How to unfreeze a car subwoofer?

How to unfreeze a car subwoofer?
How to unfreeze a car subwoofer?

How to unfreeze a car subwoofer?

The car subwoofers are considered as the most sensitive thing which can be blown for any reason. Sometimes, the amplifier gets clipped, which damages its main volumetric tentacles. If your speakers are of low quality, then it may get freezed.

Yes, you can unfreeze a car subwoofer at home with these easy 6 steps. It is recommended that you detach the car subwoofer, use glue, and also replace the foam to unfreeze a car subwoofer.

On the other hand, the car subwoofers get blown due to too much intensity and high volume. In these cases, people try to unclog or unfreeze by tapping their hands on it. It is a bad idea because tapping on the woofers with your hand usually destroys its cones. Most of the time, the thermal abilities of a car subwoofer are exceeded, and they got melted.

This condition gets the subwoofer cooled or locked, which is unable to depart quickly. Now, you should not worry anymore because there are some simple and better ways through which you can unfreeze the car subwoofers.

Before unfreezing it, try to understand the significant problem of how it got damaged or stuck. You should also ask yourself a question as to how much time it could take in fixing. If you think that you can fix it, then go for it, but if the damage is significant, then you need to get a new one.

How to unfreeze a car subwoofer?

This is a step-by-step guide that explains methods to unfreeze a car subwoofer at your home. Before going into the details, let me explain the tools required for this procedure:

Tools Required:

There are some standard tools that you may require while fixing your car subwoofers. These materials can be used with the method given below.

  • Small Knife Toolkit
  • Screwdriver
  • Masking Tape
  • Speaker Repair Glue
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Epoxy Glue
  • Elmer’s Glue or PVA glue

Now, let us give you the required ways with which you can fix your subwoofer, which is freeze.

Detach Them

First of all, try to find the right tool for your subwoofer. The main thing that you need is the screwdriver; use it to take out the woofers from the position where they are mounted. Try to do this carefully; otherwise, it could damage any wires. Take out the attached wires one by one smoothly.

After taking the speakers out, try to find a clean place where there is enough lighting. At this point, you need to check the woofer and recognize the actual problem. For this purpose, you should check whether the suspension foam of the woofer, the voice coil, or the cones of the subwoofers are destroyed.

If there is a problem regarding foam suspension and then you can quickly fix them with glue. On the other hand, if the coil or cones are destroyed, try to remove them by using a knife. Cut them out through the middle dust cap. Use the small knife and try to cut the coil around the spider.

It is a natural process to detach the spider, which is attached to the coil. In this way, it will come out as a single unit. Now, you just need to insert a new coil and then attach the tinsel back to the terminals. But be careful because, in this procedure, you are going to need a solid iron to save them from getting damaged again.

Unfreeze car subwoofer through simple tricks

One of the simple tricks is to repair the speaker by reconning it. Recon is known as a method in which you have to replace the main moving parts in the subwoofers. For this procedure, you need to buy a recon kit which is not very expensive but not very cheap too.

You have to get a brand new voice coil spider in this procedure along with a dust cap to connect the lead wires from gaskets. This toolkit can help you to center the coil accurately by centering the shim.

First of all, you should mark all the old parts of the woofers that you need to get replaced. Similarly, try to assemble the new parts adequately, so that there is no much confusion created.

This kit also contains epoxy glue, which is best to attach the cone with the dust cap. It is known as the perfect area to attach the cone. Take a white vinyl, which is ideal for the fabric edge of the car subwoofers, and apply it very well. Take a clear adhesive for attaching its surroundings to the gasket. Also, attach the spider during this process along with the gasket.

After replacing the inner parts one by one, try to put it back in the car. You can also test by putting in a CD or catching an amplifier signal, or you could just simply download some kind of test tune which is available online for free.

When the coil gets stuck

Sometimes, the coil of a car subwoofer gets stuck, and people try to press the speaker cone to unfreeze it. It is a complicated method, and you need to be careful in it because one little mistake can damage the whole cones.

Before starting, get a flashlight so that you can take a closer look at the voice coil because it usually gets displaced, which results in blowing off the speakers.

If you notice that the voice coil is displaced from its original position, but the regarding wires are alright, then try to put it back in its actual location. Push the subwoofers on both sides so that it could readjust by itself.

If you have placed the coil on its original position, test the subwoofers before putting them back. It would work fine, but it is not working correctly, then there is some unseen damage that you need to fix.

Repair the tear with a Glue

Another method to unfreeze a car subwoofer is to fix its tear. Most people try to fix it with a paper towel, which is an easy one but not the perfect one. In this case, you just need a paper towel. You need to remove its one layer, in case if it has two or more ply. Cut the paper towel and make it to the size of your real tear.

Take care that the cloth should be large enough so that it could easily cover the tear, but it should be overly extensive.

After this, take Elmer’s glue, also known as POV glue, and put it all over the towel so that it could get patched easily. You need to be careful about the glue and make sure that it saturates the towel instead of getting runny.

Gently apply the POV glue all over the towel, which has already covered the speakers. Press it smoothly into the speakers. You can also use a butter knife while doing it. Repeat the same procedure for the back of the subwoofers too.

Wait until it gets dry and then spray it to black if you want to. This is considered as a simple procedure which can connect the fiber of torn subwoofers again with the help of glue and paper towels.

Replace the foam

Another primary method is to completely replace the foam only by cutting it from the gasket. This is a critical process, so you need to use the knife carefully. Cut the gasket from the frame by placing a knife between the gasket and the subwoofer frame. Try to move the blade all around, and see whether it can be removed in a single piece or not.

In this procedure, you have to use rubbing alcohol to clean the applied carefully. Pour it on the paper towel where the foam is attached. After applying to rub the foam with the help of a paper towel, use the knife to remove the remaining one.

Apply the glue on the foam and try and spread it through your fingers or brush. Carefully spread the glue around the cone to set it well. Give a minute or two to the glue to dry off. After that, pour some glue in the portion where the gasket was attached so that it could be easily connected with foam.

In the end, put the foam in the frame but first check whether the cone is centered or not. If not, then push it gently to get it into the center. Wait for like one hour for the glue to dry off so that you could get unfreeze subwoofers.

Try Reinstalling

It is an alternative method. If nothing works and you couldn’t find the actual damage, or if the loss is too significant to fix, then try reinstalling the new speakers. For this procedure, you just need a new car subwoofer and a screwdriver. Gently replace the subwoofers in its housing.

However, while installing, you need to be careful about the connection of the wires. You should know which wire goes where these instructions are always present in the manual book. Overall, there are certainly different methods to unfreeze a car subwoofer, but you need to complete these procedures with a little patience.

Just make sure that these procedures are worth it for your time and money because it is not very easy to buy a brand new car subwoofer.

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