How to Install Speaker Baffles in Car?

How to Install Speaker Baffles in Car?
How to Install Speaker Baffles in Car?

How to Install Speaker Baffles in Car?

Having a stereo system in our car adds amusement and pleasure to the journey. But dirt, water and undesired, external or internal, vibrations make the situation worse. In this condition, Car speaker baffles play the role of the savior.

Car speaker baffles are a product, preferably made of rubber and foam. Previously, people used homemade car speaker baffles. Nowadays, many companies are making car speaker baffles, and these kinds of baffles are getting popular in public.

Follow these steps for installing baffles in your car:

  • Make space for adding baffles with car speakers.
  • Connect wires of the speaker through a hole in the baffles.
  • Adjust the speaker’s wiring and check the position of baffles.
  • Fix the car speaker baffles with a screw.

Car speaker baffles simply keep the dirt and moisture away from fragile car speaker components and also help in canceling the undesired vibrations produced by the car speaker. All thanks to the material of the baffle.

Step-by-step Guide for Installing Speaker Baffles in Car

In this article, our editors have explained all the steps involved in installing speaker baffles in cars. Before going into the details, let me explain the tools required for this:

Tools Required:

A sharp tool:

You will need a sharp cutting tool for making holes in the car speaker baffle. The holes are mainly required for passing speaker wires through it. That sharp tool will also aid you in cutting the damping layer from the needed portion of the speaker.

Mounting hardware:

You will need mounting hardware like nails, screws, screwdrivers, etc. for fitting back the speaker components after putting the car speaker baffle into it. We recommend you using the original mounting hardware, which is provided with the car.

Damping Material:

Nowadays, big brands of car speaker baffles provide damping material in the package of the car speaker baffles. It will be mostly a black colored, thin layer.

Take your car speaker baffles out of its wrapping. It is the time to install it on your car speakers.

Here is the detailed step by step guide to installation of car speaker baffles:

Pasting damping layer on the car speaker:

In case the damping layer is being provided with the car speaker package, before the proper installment of the car speaker baffles, paste the damping layer on the car speakers.

Damping material is suitable for absorbing the car speaker unwanted and undesired vibrations, being either internally or externally produced.

In the coming paragraphs, we will discuss, the noise interference produced by the components of car speakers. There is another kind of noise interference that does not come from car speakers but somewhat outside of it.

That is a noise like a tire hum, engine noise, and wind, etc. It profoundly interferes with the music coming out of our car speakers.

Damping material simply enhances the efficiency of car speaker baffles by reducing the aforementioned, road noise, and also some other internally produced vibrations of the car speakers.

In case the damping material is not provided with the package of car speaker baffles, we highly recommend you to buy one yourself and apply it on your car speakers.

Making space for placing car speaker baffle:

The position on the car speaker where you have to install the car speaker baffles, Cut and remove the damping material layer from it. You can use a sharp knife. Make a clean cut. Do not damage the damping layer on the rest of the car speaker.

Making a hole in Car speaker baffles:

You need to make a hole in the bottom of your car speaker’s baffles. It mainly serves two purposes.

Firstly, you will need space to pass speaker wires through the baffles. Secondly, you should cut the bottom of the car speaker baffles to prevent the sound from sounding too flat. This thing was mentioned by many car users that not cutting the bottom of car speaker baffles resulted in the production of a flat voice from the speaker.

So, take your sharp cutting tool. Let the sharp tool be some knife or cutter etc. But, make sure that it’s good enough to make a precise hole only in the required area of the car speaker baffles.

A cut smaller than the required will lead towards making another cut, which will definitely make the hole improper and resulting in the less grip of the car speaker baffles around the speaker. And a cut larger than the required cut will lead to the exact same situation. So be precise with your tool.

Now, let us talk about the exact size of the cut you should make at the bottom of your car speaker baffles. It is recommended to cut the bottom 1/3 and bottom back 1/3 of the car speaker baffles. However, you can vary it according to your personal need.

Connecting Speakers wires:

After you had made holes in the car speaker baffle, pass car speakers wires through it and combine it with the required components located on the front face of the speaker. Make sure to properly connect the cables.

If you make a mistake while connecting the wires to the speakers, you will have to reopen the whole baffle and car speaker assembly.

Check for evaluating correct wiring of car speaker:

Just in a case, if you doubt that either the wires of your car speakers are in the right place or not, we have got a quick check for you. Approach your car speakers; turn your fader forward to its full limit. Now shift the balance from left to right. If the speaker bass gets better on both sides, as compared to bass while playing both speakers. It means that your car speaker is in reversed polarity.

Reversed polarity will make the sound of the speaker thin, and also you may notice a lack of bass in it. Don’t worry; it will not damage your speakers. Simply find the disturbing speaker and change the wiring according to the correct polarity.

Placing the Whole Assembly in Order:

After connecting the wires with the speaker, now place the whole assembly of the car speaker baffles back into the speaker.

Make sure that the car speaker baffles are tightly fit into the car speakers.

Screwing the Cars Speaker Baffle:

Finally, here comes the last step towards the installation of car speaker baffles. Put the screws in the required holes and tightly screw them. Any loose fit will undoubtedly be led towards falling off the entire assembly. It can also cause permanent damage to the screw holes in the large cabin of your car speaker.

Congratulations, you have successfully saved your car speakers from water and your ears from the vibration. What are you waiting for? Put the keys in your car, start it, and set out for some smooth and memorable musical journey.

Do I really need baffles for my car speakers?

Everyone is always cautious about making any changes to the hardware of their beloved vehicles. They fear that they may only worsen the situation, or maybe something unexpectedly wrong could happen to that hardware. The same things come into the mind while adding baffles to the car speakers.

The question that does I really need the baffles for my car speakers keeps on arising in mind, again and again, multiple times. Have you bought the car speaker baffles, and still, this question is haunting you badly. Let us make the decision easier for you.

Are you one of the car owners who really care about the look of their car and wash their cars regularly? If yes, then you really need to fit baffles in your car speakers. Although some people may say to you that car washing does not really reach the speakers of your car.

You just simply need to make a straightforward observation for the next time when you wash your car. Just observe the amount of water sneaked through the doors of your vehicle.

Got surprised after noticing the amount of water traveled through the car doors while washing the car? You really need speaker baffles then. It will act as a kind of umbrella for saving your speakers.

Let us move to the second most important reason for installing car speaker baffles. Are you an avid music listener? Of course, yes, that is the reason that you are using car speakers. But the actual question is that are you an avid music listener who is also very picky and sophisticated in his music taste? Do you get annoyed with interruptions in your music?

Getting regular vibrational interruptions in your car music? You really need to install car speaker baffles. It will prevent the reflection of sound waves and send only a bright and desired sound to your ears.

Some roads on earth are way too heavily loaded with dust. Are you one who is traveling on those roads regularly? Are you seriously concerned about the amount of dirt entering your speakers? Well, you should be concerned because dirt can really damage the delicate components of your speakers. So what is the solution? Yes, you got it right, visit the market, and bought car speaker baffles.

Simple physics behind Car speaker baffles

Are you curious about the magical working of your car speaker baffles? Do you want to know the pure physics behind the functioning of the car speaker baffles before you install it in your car? If yes, then let’s make it simpler for you.

Your car speaker consists of parts like woofer, tweeter, and subwoofer. These multiple components generate multiple ranges of frequencies in the large cabinet of your car speaker.

They keep on reflecting on the large assembly of your car speakers. It creates noise interference. This baffling interference is blocked by the speaker baffles by absorbing it. That is the reason that it is called a baffler.

Quality of the car speaker baffles

One can easily find several brands of car speaker baffles in the market. It is also possible that a skeptical friend of yours may advise you to make a DIY car speaker baffles. So what exactly should be the criteria for the speaker baffles of the car standing in your porch?

Car speaker baffles are supposed to keep you away from miseries, but a bad quality car speaker baffles can backfire. So only the right quality car speaker baffle will genuinely serve the purpose. We highly recommend you to choose a well-known quality brand like Design Engineering etc. for your car speakers.?

Traits to look for in-car speaker baffles

As we have discussed that only the right quality car speaker baffles can fulfill our requirements. Now, you might be wondering that what could be the possible qualities of a premium car speaker baffle.

So, before purchasing car speaker baffles, you should look for some qualities in it. Here is the list of some of those traits:

Firstly, as we have already discussed the purpose of installing car speaker baffles. So it is necessary that the car speaker baffles tightly fits in the required position on the speakers of your car. A loose-fitting can alow the water passage through it, and also noise interference will sneak out, resulting in not only the distortion of your speakers but also your mood.

Secondly, the car speaker baffles should be perfectly foldable. The perfect fold will enhance the grip of the speaker baffles on the speaker. Also, ideal foldable baffles will allow you to mold it according to the shape of the opening of your car speakers. It will further minimize the chances of any water entry into the large cabin of the car speaks. But also that is why we recommended you using easily foldable rubber, or foam made car speaker baffles.

Thirdly, the car speaker baffles should allow perfect fitment at varying depth.

Last but not least, it should be evident that the car speaker baffles are waterproof. Foam or rubber made baffles can act as an excellent waterproof material for your car speakers.


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