How to Connect iPhone to Yamaha AV Receiver?

How to Connect iPhone to Yamaha AV Receiver
How to Connect iPhone to Yamaha AV Receiver

Here are the 11 best DIY methods for connecting an iPhone to Yamaha AV Receiver. We have added all the required items in this detailed guide.

How to Connect iPhone to Yamaha AV Receiver? You can connect an iPhone to a Yamaha AV Receiver by using a Bluetooth connection, Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, iPhone transmitters, Airplay, Air server, Tune Blade, and digital to analog converters.

Using your phone gives you more features, and you can do this within a few minutes. Yamaha has a wide range of AV Receivers that fulfill all the modern-day requirements and an essential partner in your home theater.

How to Connect iPhone to Yamaha AV Receiver?

This article has explained 11 easy and proven techniques for using an iPhone with a Yamaha AV receiver.

These are highly compatible with exciting new features. These are powerful and are affordable and you can buy this online.

They have a great sound with a fantastic movie experience. They have solved this problem by providing excellent new and compatible wireless options.

It is providing plenty of wired and wireless options to make the user experience better than before.

Bluetooth Pairing

These are capable of getting paired with devices that are Bluetooth enabled. The majority of the manufacturers are offering these basic features in their products.

The wireless technology used for communication between devices through a short distance is Bluetooth. It can be done within minutes without any issues; you do not need any special tools or skills for this.

It can be paired with about eight Bluetooth components.

  • Select the Bluetooth option from the AVR remote.
  • Keep holding the memory button until the searching option appears.
  • Click the settings option.
  • Select Bluetooth and develop pairing with the AVR.

Although Bluetooth is widespread, there are some disadvantages to using Bluetooth.

It can lose the link sometimes, so it is not entirely reliable. It has a bandwidth, which is much lower as compared to Wi-Fi.

Security is also another concern if you are connecting your phone with another person’s device.

Also, it only allows connection for a shorter range, so the tools should be close to each other to maintain Bluetooth pairing.

At the same time, Bluetooth advantages include the low power consumption of the linked devices, which can be upgraded easily.

It is used free as it is already present on your device. It still has a good range as compared to the infrared signals. The other wireless devices cannot interfere with Bluetooth pairing. You can follow this when using a projector outside during the day.

Use Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cable is also used for linking the phone with the device. It is the most common type of networking cable used at any place like your home or business area through a wired network.

For local area networks, Ethernet cable is used extensively for sharing data.

These devices can link through an Ethernet cable because it is the most reliable network when we talk about the wired network.

Ethernet cable has a wide range of colors and lengths. You can use any color because the color does not characterize its performance or work.

The Ethernet cable’s color only matters when placed outside the home or where many Ethernet cables are being used. So to identify them, we can get help from colors.

Comparing with the phone cable, the end of an Ethernet cable is larger. It has eight small contacts at the lower side of the cable with some clip on the upper side to ensure that it does not get loose and remain locked inside the port.

Ethernet port is larger than a jack of the phone and is usually used to display traffic and interlink connections.

Use Wi-Fi to connect iPhone

Wi-Fi is the most common way because it is smooth and straightforward. Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that provides high-speed internet. It is among the best home theater brands in the world.

It uses a radio frequency signal instead of a wired internet. The Wi-Fi signals can be easily accessed through any device capable of accessing the radio frequency signals.

Everyone has Wi-Fi these days, and there is no hustle required for this. You can attach both of these to a stable Wi-Fi, and you can easily stream popular movies on your home theater.

The ultimate requirement to make this fruitful is to link your IOS device and Yamaha audio video receiver to the same Wi-Fi network. You can add any wireless subwoofer to a soundbar.

iPhone transmitters

Some audio-video receivers also use wireless technologies that send or receive uncompressed signals to improve sound quality.

These devices have dongles that can be added to your device to do streaming from our IOS device to this system easily.

Use Airplay Method with Yamaha AV Receiver

It is a software developed by Apple to allow its users to share media, including video, audio, photos, files, and other stuff from Apple manufactured devices to smart televisions, speakers, and AV receivers.

As these are AirPlay compatible, you can connect your phone to them. As Apple itself develops the app, the chance of any error is minimal, and the user experience gets better.

For this purpose, connect it to the same internet network as your mobile phone. Choose a video file that you want to play and enjoy the awesome results.

Airplay’s mirroring feature enables you to display the same thing on your TV and your gadget. This app is so exciting that you can enjoy the wireless streaming of audio, videos, etc.

Air Server

If you do not have Airplay, there is no need to worry. Air Server is the best alternative to Airplay. You have to download this application on your IOS device.

Add both tools to the same internet, and everything gets smoother like before.

It allows us to keep streaming on many devices or streams at the same time. It also has a fantastic quality of screen mirroring by which you can see your smartphone screen on your receiving device.

It is not free software, so you have to pay if you want to have the perks of using Air Server software.

Tune Blade

It is a useful software used to stream audio and music files and is highly compatible with the AV receivers and speakers.

Tune Blade can stream many tools simultaneously; audio and video are entirely synchronized, excellent CD quality, and reliable playback.

This app should be downloaded on the gadget and remove all the worries about audio and music streaming. Currently, it is available in two versions, Tune Blade-Free and Tune Blade Full.

Tune Blade free is free to use software with a minimum amount of options whereas, Tune Blade Full is an upgraded software used to provide a maximum number of options to the end-user.

Use Porthole

Porthole provides support for all types of audio and music streams. It is very straightforward and straightforward to use.

It gives a great synchronized environment between the gadget and the equipment. The setup will help to switch from your mobile to the device within seconds.

Another advantage of using a porthole is that it can be added to multiple speakers simultaneously. You can use a stand for floorstanding speakers and get better results.


An airfoil is a fantastic software used to send the audio files from your phone to compatible equipment.

After you share the music or any other audio files from your equipment to the tool, the file can be easily streamed in your home theater room.

The synchronization experience will be great, and there is no much lagging. So by using airfoil, you can easily attach your device to AVR without any concern. 

Digital to Analog Converters

Digital to analog converters, commonly known as DA converters or DACs, provide better processing of the devices’ signals.

This is a wireless technology used for the painless streaming of audio and music files, but by using a built-in dock, the wired signals can also be made for improved sound.

A link can also be made through a USB cable; therefore, all the options are available for the best possible user experience.

Stereo Mini-jack to RCA Adapter Cable

A stereo mini-jack to RCA adapter cable can also connect your IOS device to the AV receiver.

Also, if there is MHL compatible HDMI port in your AVR, you can attach a phone through a cable, and you can control with AVR remote easily.