How to Keep Your Car Amplifier Cool?

How to Keep Your Car Amplifier Cool?
How to Keep Your Car Amplifier Cool?

How to Keep Your Car Amplifier Cool?

An amplifier is a device that is used in the car and home, which takes the weak transmission signal and amplifies that signal. It is used to sense the good quality of the music to the listeners.

We have added 7 of these best and proven methods that will keep your car amplifier cool and prevent over-heating.

You can keep your car amplifier cool by using a cooling fan, keeping extra free space around the amp, adjust the wiring and fuse. It is recommended that you install a good quality cooling fan in your car to prevent overheating of the Car Amplifier.

You must know possible reasons for overheating of your car amplifier:

  1. The first reason is that you may have installed a very low-quality amplifier in your car. A low-quality amplifier will emit more heat, and your amplifier becomes hotter easily. So you must no compromise on the quality of the amplifier.

  2. Secondly, its position may cause a problem as it is placed in an upside-down direction because of any reason that can cause heat inside the amplifier. Heat can also be produced inside the amplifier if it is placed under some hard stuff or something like carpet.

  3. Heat can also be produced in the amplifier if the connection between the amplifier and the speaker is not in proper form. You also need to check that connection if your amplifier is going to be heated all the time.

How to Keep Your Car Amplifier Cool?

This heating can cause big trouble for the speakers used in the car. They can also be damaged. If sometimes the heat gets stronger, your car may catch fire out of it. So there is a strong need for amplifiers to cool them for a stable journey. This heating can cause major problems in the life of passengers. That’s why maximum car riders use different techniques to cool the heat evacuating from the amplifier.

If there is no proper connection of the load between the speaker and amplifier, it can cause overheating. The things that you can use to keep the amplifier cool are a cooling fan, a drill, a drilling bit, an amplifier fuse, an electrical wire, and a screwdriver. Now we will discuss further techniques to cool down the amplifier.

Check the size of Car Amplifier Fuse

You have to replace the same fuse as previously installed in the amplifier. If the fuse size is not matching to the original fuse. You have to replace that size of the fuse with the same one.

The specification of the fuse is mentioned on the sticker on the fuse. So, you have to match all the specifications according to the previously attached fuse in the amplifier. After matching all the specifications, you have to replace them with a new one.

Add Cooling Fan with a Car Amplifier

If you have attached your amplifier at a proper location where there is proper passing of air. Then you don’t need to attach an additional fan there. If its location is behind something, then there will be a need for the fan in a proper position to release heat out of the amplifier. You can attach the cooling fan with the help of simple two wires. Then there will be chances of heating is reduced to the minimum level.

Keep extra free space around the car amplifier

After you have installed the amplifier at its position, you have to free the space around it. If the amplifier is placed in a too much-congested position, it will be too much heating. After installing the cooling fan, the amplifier can also be overheated because of a congested place.

The things can be out of control, so you have to place the amplifier in an open place. So, the main purpose of this to pass the air freely through the amplifier.

Check the gauges regularly

You have to check all the gauges because the amplifier can be heated at every moment. So you can preempt the situation and react properly according to that. After doing all the above steps, you still have to monitor the heat of the amplifier. If still the amplifier is overheated, you have to meet a professional technician to get rid of this situation.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Installing a Cooling Fan With Your Car Amplifier

In this part of the article, we have added a detailed step-by-step guide that explains the entire process of installing a cooling fan to your Car Amplifier.

1. Preparation

Firstly you have to prepare all the things to fix the cooling fan in the amplifier. You have to be needed the following supplies, such as Allen keys, screwdriver, wire cutters, fan cover, metal cutting tool, and 12V Cooling Fan. You have to take all these things to install a cooling fan.

2. Make your Template

You have to define the place where you want to mount the fan in the amplifier. Now make the template by a simple sheet of paper according to the diameter of the fan to get dirt free.

3. Transfer Template

You have to identify the place where the proper heat can be sunk out of the amplifier. You have to identify the place with the help of a pencil. You can also use the screwdriver to identify the place of the cooling fan.

4. Cutting

Check many times before making any type of drilling in it. You have to check that this cutting will settle the cooling fan in the amplifier. After looking, you have to perform the process of cutting with the help of a cutter or Dremel. Now make sure that the fan must fix at this place perfectly.

5. Install Fan

You have to mount the fan at its exact position so that the cooling fan must work properly. Its position will ensure that they are working is proper.

6. Wiring

You have to wire up all the wires; you have to twist the negative wire of the cooling fan to the ground. Now you have to insert it back into the amplifier to start working.

7. Finishing

You have to finish all the things properly. Place the coverings and all things at their own place. You have to start the amplifier to check the working of the fan. Now the process is completed of installing the cooling fan.

How to Prevent Your Car’s Amplifier from Overheating?

We have already explained the best and proven methods to keep your car amplifier cool. You can prevent your amplifier from overheating with the help of the following processes:

1. Proper Ventilation

If your amplifier is overheated day by day, then you should install ventilation in the amplifier. If there is any change in position that can give you a better result, then try it by changing your location. You can install a cooling fan in your amplifier to pass away the hot air from your amplifier.

2. Better Amplifier

If you have not changed your amplifier for so many years and your amplifier is not providing you the proper boost of sound. It will also be overheated by small working. It can cause damage to your system. You will have to replace your system to get rid of this problem. You should not compromise on the quality of the amplifier.

3. Check the wiring

If you usually drive on bumpy roads can cause the loosening of your wires. This effect can cause extra heating to your system that can be damaging. You must check the wiring if your system is getting hotter after a very small work. You must tighten the wires of the amplifier for proper results. Loose wires are dangerous for your car and system. This aspect will certainly decrease the problem of overheating almost totally.

4. Check installation quality

You must properly install your amplifier in the car at a proper place at which a cooling fan can easily exhaust the hot air out in the surrounding. You must consult a proper technician who has a proper idea of this work to install the amplifier in the car. After its installation, firstly, you must check the wirings and air passing out of the amplifier before paying its installation cost. All things must be incomplete and working form.

By summing up all the discussion, you must have proper ventilation through its place and cooling fan. You must consider all the aspects of air passing through the amplifier. Its quality will enhance the performance of the sound in the car. You must take care of all the aspects mentioning above before you use it at a long driving. You must take preventative measures for your amplifier. It is good for the health of the amplifier and car.

By taking all the steps mentioned above, the performance of the system and especially the amplifier will increase. Its sound quality will definitely increase, and you will enjoy your journey completely. The frustration because of the amplifier completely disturbs the long journey. To enjoy your trip with full essence, you have to take off your car stereo and the amplifier. You must take preventive measures to get out of it totally.

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