How to Change Car Amplifier Fuse When it Melts?

How to Change Car Amplifier Fuse When it Melts?
How to Change Car Amplifier Fuse When it Melts?

How to Change Car Amplifier Fuse When it Melts?

Using an amplifier for your car speakers is a good thing for your sound system when you want high-quality music in the car. Car Amplifiers always enhance the quality of sound.

There come many types of problems with the car amplifier. Sometimes, the wire of the car amplifier breaks, while sometimes, the controller of the amplifier is damaged. You can face any problem.

So, first, let us talk about how to change the built-in fuse of a car amplifier when it melts.

  • Step1: Open up the amplifier by using a relevant screwdriver
  • Step2: Cut the plastic of the melted fuse
  • Step3: Heat the fuse to take it out
  • Step4: Clean the fuse port
  • Step5: Insert the new fuses and close up.

People with older cars mostly face the challenge of low voltage or low power with their amplifier.

They have not changed their battery for a long time, and that is why the battery start to perform less when the sound system is being used in the car. You can either face low power problems or high-power problems with your amplifier.

Low power problems can be overcome by replacing the older battery of the car with the newer battery, but when there is high power available to the amplifier, what will you do? When there is more power available to the amplifier, there is a higher chance that the amplifier will blow off.

So, for these types of situations, fuses come along with the amplifier accessories. They are always installed in the car amplifier by the manufacturer, and also, when you buy an amplifier wiring kit, you still get a collection of fuses with it.

How to Change Car Amplifier Fuse When it Melts?

This is a step-by-step guide that explains the best and proven methods for changing a melted fuse in car amplifier. There are some problems that people face when they have high power available.

We know when the amp rating of the circuit goes more than the available capacity of the fuse. The fuse will blow, and the circuit will break, and your amplifier will be exceptional.

But that is not all. A blown fuse can be replaced easily because the fuse is fine, only the inside substance blows, you can easily replace the fuse with a newer one. But sometimes, the fuse is working fine, but it melts.

What will you do? When the fuse is okay, but as it melts, it stops passing current from it after a while. That is the main problem. Melted fuse is always stuck in the fuse holder, and it is not easy to get it out of the wire.

But we have a specific technique that will help you overcome this problem. before going into the steps, check that you have the following tools available:

  • Plier
  • Wirecutter
  • Screwdriver
  • New fuse
  • Lighter
  • Cutter
  • Dielectric substance

Replace the Built-in Fuse in Car Amplifier

Mostly, two fuses are connected with the amplifier. One fuse is pre-installed in an amplifier, and the other one is installed in the power wire of an amplifier close to the battery.

Take the car amplifier out and place it in a proper place where everything is easily visible to you when you are working on it.

Open up the amplifier by using a relevant screwdriver

All car amplifiers come with a metal casing, which is packed by using screws. You have to find the appropriate screwdriver for those screws if the screws are of some other type. Some amplifiers come with a glass roof that slides out after opening the sides of the amplifier.

Open the car amplifier and look at the fuse holder’s side.

Cut the plastic of the melted fuse

As the fuse has been melted, due to any reason, the plastic of the fuse or the holder may have spread across the sides of the body where the fuses are attached. These plastic pieces which are stuck at the sides will prevent you from taking the fuse out.

So, you have to remove this melted part of the fuse so that you can easily take out the fuse from the amplifier. Cut the melted plastic and remove it from inside and outside. If the holder is damaged, then you have to take the whole holder out of the fuse portion and install an aftermarket fuse set in the amplifier.

If the fuse holder is excellent, then only cut the plastic.

Heat the fuse to take it out

The fuse of the amplifier is stuck most of the time after being melted inside the fuse holder. If you can get a good grip at any part of the fuse to take it out of the holder by using a plier, then it will be okay.

If not, then heat the fuse to melt it further and grip it with the plier so that it should slide out of the fuse holder easily.

Clean the fuse port

After when you have taken the fuse out of the amplifier, then it is time to clean the fuse holder to make room for the new fuse. Use a dielectric liquid substance that is easily vaporizable. If you cannot find anything like that, then we will recommend you to use gasoline, and a broken teeth brush to clean the fuse holder properly.

After cleaning the fuse, let it dry for a while and move to the next step.

Insert the new fuses and close up

After cleaning the fuse holders, when the fuse holders are dried and ready to insert the new fuses, then add the new but better-quality fuses. Do not add high amp fuses because if you do so, the fuse will not blow when there is a high amp power coming from the battery. And when the fuse does not blow, that means your amp will blow.

So, insert the same amp rating fuse that was installed before but a better quality one that has lesser chances of melting. It will work fine.

How to Change Car Amplifier Wire Fuse when it Melts?

As we discussed before that there are two categories of fuses connected to the car amplifier. Now, let us talk about how you can change the melted fuse that is installed in the power wire of the car amplifier.

Disconnect the cable from the battery

The wire needs to be disconnected from the battery because the wire is connected directly to the battery and can be a headache when you are repairing the wiring. So, disconnect the power from the battery and then proceed further.

You will have to use plier and wrench to open the primary wire that is connected to the car battery because the power wire of amp is connected with it.

Cut the wire

To cut the wire, you need to know how and from where you should cut it. Locate the melted fuse holder, and you will see the primary wire is going through it. You will have to cut the main wire from both ends of the fuse holder. Do not cut too far from the fuse holder, always cut near to the ends of the fuse holder to save your wire.

After cutting, you will have the fresh ends on both parts of the wire.

Install the new fuse kit

A fuse kit contains the set of more than one fuse and holders. If you have a fuse kit that has more than one fuse, then you have to choose the same amp rating fuse that was installed before. But before installing a new fuse kit, you must not buy the same fuse kit that was installed before. You should buy a better-quality fuse kit that is less affected by the heat.

Choose the fuse and insert it into the fuse holder. Now, loosen the screws of the fuse holder and put both wires in the fuse holder. Tighten the screws after inserting the wires and place them at a location inside the hood where it is less subjected to heat.

Connect the wire

You will have to connect the wire that you pulled off before the battery. As you have installed the new fuse kit in the wire, so the work is complete, and now it is time to close up everything. There is one more thing you must do before finishing up the process.

You should clean the opened terminal of the battery and clean the wire end connector with a hard cleaning material so that the wire should transmit the power more efficiently. After cleaning, connect the cable with the terminal, and you are good to go.

Important measures when replacing car amplifier fuse

The reason for the melting of the fuse or fuse holder is that it is continuously in contact with the heating material in the car. As the wire fuse is always near the engine, try to keep it as far as possible from the engine because it causes the fuse to melt.

If the amplifier fuse is melted, that means that the car amplifier is heating up, and the fuse is getting affected. You must place the amplifier in the broader place so that it is not close and should not heat up so quickly.

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