Are Soundbars Better than TV Speakers?

Are Soundbars Better than TV Speakers?
Are Soundbars Better than TV Speakers?

Here is a detailed comparison of soundbars with TV speakers. Many people get confused between soundbars and speakers. In this article, we have added the pros and cons of both of these devices.

Are Soundbars Better than TV Speakers? Soundbars are better than TV speakers because they are small in size, more powerful bass, latest design, and with Bluetooth connectivity. TV speakers come with surround sound and are more expensive than soundbars.

Whenever we are watching any movie or video on our Televisions, our ultimate requirement is to have a fabulous listening experience. Tv speakers and soundbars are of prime importance in this aspect. In this article, we will discuss which one is superior in quality and performance.

Are Soundbars Better than TV Speakers?

A soundbar is a sleek and oblong device, and you can place it beneath the Screen or above it. It contains multiple speakers in a single core. It can give you many benefits which a simple speaker is unable to do.

Soundbars or Tv speaker which one is better depends totally on your requirements. Both have their criteria for producing sound and music. Both of them have some demerits also. It will help you decide what you should buy for your gadget.



TV Speakers


Slim and wide

Long and wide



$1500 to $5000


90 db


3D sound surround






Benefits of using soundbars for TVs

Easy installation

When it comes to the installation, they have made this task super fast. There is no need to collect a bundle of tools to install it. Firstly you should make a suitable place ideally beneath the Device. Create enough space to place it comfortably there.

Then you can connect it to the Tv with just one wire. You can choose any power cable or HDMI port for connecting both devices. Many people use the HDMI splitter for the TV.

It also includes a separate output for the subwoofers. You can connect it with a cable to get some additional bass. In contrast to eternal speakers, a lot of wires create a mess around the gadget. External speakers need a lot of space to stand.


It can give you the best quality sound at a low price. There is a lot of option of soundbars at almost every price range. You need not spend hundreds of dollars on speakers or surround system. Their prices start from $100 to $1000.

A good quality soundbar with a variety of features costs approximately $300.Now it depends on you how much do you want to spend. In comparison, the speakers’ price starts at $1500, and the high-quality speaker costs approximately $5000.

You have to purchase two speakers and AV speakers to set it up. Apart from buying components, you have to spend on installation.

Modern design

It also provides us with all the options for different models and designs. You should know about active and passive soundbars.

The active soundbar contains a built-in amplifier; there is no need to buy a separate amplifier and receiver. This property makes its design unique from an ordinary sound surround system.

Its appearance also makes a lot of difference in our room. Modern design and technology also have resistors and pin headers for debugging. It also has most of the connectors on the same plane; it helps avoid awkward angles when connecting other outputs.

It also contains a touch-sensitive screen to play, pause, or stop the videos. This touch system is more convenient than rotating any knob on speakers. It also has built-in Bluetooth to allow you to listen to MP3 player music or audio on Tv.

Ease of use

Setting up the soundbar is a simple task. You can use different optical cables for this purpose. Just one cable is enough to make connectivity in both devices. You can also use a headphone jack to connect them. You can also change the soundbar volume with a TV remote.

Most people use a 3.5 MM line out connector for this purpose. Wireless woofers and other inputs on the same sides help in memorizing the order of connectivity.

Cons of soundbars

Poor sound quality

Soundbars do not produce high-quality sound as compared to the speakers. Mostly tweeters and treble are absent in it, and we can not distinguish between high and low notes of music.

We usually think spending more money will upgrade the system and quality, but it is of no help in soundbars. It is not able to improve sound quality above a certain level.

Due to the absence of treble and high pitch sound, it is unfit for larger rooms. You will only hear a muffled sound in larger areas. Sometimes soundbars can be loud for a small apartment.

Low impact in bigger rooms

It is the main drawback of having it in your rooms a surround system. It is ideal for small rooms only. In larger rooms, the sound frequency can not travel to full length. When you are sitting on the last bench dim voice travels towards the end. You will hear a diminished and muffled sound.

Pros of TV speakers

Our Tv speakers have old technology and design, but still, it provides us so many advantages that soundbars can not give us.

Improved bass and power

Separate speakers are physically are distant from each other and to the receiver. This distance makes the sound route more efficiently in the room. It can easily divide the sound into the room. You will listen to a powerful sound throughout the space—no matter where you sit beside the speaker or far away from it.

They also produce bass with multiple frequency ranges that can give you a great listening experience. They are best suited for larger rooms because all the sound frequencies can travel a long distance. They also bounce back from room walls, and sound quality is further improved.


They have a lot of variety and modifications to suit each individual’s needs. Soundbars are very specific in design and features and lack versatility according to individuals’ demands.

After buying necessary components like the front speaker and receiver, you can go for the subwoofers. You can install subwoofers of your own choice. They usually have built-in subwoofers.

You can also add technologies to enjoy Dolby Atmos action in your place. They also do not have a restriction of the specific manufacturer while purchasing any component. They also give you the freedom to install them at any place and displace them at any time. 

Different ports

External speakers also have a wide range of ports on the receiver. You can connect multiple devices to your Tv at the same time. Different HDMI ports are an essential feature of the Av receiver.

In- contrast, soundbars only have few ports, and mostly they contain only one HDMI port. When your Tv does not have enough ports or inputs, the receiver serves as an extra hub to connect all the devices.

Cons of TV speakers

Complicated system

Connecting and installing Tv speakers is a complicated and time taking procedure. You will need a lot of tools and materials to do it. The whole system contains a lot of wires and ports. It is difficult for one to memorize all the ports and wires connection.

This system also needs a lot of space to install because of the speakers’ bigger size, unlike soundbars that you can mount above or below the Tv.

Most speakers are long and wide, and you have to set them beside the furniture or curtains to hide them from the scene. Av receiver is a sensitive component of the system, and you need to take great care while placing them.


This sound system costs a heavy amount than soundbars. Here you are not purchasing a single unit, but you have to buy each component separately. Each good quality component is costly than the whole soundbar unit.

Unfit for small rooms

The external sound system produces a brilliant sound experience at your place, but it requires larger areas. In small areas, sound frequencies bounce back from walls and collide with each other.

In a collision, they diminish each other’s effect. In some cases, they will reinforce each other’s effect; you will hear only noise or high volume sound. It can disturb the people in the surroundings and even have a bad impact on your health.