it can produce audio from the source. Press the play button of the head unit.

From your, iPad, you can go to your menu icons and then go to iTunes.

Select your favorite track and click on it.

Attach iPad in the car using USB cable

You can also use a USB audio cable directly to your iPad and can enjoy the music in your car. But in this main thing is that audio cable should be supported with the iPad. Many of the people complain that the Android devices are connected with car stereo but the iPad is not connecting with car stereo.

The reason behind this problem is that audio cable is not supported on the iPad. So before purchasing the iPad audio cable make sure that it is working on your iPad. Purchase a 3.55 mm audio auxiliary cable to connect it with a car stereo.

Connect on the head of the cable with the car stereo having a USB port.

The other part of the cable should be connecting with the iPad. Now go to the iPad setting and enable the USB mode.

You can use an iPad with your car stereo. Select your favorite track from the music iTunes and enjoy the music.

Wireless connection to use iPad as a Car Stereo

In a new car, there is a technology of wireless connection. It is very easy for the users to connect the iPad with car stereo without any kind of hardware devices like cable. But this facility is not available in old cars but one can buy a new car stereo for a car and can enjoy the iPad. It can also be useful for navigation purposes.

Wireless technology is very rare now but in the future, it is the best technique to connect the iPad with a car stereo. In this technique just select the mode wireless connection and put the password of car stereo into iPad and you can enjoy your iPad working as a car stereo

How to Install an iPad in place of the car stereo?

  • Methods described the ways that how can you connect the iPad with different tools available. But in this method, I will describe how can you install an iPad in place of care stereo easily and enjoy the functions of the iPad in your car.
  • First of all purchase an iPad dash kit that is suitable for your car.
  • This kit will contain the plastic body, an iPad, and some magnets to connect it with the dashboard.
  • Now set the iPad in its tray. Place a plastic sheet on the tray and then place it on it.
  • Now connect the cable present in the dashboard with the iPad through plastic tray so that it can set into the dashboard.
  • Now connect the magnet present in the iPad kit and ix them in their proper place where they attract to their circuit.
  • Now adjust the iPad tray on the car dashboard with the help of magic so that it can adjust in it.
  • You can also purchase a circuit made iPad in which only power supply requires to connect with your car and you can easily enjoy an iPad in your traveling.


  • Where there is a lot of befits of using an iPad in care as a car stereo, there are also some precautionary measures that should be taken for the best results.
  • If you are using an iPad with Bluetooth then make sure that your iPad battery should be 100 %. If your battery of the iPad Is low then connect it with a charging point so that it will work up to your desires.
  • If the iPad is connected with an audio cable then set the cable in the right direction and keep the water or liquid away from the cable.
  • Do not twist or tangled the audio cable because then it will not give the proper signals to the car stereo.
  • If you are connecting it with the cigarette lighter then your car engine should be on otherwise it will not be connected with the car stereo.
  • iPad connected to the head unit needs more precautionary measures.
  • Avoided any kind of liquid or water to drag on the iPad otherwise short circuit can happen.
  • Avoid any kind of pressure on your iPad placing in your car as a car stereo.
  • Always keep your iPad with a password or passcode.
  • Place a glass cover on your iPad so that it can prevent any kind of liquid and dust during traveling.

Is an iPad a good option for a car as a stereo:

All these details when someone will ask you that is it good to use an iPad in a car as a car stereo? Then there is a huge yes for this question because it has too many benefits of installing an iPad in the car as a car stereo.

It is a need of nowadays as technology is progressing day by day. Everyone wants things to become simple so technology is helping us to make our life simple.

There are a lot of benefits of using an iPad in place of a car stereo.

  • iPad is very useful if you are going for a long drive or a place that you do not know the exact way. With the help of the map, the iPad helps you to reach your destination.
  • It provides navigation and tells you the right ways of your destination.
  • You can play your own choice of music and make your trip memorable.
  • If you are getting bored by listening to the radio all the time then iPad will make your mind cheerful.
  • You can also watch movies and videos on the iPad. Although it is risky for the drivers entertaining for the travelers.
  • You can watch a movie of your own choice.
  • The more important and very interesting thing about using an iPad is that you can use the internet during your traveling.
  • You can check emails and messages that are necessary for you from the iPad.
  • You can play the music library that you make of your interest and can enjoy your trip.
  • In short, an iPad is far better than the car stereo.


It is concluded that using an iPad in the car makes your life simple and helps you in many ways. The above methods of installing the iPad as a car stereo help you to use it in your own practical life. I also use experience almost all of the methods and they work efficiently.

Recently I bought a new car and installed the iPad in it by myself as a car stereo and it is working very nicely for me. You should also try it and experienced it. It will make your life easy and will lessen your stress by listening to good music of your own choice.

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