How to Mount a Soundbar Above a TV?

How to Mount a Soundbar Above a TV?
How to Mount a Soundbar Above a TV?

Soundbars can be easily placed above the TV with little effort. Placing the soundbar on the top of tv enhances its sound quality, the sound of modern televisions with the stock speaker is not loud and clear.

How to Mount a Soundbar Above a TV? You can mount a soundbar above the TV by identifying a proper location, adjusting the direction of speakers, and fix the stand.

Soundbars are an outstanding supportive device for the sound system of modern television. They support and enhance the phonics of modern entertainment systems.

How to Mount a Soundbar Above a TV?

Soundbars can be mounted on the top of your televisions. But mounting the soundbars is linked with the fact that on how much height your TV is hanging from the floor.

The sound coming out of the soundbar must be in a straight direction. The two speakers that are present at the ends of the soundbar should be tilted at a specific angle.

This tilting helps soundbars in generating a surround sound. It is just similar to the eyes of the toad. You can assume them granting an audience a surrounding sound vision. So the position of the soundbar does not matters. You can place them above or below the television. It is just a matter of style and personal preference.

If your room has couches and sofas and your television is hanging high on the wall, it is best to fix the soundbar with tv but if you sit on the floor instead of sofas and your television is hanging near to the floor on the wall. It is not a good idea to mount the soundbar below the TV; instead, you should fix it at the top of the television for a better sound experience.

Keeping in mind the esthetics of the living room, the mounting soundbar at the top of the television not looks smooth. It looks dull, unfancy, and tedious. Sometimes it nearly feels such that the sound is moving overhead. That’s why this position is not recommended.

Almost every soundbar gives the best experience when installed close to the ear level. Phonics will always be good when pointed towards the listener. There is a deviation to this law when surround sounds are taken under consideration. We should first emphasize the normal setup. First of all, we will discuss the required tools for the setup.

Tools required

  • Gloves
  • Googles
  • Nut, bolt,
  • Stand or strap

Identify the location

Check the ideal location of the soundbar. You can easily locate a suitable location immediately above the TV or leave10 to 15 inches, this depends on the size of your TV and the soundbar.

Adjust the direction of speakers

After setting the location also set the direction of the speakers. Speakers of the soundbar should also be in the right direction so that the base and surround sound does not get disturbed.

This is important to get high-quality sound in your home theater room. Once you properly adjust the direction of speakers, you can enjoy the surround sound.

Fix the stand

After locating its position, mount the stand of the soundbar. Tight that stand with the nuts and bolt. Carefully mount the stand to Make its position secure. You can also make it secure with the plastic strap.

These plastic straps can secure the stand and you can enjoy music at high volumes. Then place the soundbar on the stand. After that, connect it with the HDMI cable.

When you are mounting the soundbar above the television, keep that in your mind that the soundbar should be inverted in such a way that that the speaker fires the sound at the angle of 45 degrees under the horizontal line.

Hide the wires

An effective solution to hide the extra pieces of the cord is to roll it in the shape of the circle and then clamp this cord with tape or an adhesive, after rolling the cord drill a nail in the wall behind the hanging television. You can now tie that rolled cord with this nail. This is the most certain method to hide the extra power cords hanging out of soundbars and television.

You can hide the HDMI cable and wires behind the audio system. It’s the best method to hide the irritating wires. You need to completely hide the wires coming out of your television and soundbar from the TV to the outlet. A channel of solo on-wall cable will help you to hide the wires. It perfectly hides the wires of mounted soundbar and television.

For this purpose, you only need a screwdriver. This channel has a large capacity for cables so you will not face any issues hiding your cables in this channel. After hiding the cables paint the channel with a color which is the same as that of a wall so it may look blended in the wall.

Why soundbar positioning is Important?

Purchasing soundbar means you want a better sound experience. Installing the soundbar bar in an incorrect position may result in muffle and dull sound. It may also lead users to extra purchases. That’s why soundbar positioning is a critical thing to consider.

Users complaining about the audio quality of their soundbar is very common. This is mainly because of the incorrect positioning of soundbars. Users only need to learn about the proper positioning of soundbars to get the maximum audio experience from their devices.

The most common mistake in positioning the soundbar is placing it in a position that its speakers are facing an upward direction. If rotated in an inappropriate direction, soundbars can point the sound in a completely false direction. Positioning the soundbar in the wrong direction may lead to muffling of sound as the carpet absorbs the audio. You can also add acoustic panels in the home theater room for better results.

When buying an exclusive surround soundbar, you have to check the specifications of the soundbar you are purchasing because different soundbars have different characteristics. So it is better to see what the manufacturer suggested for you. The best rule to mount soundbar is to install it to a level that is close to possible ear level.

For this, sit in your appropriate position, ask someone to hold the soundbar for you, also guide them to tilt the soundbar as well with moving it on every side. This is important to make your soundbar sound better.


The ear-level rule works best for normal and usual soundbars. But the advanced soundbars require more sophisticated and unique placement methods. As the eye and ear level are almost the same, people have to compromise the level to soundbar as you cannot mount both of them at the same place and scale.

If your soundbar has upward firring speakers, make sure that these speakers always face the ceiling of the home theater. It helps to create the surround sound as the sound firing out of the upward-firring speakers strike on the ceiling and then reflect.

If the soundbars have upward-firing speakers, don’t ever put it underneath your television. It will stop the sound from reaching the ceiling and bounce back. Moreover, if the soundbar is too close to the roof or ceiling, it will also don’t allow the ceiling to reflect the sound and cause the powerful surround effect entirely.

If you want to balance the location of soundbar and television, you have to compromise between the placement of two. You have to decide whether you want a comfortable eye level or you want a perfect ear level. In my opinion, you should prefer the eye level because an uncomfortable eye level may cause neck strain.

Many people prefer to mount the television a little above the eye level and a soundbar little below the ear level. However, it all usually depends on the sitting arrangements and furniture. In the case of home theater, people usually use sofas and chairs for sitting. So in a home theater, you should mount the television as well as soundbar a little upward.

If you mount the soundbar underneath the television, it may block or snag the receiver of the remote. This will usually happen when the soundbar is mounted too close to the lower side of the television.

If you are facing the same issue with the soundbar, you mounted with your television. Then you should better change the position of your soundbar to get rid of this situation.

The preferred opinion for mounting soundbar is to hang your television as low so that it should be at your eye level.

Different Issues with mounting soundbar

If your television is not hanging on the wall and is placed on a table, ensure that it does not get in the way of soundbar placement and vice versa. Make sure that the soundbar also may not get in the way of television or the IR sensor. If we place a soundbar on a table with less height, it is more beneficial because it helps to maintain the angle of sound in the direction of a listener. You can do this setup in a small room for surround sound.

There are two options to connect your tv with a soundbar. You can fix the soundbar at the top of your television. But if your television is hanging high on the wall, mounting soundbar may cause negative sound effects for your ears.

Some of the soundbars do not give the best sound results when placed on the side of your television cabinet. So make sure to check properly where to place your soundbar. Also, talk to the soundbar integrator or dealer about the placement of the soundbar.

The usual on-wall placement of the soundbar is effortless. Many of them involve the mounting of hardware. The main point is to hide the power wires and AC cables. Insta outlets are useful in this case. Also, make sure that the wall can hold up the system. An Atlantic Technology PB-235 can be fixed on the top of the TV along with a supplementary shelf kit.

When should you place the soundbar under a TV?

Usually, the connectors are always near to the bottom line of the screen of your television. But the location of connectors may vary in different products. You can set the soundbar near the entertainment center instead of mounting it on the wall.

Even if you have purchased a digital surround soundbar, it is recommended that you should have a unit below the TV. For this purpose, you should keep in mind a few things. If you are mounting the soundbar right beneath the TV, it may block the sound coming out of the upward-firing speakers of the soundbar.

Some models of soundbars bounce off the music or sound to the walls of the home theater to generate the surround sound, but the layout and interior decoration may cause a blockage.

Some soundbars cause blocking in the remote receiver when the soundbar is directly placed on the play system.

Mounting soundbar below your TV can match your ear level, and you hear a fantastic sound. But if your TV is hanging too low to the floor level, mounting soundbar under or below Tv is not a good idea. Because in that case, you may listen to a muffled sound as most of the sound is absorbed by the carpet. You should choose the good quality of insulation material for acoustic panels.


Soundbar gives you the best surround sound experience. Fewer wires, less clutter, and fewer items to gather dust.

Most TVs have bigger screens, but they don’t have good speakers in them. Speakers have inferior and cheap speakers where increasing volume may cause discomfort to the listener.

In most cases, mounting soundbars on the wall over your TV leads you to the best sound effects from the soundbar. The performance of the soundbar usually depends on the reflective surfaces present around the soundbars. Because the reflective surfaces bounce off the sound and create the best surround effect in your home theater.

If your lounge is fully carpeted and you are mounting the soundbar below the TV, this is not a good idea as the soundbar will not work well because most of the sound is absorbed by furniture, carpet, and all the things that are placed at the level of the soundbar.

Mounting the Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra soundbar with your TV mostly improves the quality of sound from the soundbar. The soundbar will be able to throw all the sound on the wall.

So it is much better to mount the soundbar on the wall for better and improved sound effects. You can also attach a 5.1 home theater system with your audio setup.

Moreover, if your Tv is placed on the stand and you have no more space to place a soundbar on the stand, you can mount it on the wall, as mounting soundbar on the wall saves the space.


A big drawback of installing the soundbar on TV is that you have to put more effort to control the soundbar as the sensor of the soundbar will be at more height. If you are not able to reach the sensor of the soundbar, it will frustrate you, and you will be annoyed if you will not be able to change the channel.

This will only happen if your soundbar is at a certain high level. If the soundbar is not mounted on so much height, then most probably, you will not face this issue.