Do Aftermarket Car Speakers Make a Difference?

Do Aftermarket Car Speakers Make a Difference?
Do Aftermarket Car Speakers Make a Difference?

Do Aftermarket Car Speakers Make a Difference?

Many people do not think about upgrading the audio system of their new car. Manufacturers of vehicles mount factory sound system only to market their cars. Most car manufacturers do not spend much of their thought on the speaker’s design.

The vast difference made by aftermarket speakers

Yes, an aftermarket audio system makes a huge difference. A good quality aftermarket set of a car’s audio system can cause a substantial sound quality difference. The aftermarket car audio system is capable of producing, bright, more dynamic, and more detailed sound. You can also experience to hear a more profound and tight bass at any frequency range.

Whether your vehicle is a late model and has a premium audio system, factory speakers always have a reason to upgrade. Sound and music can be good at first.

Soon you will start noticing the difference, and it will no longer remain impressive for the sound. We have discussed a lot of reasons for the up-gradation of the car’s audio system by the aftermarket audio system.

Do Aftermarket Car Speakers Make a Difference?

Whether you are an audiophile or a primary music lover during the drive, you will hardly commence the factory speaker’s sound. Upgradation of the stock speaker with the aftermarket car speakers introduces a more enhanced sound experience while in the car. You can explore from this guide that the aftermarket sound system has multiple advantages over stock speakers.

That is the reason the aftermarket car audio system is always preferred over the stock audio systems. If you are still holding the stock system in your car, make an investment in component speaker systems to discover your favorite sound quality.

Below are some significant differences between the aftermarket and factory speakers:

Better design and enhanced sound

Car manufacturers design the models of cars according to their performance aspects. They make the factory audio system just to complete the process of assembling. Audio manufacturers design good quality sounding speakers. They experiment with focusing on audio innovations to make speakers systems sound better.

Brands build sound systems by using modern technology and sophisticated designs. They have multiple features of drivers, mid-ranges, woofers, tweeters, super tweeters. They deliver excellent audio production. Each driver is built accurately. It provides a specific audio segment. The woofer delivers lows while tweeters deliver the highs.

Manufacturers design aftermarket speaker systems with a much more advanced crossover network than the factory speakers. The network of crossover circuit acts like filters to make sure the correct frequencies are going to the correct drivers. The drivers enable the audio system to deliver excellent sound and work efficiently. I am using 6×9 Inch speakers in my car.

The difference in audio Quality between brand aftermarket and factory speakers is very profound. The speaker’s manufacturers commit to ensure top-end entertainment from the car speakers.

Build Quality is more enhanced

Car manufacturers install factory speakers only to fill a formality. They do not focus on providing quality sound.? They use cheap material to make factory speakers. These speakers can burn quickly. The stock speakers usually burn out when you add an external amplifier. The build quality of stock speakers is mostly poor because they are only made to have some sound.

Now high-quality sound systems are made the excellent quality materials. They build cone drivers with Quality cone material. Some of them are made with composite material. In this way, their performance is again more enhanced as compared to stock speakers.

They use resistant wires of high heat in aftermarket speakers for the voice coils. It prevents speakers from burning out and provide prolong usage.

Aftermarket speaker manufacturers provide good quality magnetic material. The best content makes the speaker’s magnetic strength that lasts for many years. They use sturdy material to build the speaker baskets. It protects the internal components of the speaker system.

There are good marine speakers available in the market. It can resist lousy weather elements like moisture and UV-rays. In short, aftermarket sound system is built with keeping quality features in mind. It will provide you complete satisfaction.

Aftermarket Car Speakers are More Durable

Since the durability and design is never a priority of the stock speakers. Their cheap material of speakers wears out very soon. They use inexpensive material like paper. It cannot bear the extreme condition of humidity, hot and cold weather.

You can’t continue to use the built-in speaker for a long time. It will tear down after a short time after the purchase of the car. The material of the speaker will soon fall apart. Ultimately the audio Quality of your speaker system will deteriorate.

You can enjoy the aftermarket speaker system for a long period of time. These are more durable in use. These speakers are made with the best materials with added durability features.

Manufacturers use lightweight and stiff material to build woofer. They also use the best content for woofer cone of plastic films like woven fabrics, synthetic materials, or polypropylene. These are coated with the best metals like aluminum or titanium. These good quality materials can resist humidity, heat, and cold extremes.

Soft or hard material is used for tweeters. Soft material includes poly, silk, and textile blends. Hard plastic includes metal, ceramics, or graphite, especially for the people who want brighter highs. 6.5 Inch is a perfect size for an aftermarket car speakers.

The surround of the woofer allows fee woofer cone movement. This surround must be more durable to bear harsh conditions like moisture and temperature. The appropriate options for surround are cloth, foam, and rubber.

Sound Imaging and Speaker’s Placement

Factory speaker systems need a lot of improvements. These systems are usually programmed by the equalization curves. It minimizes the bass response and compensates for power. They place stock audio systems at a distance from you. In this way, sound ways do not reach at the same time to your ears. This is the reason for the muddy sound from the stock speakers.

Component speakers solve this deficiency of the stock sound system. When you mount the aftermarket audio system, you will be capable of elevating the speakers’ tweeters toward the dash. In this way, it raises the stage.

Component speaker systems deliver better sound imaging. The tweeter of this system adds new music dimensions. They also have enhanced tonal clarity, frequency separation, sound stage, and stereo separation. Component speakers provide enhanced imaging. They also spice up your sound in an excellent way.

Aftermarket Car Speakers have More Power Handling

Stock speakers are terrible at power handling. It is a significant reason for producing low-quality audio in sock speakers. The system can’t operate majority amplifiers. Their rating of RMS is also low. You can take notice of this when you are listening to music at the higher volumes.

One other reason for the low power handling of the stock audio system is its poor quality material. Car manufacturers do not use standard equipment. When weak and cheap surround and woofer cone materials deal with high power, they tear down.

On the other hand, component speaker systems are capable of handling more power. They produce louder and clear sound along with deeper bass. These speakers have a low risk of bursting, tearing, or clipping, even in the presence of more power.

If you like cranking up sound in the vehicle, a good set of component speakers gives you the volume turning up pleasure. You can enjoy your favorite tracks without worrying about the speaker’s health.

The factory sound system is the first component to replace when you are thinking of upgrading the audio system. In short, if you want to experience the exceptional sound quality than a high mount quality aftermarket sound system in your car. Try to get at least one sub-woofer as well. Even at a low budget, one can install a suitable sock replacement.

Multiple Options & Features

With the factory speakers, you will stick to the limited options. You have a choice between the dull sound with stock speakers or the up-gradation of factory speakers. The component sound system has multiple options and features. You can choose from different matching sizes. You can install a prominent speaker as well by making speaker holes.

With the component speakers, you can also select from the multiple features and models. One can also mount different audio systems of different manufactures according to your preferences. In addition to it, you can also select any design of your choice, either oval or circular.

You Can Mount Coaxial or Component Car Speakers

A factory audio system mostly sounds flat. Its frequencies are usually limited. With the stock speakers, one can never experience an exceptional frequency range. So the factory speakers are worth replacing with coaxial and component speakers. Component and coaxial sound systems are designed to deliver more comprehensive frequencies.

If someone loves more bass, he can spend money on the car subwoofers to get enhanced low-frequency ranges. If someone loves crisp highs, he can spend more to get good aftermarket tweeters. For those like mid and treble can contribute more to get the enhanced mid-range sound system.

From the aftermarket speakers, one can make a choice between coaxial and component speaker systems. With the component speakers, one can mount separate speakers that have different frequencies.

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