How Much Does it Cost to Soundproof a Car?

How Much Does it Cost to Soundproof a Car
How Much Does it Cost to Soundproof a Car

How Much Does it Cost to Soundproof a Car?

Everyone is sick of the road noises and disturbance coming from outside the car. Some are sick of the engine noises, while some are fed up with the noises that come from the crowded area when they pass any market or construction site.

If you are thinking of soundproofing your car, then you may have also been thinking of the price that will cost you in doing so. We understand that.

People always worry about the money before doing any expense, whether it is for their home or their car. They have to create a budget for that purpose and see if they are okay with spending that money on the specific issue.

So, if you are here, that means you also want to get an idea of how much money it can cost in making your car soundproof from road noise.

Before getting started on explaining to you about the cost of soundproofing your car, we want to tell you that there are some factors that you must understand before asking for the exact cost.

There is never an exact cost for any project rather than buying something form the market. We may be able to tell you the cost of the most important items that you may need in soundproofing your car. But we can never give you an exact figure for the expense you may bear in soundproofing your car.

So, the cost that you have to bear when you soundproof your car depends on the following factors:

  • Size of your car
  • Selection of parts in your car
  • What type of deadening material you want

We will recommend you to use spray and mats together to create a soundproof car. You can use sound deadening mats on the floors, doors, and soundproofing spray on the trunk head, bonnet, and the roof of your car. It can cost you within the range of $600 to $800.

All the factors, as mentioned earlier, are always responsible for the soundproofing of your car.

How Much Does it Cost to Soundproof a Car?

If you are using a bigger car or an SUV, then you may face a large expense for the soundproofing of your car. But if you are using a smaller car or a smaller vehicle, then you may not face a large amount of expense.

Another factor is how many parts of your car you choose to make them soundproof. You may only want to soundproof the trunk of your car because you want a better sound quality out of your sound system and no sound of rattling or vibration from your trunk.

You may also want to soundproof the doors of your car only. It all depends upon your choices. There is also a factor on which the expense for soundproofing your car depends, which is, what type of soundproofing tech you use. The material that you use has a major effect on the cost of soundproofing your car.

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All these costs are the average costs that you may have to pay for making your car soundproof. It can increase and decrease to some extent depending upon the nature of soundproofing you want for your car. If you go to some professional, then the charges will add up according to that.

Now let us discuss the costs of each part which you want to soundproof in your car. So, let us get started:

Discussing the car soundproofing cost:

  • Doors only
  • Doors and trunk
  • Full body

Cost to soundproof car Doors only

There are cases when the doors are responsible for every noise enteringinside the doors of the car. There are many possibilities when there are many options available to you for soundproofing your car. As you can soundproof your car in three different ways, which are by using the mat, by using spray, and by using foam.

So, before going into the expenses of soundproofing, first, you have to decide which type of soundproofing you require in your car. If you want to stay in your budget for the soundproofing of your car, then you have to select among the options which suit best to your budget.

If you want to use soundproofing spray in your car, then it may cost you USD 35 per bottle of spray. Now, it depends on you how many doors you want to soundproof and how many layers of spray material you want to spray in your doors. If there are smaller holes in your door that may cause road noise to enter the car, then you will have to spray more to those areas.

So, if you apply a whole bottle of spray inside one door, then according to four doors, the expense will become around USD 140. If we talk about using the soundproofing mat in car doors, then it will be a lot of effort for you because you have to clear your way inside the door to apply the mat properly.

Now, the real question is, how much will the mat cost if you start to apply them to your car door? If there are any discounts, then you may get an average quality mat for your car doors in just USD 70, which will cover only one door. So, you have to buy four of them which will cost you almost USD 300. So, it will increase your cost more than the spray does.

If you want to go for a better-quality soundproofing mat, then the cost of one door may increase up to USD 90. This is how it will cost you if you soundproof the doors of your car. if you have a smaller car, then it will cost lesser.

Doors and trunk

As we already discussed the expense of soundproofing the doors of your car, we should discuss the expense that you have to bear if you want to soundproof the trunk of your car. The trunk can also be soundproofed using the available options for this purpose.

You can soundproof the trunk of your car using the soundproofing spray and the soundproofing mat. You can also use soundproofing foam in the trunk of your car that will increase the sound quality of your car audio system and will also reduce the noise inside the car. So, when you want to know the cost of soundproofing the parts of your car, you must know how much money it can cost you to do that.

Let us first discuss the cost of using the soundproofing spray. As we discussed, the average price of soundproofing spray is USD 35. It depends on your choice, whether you want to cover the whole body inside the trunk or you only want to soundproof the head of your trunk.

We will recommend you to cover the whole trunk because if you require a soundproof environment in your car, then it is necessary to soundproof every part of the body. So, if you do not want to be short on the spray, then you must have at least two soundproofing sprays with you to completely cover your trunk. These sprays will cost an average amount of USD 70.

If you want to use a soundproofing or sound deadening mats, then they will cost more than the soundproofing sprays as discussed before the soundproofing mat is available in the market with the price of around USD 70, which is an average quality mat.

If you want to use the mat at every part of your trunk, then it is a good thing. You can use the soundproofing mat in the head of the trunk, floor of the trunk and at the sides of the trunk for better soundproofing,

Cost to soundproof Full car body

When you are done with the trunk and doors of your car, you may be thinking what else you should soundproof so that you receive the least road noise inside the car. Well, there is never a limit. You can soundproof the floor, roof, and bonnet of your car. To get into the details of the expense, let us first discuss the expense of sound deadening spray.

If you want to use sound deadening spray everywhere to soundproof your car, then you may have to buy at least nine to ten bottles of sound deadening spray. You have to cover the floor, bonnet, doors, and trunk your car. So, it is a big expense for you if you want to go big. But if you want to cover your roof too, then you have to use one more spray bottle for that purpose.

This will create an average expense of USD 350 when you use a sound deadening spray in your car. Now, let us talk about the expense of a sound deadening mat. The sound deadening mat is expensive than the sound deadening spray, and because of this reason, people only sound deaden the doors of the car.

But if you want to know the average cost of the sound deadening mat, then we are here to help you. You may need 15 soundproofing mats of length 3-sq. Ft. With this length and quantity, you will be able to cover your car completely if you have a 4-door car with a big trunk. This could cost you almost USD 1050.

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