How to Change Soundbar Volume with TV Remote?

How to Change Soundbar Volume with TV Remote?
How to Change Soundbar Volume with TV Remote?

Many people want to use a TV remote to adjust the volume of a soundbar. Here are 6 easy steps to use adust the volume of a soundbar with a TV remote. 

How to Change Soundbar Volume with TV Remote? You can change the soundbar volume with a TV remote by connecting both devices with the optical cable or HDMI cable, and turn on both devices. Use the TV remote and navigate to the settings and soundbar output, now you can adjust the soundbar volume.

How to Change Soundbar Volume with TV Remote?

Soundbars are an accessory component in getting high-quality sound from TV. They are usually equipped with a remote or touch-sensitive screen to control their functioning..

Locate all the input jacks on both devices

We have different brands of TVs and soundbars in our houses. Each device has a unique design and setup, like single input jacks or multiple jacks to connect various devices.

To properly know about the types and number of jacks on both devices, read the complete manual. It will provide comprehensive knowledge about how many and types of devices you can connect to it. You can also observe the soundbar with eyes to know about the location of jacks.

In Televisions, mostly input and output jacks are present behind the screen. In soundbars, these jacks are present on the front or back side of it. You should also check the appearance and working condition of the jacks before starting the task.

Connect the HDMI or optical cable with a soundbar

When you want to connect both soundbars and TV, there is two option available for wires. You can use an HDMI cable or optical cable. Some soundbars have only HDMI input jacks,

and some modern devices contain both jacks. HDMI input jack is more secure and efficient in working as compared to the optical input.

Most soundbars have an HDMI cable with them for making connections to other devices. When you choose to go for an optical cable, you can buy it from any electronics shop.

The HDMI input jack is labeled as HDMI and optical input as optical. Sometimes both inputs are distinguished with different color codes. Connect the HDMI output of the soundbar to the HDMI input of the TV. You can also use an HDMI splitter for the TV.

When you are connecting the optical fiber, first remove the plastic cap from its ends. Then connect the output of the soundbar with the input of the TV. On connecting both the soundbar and the TV, you will hear a click sound from them.

Turn ON TV and Soundbar

When we connect both gadgets via cable plugin and their switches, turn them on by pressing the turn-on button or using a separate remote control to turn them on.

When you are using the optical cable, you should change the soundbar input to the optical fiber. Do this by clicking on the soundbar audio setting. OPT tab will appear before you click on it to switch the input mode, turn off, TV speakers.

When we use HDMI to connect both gadgets, the sound immediately comes from a soundbar. But when we are using an optical cable, there will be distortion between both devices.

To overcome this problem, turn off the TV speakers go into Tv SETTING. Click on the setting tab to open it. Different options will appear before you.

Among these, choose the sound and click on it. You can give all these commands with a remote. On clicking on the sound menu, other categories will appear on the screen.

Choose sound output among these tabs. When the Tv speakers are on, by default, the TV speaker tab is selected. To turn it Off, select the Audio out or optical option in the series; when using the HDMI cable, click on the HDMI Arc tab. It will turn off the speaker, then click on the close tab to close the set.

Adjust the soundbar volume with a TV remote

When you have finished connecting both gadgets, it’s time to control the volume with a remote. You can follow two basic ways to do it that depend upon the type of TV you have in your room. One method is the auto power link, and the other is Anynet+and ARC.

Auto power link

When you are using an optical fiber for connecting them, this method will turn on the soundbar. 

 Set the soundbar on D.1 mode by pressing the source button on the remote. Then look for the direction pad on the remote. On the remote, press and hold the left direction button for a few seconds.

It will turn on the auto power link and the same button to deactivate the power link. This way, you can use a tv remote instead of a touch system and remote. Many people say that soundbars are better than TV speakers.


You can use it when you are connecting them via an HDMI cable. After setting these soundbars to D.1N, the source will change to TV ARC. Then press the right direction on the direction pad to activate the AnyneT+ARC.

HDMI has both ARC (audio return channel) and CEC (consumer electronics features to control volume settings. It is the best method to start two-way communication between two gadgets. Deactivate it by again pressing the right direction button.

Why would you use a TV remote for a soundbar?

Usually, all electronic devices come with remote control, but soundbars are the exception. It depends on you to set up a command for its functionality. By connecting or synchronizing it with the TV remote, you can set up the audio system easily.

Sometimes the touch-sensitive pad is at fault, making it difficult for us to change and control the volume. In such a condition, we can use the TV remote as a replacement to control the audio system.

It also makes a pile of control devices in front of you. Using only one remote can simplify the task for us.

Why my TV remote is not changing the soundbar volume?

We face common issues after connecting both devices. There are many reasons for that. The first and most apparent reason is fuse switches of walls. Check them by plugging in some other appliances.

Sometimes the HDMI cord is loose and does not fit tightly in the input jack. It also makes it difficult to control the volume and people complain that the soundbar turns on but no sound.

In advanced TVs, a Bluetooth connection can pair up the soundbar and the TV. But some old soundbars can not set up a connection via Bluetooth.

So in such cases, the TV remote cannot control it, and to overcome it, connect them via HDMI cable. Then synchronize the setting of both devices and disconnect the Bluetooth mode of tv.

To disconnect it, Select the setting icon on the screen. Then select the network and accessories tab from the given series of options. Bluetooth off tab will appear before you choose the tab by pressing it.

It will convert the mode of IR rays.IR rays can connect bot devices and use a remote to adjust the volume settings.