How to Hook Up a Car Amplifier in Your Home?

8 Steps to Hook Up a Car Amplifier in Your Home
8 Steps to Hook Up a Car Amplifier in Your Home

How to Hook Up a Car Amplifier in Your Home

Buying a sound system for a home is expensive. It feels more expensive when you have already bought a beast for your car. People who spend more time in their cars rather than their homes do not usually buy a sound system for their home.

In this article, our editors have explained 8 steps for installing a car amplifier in your home:

Let us get started with the steps:

  • Steps1: Get a power supply and find the longest wire
  • Step2: Connect the green, and black wire ends with each other.
  • Step3: Find the 12V cable
  • Step4: Separate yellow and black wire.
  • Step5: Connect the remote with the 12V wire section
  • Step6: Connect power wires
  • Step7: Connect RCA cable and speaker
  • tep8: Test it.

Using the sound system at home in free time is fun. You love bass, and you want to listen to your playlist like you always do when you are driving your car. So, when you do not have a sound system in your home, and you want to enjoy the sound just like when you listen to a car, you wonder is it possible to use a car sound system at home.

So, what will you need?

  • Car amplifier
  • Subwoofer
  • PSU (Power Supply Unit)
  • RCA Cable
  • Media Player
  • Screwdriver
  • Piece of wire

All the mentioned items are mandatory, and you cannot complete the process without any of the mentioned items.

Why do you need all these items?

The answer to this question is very simple. You need a car amplifier because you want to use your amplifier at home. So, without an amplifier, you cannot even start. Now, let us talk about the subwoofer. You need a subwoofer because a car amplifier is used to give power and play music on the subwoofer or the speakers.

Without the subwoofer, you will not be able to play any music or not even configure the power output of your subwoofer. So, also keep a subwoofer with you when you are finished connecting the subwoofer to the power source.

What about the power supply unit? Any type of electronic or electrical appliance is incomplete without the power supply unit. If there is no power supply unit, you cannot use your gadget or anything that you want to operate. But here, you will use a desktop PC power supply unit because it is cheap and easily available.

The amplifier cannot be powered with any charger or 12V adapter because it requires more ampere power than the smaller batteries or chargers. So, you will have to connect a computer power supply because it will provide the required number of amperes and voltages to the amplifier.

The RCA cable will be used to connect the amplifier to the audio unit, which can be your mobile phone or computer. Media player is said to be the input device, from which you will play your playlist or tracks on your amplifier.

The screwdriver will be used to tighten and loosen the screws of the cable input ports. It will also be used to adjust the power of the amplifier to set the bass and surround according to the room or hall where you will be using your sound system.

By using all the products in your setup, you can easily get your car amplifier to be used at home.

How to Hook Up a Car Amplifier in Your Home?

You wonder, can you pull out your car amplifier and sound system and play t in your home. Well, it is possible. There can be several different conditions where you may want to use your amplifier in your home.

For example, let us suppose you are going to sell your car, and you do not want to give away your car amplifier because it is expensive as well as your favorite. You can use that amplifier and sound system at your home without any effort. So, there is no need to worry about losing your favorite sound system or amplifier.

There are many ways to use your amplifier at your home for subwoofers and speakers, and there are expensive as well as cheaper ways.

We are going to give you a specific way to use your amplifier at home by spending a little amount of money. To hook your amplifier at home, you will need some equipment and some electrical appliances

Get a power supply and find the longest cable

As discussed before, the power supply will be used to provide the required power to the amplifier with which it will be able to operate as better as it was being used in the car. You will have to use a desktop computer PSU for this purpose.

You must get a spare power supply that has an output range of 280W to 350W. This range will provide a good output power to the amplifier. So, when you have your power supply, then you have to find the longest wire with a bigger port.

If you are a computer specialist, then you will know about the wire, which gives power to the motherboard. That will be the longest wire of the PSU.

Connect the green, and black wire ends with each other

As you have found the longest wire of your PSU, you will notice several wires in this longest cable. You have to find the green and black wire. What you are about to do is, you will connect these wires to create a loop.

This connection will not make the PSU sleep. It will keep the power supply unit to turn itself on without any interference. You will have to put a piece of wire in the ports of green and black wire to connect. If you cannot do so, then you must cut these wires from below the port and connect.

This will work as an always turn on feature for your amplifier.

Find the 12V cable to attach a car amplifier in your home

After connecting the green and black wire, you will have to find a cable that gives the 12V output. In most cases, this wire has 12V mentioned on it, but if you do not find the relevant cable, then it is the cable that powers the hard drive of the computer.

It contains several wires, just like the previous cable that we have already discussed, but it contains a lesser number of wires. Once you have found the cable, you will have to take out the yellow and black wire of that cable.

This wire will be used as a power cable for your car amplifier as it provides 12V output.

Separate green and yellow wire

To do so, you have to cut the yellow and black wire in such a way that they are not separated from their connector. In this way, these wires will be able to give current to the amplifier. These wires will go to the amplifier power section.

Connect the remote with the 12V wire section

Now, you must be wondering what is remote and what is the 12V wire section? Now, you have to look for the input ports of the amplifier where you always connect the power wire to the amplifier. It usually has three positions for connection.

One connection is used for ground, one for remote, and the other one for current. What has to do here is, if you want to use your remote, then you must use your remote wire as you always used to do. If you are not using any remote with your amplifier, then you have to connect the remote port with the 12V port by using a piece of wire.

You will have to connect these ports. This will keep the amplifier running when the power is plugged in. So, unscrew the screw and put one end of wire in the remote port, tighten the screw by using a screwdriver. Unscrew the 12V screw, put the other end of the wire in the 12V port and tighten the screw.

Connect power wires

Now, when you have connected the remote wires with the power wires, you must connect the power wires in the power input port of the car amplifier. To do so, take the yellow wire and insert it in the 12V port. Loose the screw, insert the wire, and tighten the screw. You should carefully connect wires when installing a car amplifier in your home.

After inserting the yellow wire, insert the black wire of the 12V cable in the ground port of the amplifier. To do so, you will have to loosen the screw with the screwdriver, put the black wire in the port, and tighten the screw.

This is how you will be able to connect the power wires to the car amplifier.

Connect RCA cable and speaker

Now, you have to connect the RCA cable to the RCA input ports. Choose the type of RCA cable whose one end has RCA input connectors, and the other side has an auxiliary connector. After that, connect the output port with the wires of the speakers.

Test it

Now, you will be able to play songs on your amplifier after performing all these steps.

All these steps are very simple if you already have some electronic and electrical knowledge. The colors of wires are usually the same as every desktop PSU. If not, then there can be a problem for you.

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