Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4Ch Soundbar Review

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4Ch Soundbar Review
Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4Ch Soundbar Review

Nakamichi shockwafe ultra 9.2.4Ch soundbar is one of the most unique and amazing soundbar systems. It features 4 speakers, 1-inch tweeter, and a dual configuration set up with a weight of 2.8lbs.

It is so unique, having four speakers surrounding the major system. There is a Japanese consumer who makes this soundbar. The name of the manufacturer is Kabushiki-Gaisha Nakamichi.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4Ch Soundbar Review

The immersive qualities with the surrounding atoms make the system more unique and fantastic. The sound of this Nakamichi soundbar (Amazon) is so loud that there is no other such system in the market that can compare its frequency. If you want to add wonderful feelings to your music, games, and other television shows, then this should be your choice.

Pros of this soundbar

There are many pros of this sound system that make this system so different from others. Some of the advantages of this soundbar are as follows.

Well-built design

The design of the system is so unique and beautiful. The structure is so well built that it appeals to the audience and the buyers. People prefer this sound system not only for the sound but also for the beautiful, fantastic structure, and for its sleek body and fantastic design.

The sound theater system is present in black and silver colors. The color of the woofers and the style bar is black. There is a lining of silver color that is present on the surface of the slide bar. A tinge of silver color is also present on the sides of the woofers and speakers. The wires are black in terms of color. The remote of the shockwafe system is available in black color.

The grill of the style bar is available is metal form. The appearance of the grill is rusty. The color of the grill is so appealing and fantastic for the buyers.

The areas of the soundbar system which need coverage are made of plastic. There is a plastic of good quality that covers it completely.

The body frame is so large that you cannot place the whole system on one small table. You cannot place the sound system between the legs of the table. The bar of the sound system can be placed on the television tables.

The design of woofers and subwoofers is very sleek. The woofers are usually of wooden material. The color of these subwoofers is black. The speaker is present in black color.

Loud sound

The four surrounding speakers make the base of the sound amazing. The woofers are dual, and the inners sound system can let you hear those bases of the sounds which cannot be heard in normal soundbars.

Four subwoofers are available with the sound system. The size of the two speakers is larger. The other two speakers are small in size. These speakers cover much space. You can place the small speakers near the television, but the big subwoofers need more space.

There are two subwoofers, which are known as back sub-woofer. These are placed behind the sound system and hence named as back subwoofers. You can add accessories with it, like AV receivers improve the sound quality.

There is a central bar, which is the center of the whole sound system. The bar is like a slide. The bar is not too thick and not thin. The shape and design are so sleek that it can fit on your television table. The size and weight of the bar are so comfortable that a single person can carry it easily.

Immersive qualities

It has fantastic immersive qualities. The sound system can immerse the waves with the other atoms in the surrounding. The ultra soundbar is extremely immersive and thus produces the best sound.


There are a few cons that are associated with this soundbar. These cons are so minor that there is a minority who consider these.


The compression of the sound can occur on a very loud sound. This soundbar is built and based on high volumes and frequency, but there is a limit. When the sound increases too much, the frequency leads to compression, and ultimately you feel high based and compressed sound.

Warm sound

If there is any stereo content present around the soundbar, then the sound can lead to a warm sound. It can be avoided by removing the stereo content.

Is Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4Ch Soundbar Good?

The style of the Nakamichi ultra volume system (Amazon) makes this so unique and versatile. The rare style and appearance are appealing for the buyers. People buy this soundbar not only for amazing sound but also for the unique style.

Sound quality

The central panel of the shockwafe ultrasound system is quite amazing. The speaker configuration helps the central bar to produce high-quality sound without any breakage. The reproduction of sounds becomes so clear and pure when any television or other device is connected with the shockwafe ultrasound system.

The sound stage is according to the size of the bar, but the sound remains clear and pure. The soundbar works with the other surrounds like speakers and other devices perfectly.

The performance in terms of surroundings is excellent. The localization of the sound becomes much easy due to the surrounding speakers. The sound profile of the woofers and subwoofers remains exciting no matter where you locate these surrounds. Bass and treble can be entertaining in terms of movies and games. You should always use the best paint colors for the home theater room to get better results.


The frequency response is quite okay. There are some low-frequency extensions which are very high, even at a small high volume. The sounds remain clear and clean in the whole room.

The two big woofers contribute to the proper and clear distribution of sound in the entire area. Sometimes a small treble can be originated in the soundbar when it comes to stereo frequency. The sound remains clear even at the stereo frequency stage. You can always adjust the frequency to make your soundbar sound better.


The performance is excellent at distortion. The reproduction of volume remains normal and pure. The listening remains normal and exciting for the listener. When the frequency reaches high rates, a slight distortion produces, but nobody notices that due to the high quality of volume. To prevent this issue, you should protect your soundbar from the water.


The enhancement features of this soundbar are amazing and decent in quality. It has a button on it, which is known as the room button. By using the room button, you can adjust the sound according to the room or area. The bass button on the remote can control the bass of the sound.

Audio effects

When the soundbar is connected to some other device, the sound appears very pure and realistic. You can listen to the most refined sound, even while playing a game or watching a movie.

Atoms impression

If all the speakers and subwoofers are appropriately aligned, the whole system shows up as a home theatre. The sound profile of this soundbar is also quite impressive and cool. There is emphasized bass and treble. The volume of the system at immersive ranges is exciting for the listener.

Other devices connections

When it is connected with other devices, this soundbar produces the maximum sound. The quality of the sound is fantastic and high quality. It provides the maximum signals which are higher in rate and quality. The soundbar can provide a clear message and view when it is connected to a television. The optical appearance is also clear when the soundbar is connected with a computer.


There are a lot of people who prefer to buy this soundbar as compared to any other soundbar. The reason for choosing this soundbar is its wireless quality.

There is a wireless sound system having Bluetooth. You can only connect those devices which have the Bluetooth ability in them with this ultrasound bar system. This does not support Wi-Fi. It cannot help with the playback sounds.

HDMI ports

Three extra HDMI ports are available with the sound system. You can use these wires for connections with other devices. These extra portable wires make the system more appealing and demanding.

The quality of the sound remains high and fantastic; even the connection is in a thrice position. The soundbar produces a maximum loud sound no matter how many devices are connected through the portable cables.

When it comes to blue rays impressions, the image remains clear while it is attached to the soundbar system. The ultrasound system sends a maximum of the signals to the device. The signal does not interrupt in the image signals, and pictures remain clear with a loud sound.


The whole soundbar is a complete system. There are many parts and essentials which are present with the system.

Bar controls are the parts of the sound system. These bar controls help in the connection of the main device with other setups.

There is a display portion of the sound system. The display side is in a way that it faces the direction of the viewer.

Remote is an essential part of this sound system. The controlling panel of this sound system is the remote.

The sound system is so big and high volume. The immersive qualities of the mega system reach to the maximum frequency of sounds. The base of the mega system is rare and amazing in qualities.

The four speakers are covered with a metallic grill. You can place the four speakers in the standing position or like a slide. The color of this satellite arrangement is completely black with a tinge of silver color.

Part’s measurements


Bar Width

Bar Height

Bar Depth

124.5 cm




Subwoofer Width

Subwoofer Height

Subwoofer Depth

31.6 cm

51.6 cm

34.5 cm


Satellite Width

Satellite Height

Satellite Depth

20.4 cm



Accessories in a separate box.

There is a separate box available with the soundbar system. This box has certain accessories and essentials. 

Rear speaker cables

There are rear speaker cables available in the box. These cables are used for attachments and connections.


Remote of the soundbar system is not present openly; it is in the box.


There are some batteries available in the box. These batteries are chargeable. You can use these batteries in extreme conditions.

HDMI Cables

Three HDMI port cables are present in the box. These cables help in connections and wiring with other devices like televisions and media players.

Aux cable

One AUX cable is present inside the box. The length of the cable is suitable for the soundbar system.


Instructions manuals are available in the box. These manuals are available to stepwise directions. There are pictures of the sound systems and the parts of the system on the manuals. The setting of the sound system becomes so comfortable using these manuals.

Wall mounting accessories

Some wall mounting accessories are present inside this box. These accessories are beneficial regarding the installation. You can easily mount it above the TV.