Are Focal Car Speakers Worth The Money?

Are Focal Car Speakers Worth The Money

Let me guess… you are looking for a new speaker for your cars! I know what’s going on in your head right now. Trust me, I’ve been through the same feeling a few years back.

Fortunately, I found my ideal car speaker after a bit of research and some digging around. “What exactly happened,” you ask? I finally found out about Focal speakers.

These things are popular nowadays, but they weren’t when I first found out about them. For me, the overall performance so far… is amazing.

Yes, they are a bit expensive. However, the price is for a reason. Want to know why? I’m here to discuss just that.

In this article, I will also show you why I think Focal car speakers are worth the money and worth saving up for.

Is it right for you? If it is, then which one? You will find the answer to all this on this page. Make sure not to scroll past a single word.


Focal Speaker as a Brand!

Focal Speaker Brand

Focal is a popular name when it comes to high-quality sound systems for cars. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this brand a few years back.

Focal or Focal-JMlab has been in the business since 1979, dominating major European and Western countries for the last 40 years.

So far, there are no issues about the loyalty of Focal because if they hadn’t been dedicated to providing the best products, they wouldn’t have been still in the business.

I think what makes Focal great is its utilization of technology. Focal manufactures such sound systems with promises to bring out the purity of music. Their highest sound level is clearer and better than its competitors.

What is a focal speaker, then? It is one of the best sound systems you can install in your car right now.


Why Are Focal Car Speakers Worth the Money?

I found many points in Focal car speakers where I would happily invest. Not only are they the earliest in making high-quality speakers, but they also held their reputation throughout the decades. It indeed took extreme dedication and commitment!

After using Focal car speakers for years, they are durable, consistent in their performance, and something I can put my faith in.

The brand is infused with smart bits of engineering. There are some internal mechanisms of Focal speakers that make the device forever amazing. Case and point, Focal car speakers sound best in any environmental setting.

Whether in my home or in my car, I was not disappointed in getting quality sound across the whole area.

Along with handling a massive amount of power, I appreciate the durability it offers. Its protective and stable housing was very assuring. Shock-absorbing rubber casing guaranteed more safety.

Overall, I felt comfortable using the Focal car speakers. And I think the satisfaction it offers makes it worth every penny.


Features That Make Focal Car Speakers Expensive

Focal Car Speakers Feature

Focal car speakers don’t come cheap. But I won’t feel bad saving up for one of these speakers no matter how long it takes.

No, it’s not expensive for its brand value. Rather its sound quality and build material is something you are paying for. And it’s totally worth it.

When it comes to sound production, I can’t find many competitors to Focal car speakers. Their high-quality speakers have earned their title for a reason. They seem small. I never anticipated them to be loud based on their first look.

However, I was proven wrong. Their sound reached every corner of my car. Even when I used the speaker in my home, it made sure to cover the whole space.

You don’t get this type of sound from other similar speakers. In my experience, speakers with great sound are usually too much to carry. While Focal speakers are excellent in sound quality, they are impressive in terms of compatibility as well.

The build material is another factor of consideration. Most of the speakers cut their price when it comes to materials. Yes, this is why you see several products at a cheap price. But they don’t last for long as they are not built for durability.

However, Focal speakers are different in this case. Their robust build has convinced me that I can get decades out of this device. Wait, there is more to it.

Each speaker is designed in such a way that the sound quality remains at its best. There is no buzzing or any external effect whatsoever.

In addition, the rubber frame reduced the vibration almost to zero. Even with loud bass, the speaker seemed stable. It is a miracle to me.

In a sentence, Focal didn’t make any compromises. They made sure to get the best. This is why Focal car speakers are expensive.


What Are the Focal Lines for Car Speakers?

I admire the Focal lines for several reasons. They are exciting and at the same time… diverse. Their different types of compatibility are convenient for different scenarios. All of them are suitable for particular usage. Impressive, right!

The best thing about Focal lines is their ease of usage. I didn’t have the slightest trouble plugging them in. Overall, installing and playing music on Focal speakers was as easy as it gets.

So far, I have found four types of speakers in the Focal lines. Each of these types is perfect for a specific purpose. Let me show you what they are.

Performance Line

If you care a lot about your car speakers’ look, the Performance Line is undoubtedly for you. Its attractive design never fails to draw attention. However, this uniqueness doesn’t affect its ‘performance.’

Performance Line still has that powerful sound production with a satisfying pitch level. My first impression of this particular model was not the best. I thought this is only about the external body. But I was wrong, and I am glad about it.

Focal 6.5″ Performance Series Midrange Speakers

No products found.


Elite Line

A perfectly durable Focal speaker will last you decades. And models such as the Elite line are just that. I can confidently boast about their sound quality and overall performance.

The most unique thing about them is that these component speakers are handmade in France, thus “Elite”! Mainly the chassis and other components are arranged by hand. Amazing, right!

I think this makes them elegant as well. And all these are done without making a single compromise. Yes, it’s unbelievably impressive.

Focal ES 165 KX2 K2 Power 6-1/2″ 2-Way Component Speaker System

No products found.


Access Line

I was looking for a high-quality sound system in a compact device for years. Only recently, I stumbled upon what I was looking for.

The access line of Focal car speakers size is not so big but has a lot jammed inside. It is extremely compatible.

Moreover, they have inverted-dome tweeters. This helps them generate high pitch sound at fine resolution. This sound is dispersed evenly throughout an enclosed area. It’s not possible to put the experience in words.

You just have to feel it with all your senses.

In the beginning, I was a bit fooled by their lightweight. I thought they are not durable and won’t even last a year. But after using and handling them for a few days, I realized these are very strong.

They even have a heat dissipation system along with sufficient venting. Hence, no chance of overheating! I wasn’t expecting this at all.

Overall, I was delighted with the access line of Focal speakers.

Focal Access 165 A3 6.5-Inch 3-Way Component Speaker Kit

No products found.


Integration Line

I found the experience of a home sound system in my car. It was very pleasing, to be honest. I think you won’t disagree with me that having a home-like sound system in any vehicle is awesome. 

It was only possible with the integration line of Focal car speakers.

A noticeable thing about these integration line Focal speakers is their cones. These cones are made of Polyglass! One Google search revealed that this particular material helps these speakers avoid distortion.

Polyglass works well when it comes to keeping something rigid. By maintaining this rigidity, poly glass can avoid the deformation of sound.

In addition, I noticed that you can adjust these speakers any way you want. This feature was handy while driving. I could adjust the speaker toward the driver’s seat and enjoy the best music while on the go.

This ‘Plug-and-Play’ car speaker went particularly great with my BMW. Later, I found out that the integration line offers this feature with Ford, Harley Davidson, and Toyota as well.

Focal ICU-165 Integration Series 6.5 Inch Coaxial Speakers

No products found.


How Do Focal Speakers Sound Like?

The experience of focal speakers is surreal. It’s not quite possible to grasp the quality of these speakers without really using them. However, if you were to ask me, any speaker of this brand produces top-quality sound.

There is unmatched clarity along with crisp sound. I noticed how their consistent sound production successfully avoided even the most insignificant issues. Trust me on this, you won’t find any point to complain about.

If I were to compare Focal with other brands, I would say Focal stands out from the mainstream companies. The creativity and unique usage of technology has put Focal speakers on the top of their game.

92.5 dB sensitivity really is something. This, along with the Bi-amp system, enabled the Focal speakers to articulate accurate and natural sound with zero distortions. Let me clarify.

Focal speakers produced perfect sound in a genuine tone. Sounds too much? Well, Focal speakers are too packed inside too little. 

However, the tweeters annoyed me a bit. When I set the volume too high, the tweeters would break up the noise a bit.

Yes, it is as annoying as it sounds. But I don’t think this will be much of an issue. My experience tells me that no one sets their car speakers’ volume that high. Hence, you are good to go, I guess!


How Can You Choose the Best Focal Line for Your Cars?

Choose the Best Focal Line for Your Cars

Focal car speakers are good and all. But you may face confusion while choosing the perfect one for you from the Focal car speaker lines.

Fortunately, Focal speakers are compatible with different car models. A little visit to their website told me all about it.

I tried to combine the subwoofer with an amplifier just for fun and discovered that it gave a subtle acoustic vibe to my car. You can try these combinations as well to get the best experience.

Adjusting the settings after this allowed me to get the exact sound system I wanted. You can utilize this flexibility like me and get the best quality from your Focal speakers.

If you want to avoid all these complications, you can get the best Focal car speaker tailor-made for your car model. However, they only have enlisted these things for certain cars. These cars are:

  • BMW
  • Citroën
  • Dacia
  • DS Automobiles
  • Ford
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Nissan
  • Peugeot
  • Renault
  • Volkswagen
  • Harley Davidson

If your car is not on this list, there is nothing to worry about because I have already mentioned how you can set up Focal speakers in any vehicle you want. You can follow that as well.


Things You May Want to Consider Before Getting a Focal Car Speaker

Things to Consider Before Getting a Focal Car Speaker
@Zanette HI-FI

Focal speakers are undoubtedly good. They are amazing, and you have now seen why. However, to make the best choice for your car’s sound system, you have to make sure that you are aware of everything there is to know.

There are a few things about Focal car speakers that I think you should be aware of. To be more specific, some points may disappoint you. If you are okay with these issues, you will have a good experience with these products.

The first and foremost problem is the sound production in open areas. Focal car speakers are designed for enclosed spaces. Using them in a large room is okay as well. Umm… let’s just say that it gets the work done.

But the problem occurs when you try to use the speakers outside. You may not get a good bass there, and the overall sound may not sound satisfactory.

What I found more annoying is that sometimes the sound gets too loud. Imagine listening to Metallica’s “Fade to Black”, adjusting the sound to fit the beginning solo. But after a while, when the chorus starts, it gets deafening.

I know how irritating this can be because I have experienced this very thing. Automatically adjusting the sound to a stable level is something a good speaker should do. Unfortunately, Focal speakers don’t do that.

Apart from these, Focal car speakers are top-notch for any vehicle.


Is Focal Car Speaker Right for You?

Is Focal Car Speaker Right for You

I have more or less elaborated everything you need to know about Focal car speakers in this article. But even now, the question remains, are Focal car speakers right for you? 

There are a few points that can help you make up your mind. I have made my decision based on these points, and I am quite satisfied. At least I don’t regret my decision. I am sure that you won’t as well.

The first thing that you should consider is the price. The question is whether you can or can’t afford these speakers. Well, this is a point of consideration because Focal car speakers don’t come cheap. 

A good set can cost around $500. If you don’t have the budget, I’d recommend you save up unless a car speaker is an emergency. Why? Because Focal speakers are definitely worth it. 

Another thing that can change your decision is compatibility. If your car model is not compatible with Focal speakers, it will just be a bad investment. 

Before making a purchase, make sure you will get to use it. You can contact Focal customer care to get help as well.



Focal speakers only look small, but they have a lot going on inside. I have tried to cover everything you need to know about Focal speakers.

However, I am aware that you may have queries I didn’t mention in this article. This is why I have made this FAQ section to clarify most of the questions you may have. Take a look.

Are Focal Speakers Better Than Rockford Fosgate?

Well, you can lay it out plain and simple. Focal speakers offer good sound quality. It produces clear sound, and it comes at a mid-range price.

On the other hand, Rockford Fosgate is expensive. But they are unbeatable when it comes to loudness and bass. Overall, just listen to each speaker and see which one suits your ears best.


Does Distorted Audio Mean that The Speaker Is Broken?

Two things can happen. Either the audio itself is distorted, or there is an issue with the speaker.

To reach a conclusion, you have to keep playing different songs and see which is the main culprit. If you see that all the songs sound distorted, then the speaker is broken. In this case, you have to replace the speaker.


Which Focal Speaker Is Best For Nissan?

Currently, IC RNS 165 is considered the best for Nissan cars.

In fact, the Focal themselves recommend this particular model of speaker for Nissan. And my experience of using them won’t let me disagree. If you own a Nissan, go for IC RNS 165.


How Much Wattage Does a Focal Speaker Need?

A Focal speaker consumes 120 Watt of power on average. However, they still manage to perform incredibly well. To me, these 120W speakers seemed pretty much the same as many other 200W speakers. The loudness and the resolution will tell you the same.


My Final Verdict

Focal car speakers can be your best purchase if you find the suitable one with all the features you demand.

The good news is, finding such speakers is as easy as cake. Hence, if you want the perfect sound system for your vehicle, follow this article and get a Focal car speaker. They are definitely worth the money.

I have been using them for years now. I definitely know what I am talking about.