Can Satellite Radio Be Installed in Any Car?

Can Satellite Radio Be Installed in Any Car?
Can Satellite Radio Be Installed in Any Car?

Satellite Car Radio is a perfect choice if you are planning for a long journey. I have been using this amazing device in my car and I just love it.

Can Satellite Radio Be Installed in Any Car? Yes, you can install satellite radio in your car and with a very easy procedure. Satellite radios come in cars too. Satellite radios have a monthly or yearly subscription fee, which you have to pay, and you can access FM/AM channels nationwide.

People mostly like some programs on the radio and regularly listen to these programs, but some programs have so many ads during their period that they annoy the listeners too much. Some programs even do not come on the normal radio; they have separate setups for their programs.

  • Step1: Mount the docking station along with the receiver
  • Step2: Mount the magnetic antenna on the recommended location
  • Step3: Route the antenna wire to the docking station
  • Step4: Connect the power and signal(aux) cable
  • Step5: Check all the settings and Car Satellite is installed.

So, people find another way to listen to their programs without any disturbance and interference. They know that the satellite radios do not have any advertisements, and they can listen to their favorite programs however they want.

Those stations that do not broadcast on public radio are available on satellite radio. But most cars do not come with pre-installed satellite radio. So, people wonder if they can install a satellite stereo in their car or not.

Can Satellite Radio Be Installed in Any Car?

The real question is, how can you install satellite radio in your car. Well, you have to buy a car satellite radio kit and get some tools for your work. We recommend you to do it on your own because it is not a very tricky procedure. It can be done in minutes.

We recommend you go through the following steps to install and activate your satellite radio:

Mount the docking station

To mount the docking station, you must connect the receiver to the docking station and then find an appropriate place for the docking station to mount. If you want to mount the docking station to the dashboard, then you may have to create holes with the drill machine and then mount it with the screws.

It is your choice whether how and where you want to mount your docking station. If you have a car that features an armrest and a cigarette lighter switch inside it, then you should mount it inside the armrest of your car. Mounting is not a tricky decision to make; it all depends on the interior and space in your car.

Mount the magnetic antenna on the recommended location

Now, it is time to mount the magnetic antenna of the satellite radio to your car. As the antenna is magnetic, you can choose any place on your car surface to mount your antenna. You only have to place the antenna, and it will hold itself on the surface.

The best place to mount the magnetic antenna is at the roof of the car because the antenna will get a better signal strength if it has a better receiving area around it. If you mount the antenna inside, it may not be able to receive the signals efficiently.

We recommend you to mount the antenna in the middle of the backside of your car roof. Place the antenna 3 to 4 inches away from the rear windshield. It is the best location for your antenna receiver.

Route the antenna wire to the docking station

As you have mounted your antenna on the roof of your car, now it is time to route its wire in your car. The best practice is to route the antenna wire from the rubber mount of the rear windshield to the trunk of your car. You can do this by slightly removing the rear windshield and passing you wire inside the rubber mount.

You must place a plastic tape where your wire is going to touch the metal of your car under the rubber, which will not let the wire to break easily. After doing so, place the rear windshield back on its position and route the wire under the carpet of the trunk and from the sides of your car under the panel.

For this purpose, you have to remove the side panels of your car with the panel remover. Now, get your wire to the docking station where you have mounted it, whether it is inside the armrest or the dash. Connect the wire with the receiver.

Connect the power and signal cable

As the antenna is mounted and the docking station is placed on its location. Now, it is time to connect the remaining wires with the receiver. You must have to connect the power source and the auxiliary cable.

For the purpose, connect the power unit with the cigarette lighter switch and connect its wire to the receiver. Now, connect one end of the auxiliary cable with the receiver and the other end with the audio head. This is how you complete the installation process of your satellite radio.

If you want to connect the FM antenna too, then you must connect the FM antenna by the same process. You can route the FM antenna wire as you routed the magnetic antenna. But make sure to place the FM antenna away from the magnetic antenna. Otherwise, it may create interference in your radio channels.

Finalizing Car Satellite Radio Installation

When you have completed the installation process, it is time to activate your satellite radio. You can activate your satellite radio by two processes; activate online or Call the service center. For both ways, you must have the SID of your satellite radio to operate and receive radio stations.

If you have not set up your payment plan yet, then you will have to call the service center to select a subscription plan and make payments to activate your satellite radio. You will have to call and give them the SID of your satellite radio, and your satellite radio will be activated with the selected subscription.

You will receive several radio channels with the satellite radio and with a clearer output than the normal car radio.

Tools and accessories required for Installing a Satellite Radio in Car

Well, first of all, you need a car satellite radio kit, which will include the following items:

  • Receiver
  • Magnetic antenna
  • FM antenna
  • Dock
  • Power unit
  • AUX cable
  • Panel Remover

So, when you have all these accessories in your satellite radio kit, then you will be able to install satellite radio in your car. But you must have a panel remover with you because it helps a lot whenever you are removing any panel in your car for any work.

So, without wasting anymore time, let us give you a brief explanation about what these items are and how you can install satellite radio in your car by using them. If you follow the steps that we recommend you to perform while installing the satellite radio, you can easily do this by yourself at home.


Every radio has a receiver that receives signals of a broadcasting channel, and it is also a controller to change stations and every type of basic controls. It comes in a satellite radio kit and is one of all the necessary items that you need for a satellite radio.

The receiver of the satellite radio is a bit different from the basic radio receiver.

Magnetic antenna

As the name explains itself, the magnetic antenna is the antenna that plays a great role in receiving the signals from the broadcasting radio channel. It says magnetic because it a magnetic antenna. The magnetic antenna can be mounted anywhere on the car body because it will hold itself with the magnet in it.

FM antenna

The FM antenna is the antenna used for receiving local FM channels listen to by every other person. It is an optional accessory that you may require if you are due with making any monthly subscription, then you can listen to these channels and not get bored.


The docking station is the accessory where the receiver of the satellite radio is mounted. The docking station gives a place to the receiver to place on, and get power to operate. It is also an important accessory among the list.

Power unit

The power unit is the one which is connected with a power source to give power to all the accessories involved in the satellite radio kit. To give the easiest experience to the users, the manufacturers create a power unit with a cigarette lighter adapter.

AUX cable

The AUX cable works as a signal carrier between the docking station to the head unit of your car. So that you can easily get your channels on your sound system.

When you have all the mentioned accessories, you can easily install satellite radio in your car by following these simple steps.


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