How much do car subwoofers cost?

How much do car subwoofers cost?

A car subwoofer is an essential part of the car when it comes to the love of the music. It gives some extra bass in your life and provides the exact depth that you need to complete the music sound.

However, the main thing is how to choose the right kind of subwoofer for your car. Such type of subwoofers that fulfill your expectations and are also not so costly. 

Average prices for car subwoofers for 2020:

  • Average pice of 6-inch car subwoffer: 75$ – $100
  • 8-inch car subwoofers cost around: $100 – 150$
  • Average cost of 10-inch car subwoofers: $135- $170
  • Average price of 12-inch car subwoofers: $145 – $200
  • 15-inch car subwoofers cost around: $170 – $300

Choosing the right type and price of subwoofers can be a complicated thing to do because certain varieties are available in the market. However, every subwoofer is not ideal for every kind of car. Some other subwoofers function much better in certain situations. 

How much do car subwoofers cost?

It is essential to understand the specification of each subwoofer to understand its price. In this case, the quality and company of the subwoofers matter a lot, but the most important thing is the size of the subwoofers.

The size of the subwoofers matters a lot because it is the thing that determines the loudness of the subwoofers. According to the general rule, if the size of a subwoofer is large, then the bass of the subwoofer is automatically increased. 

However, the given space plays a significant role in this case, as you need to know which size of subwoofers can fit in your car. For example, if you want the boldest bass, then you should go for the biggest subwoofer in the market that can quickly fill up the available space. 

You are a person who loves to listen to music but does not have that kind of money, or you don’t have a single idea about its cost. In that case, we are going to tell you some factors and the cost of subwoofers within the enclosure and installation costs that can help you in deciding for your car subwoofers. 

Average price of 6-inch car subwoofer

It is the smallest car subwoofer available in the market. They are also known as coaxed subwoofers that have two-way audio with massive crossover.

These are small size subwoofers but provide a large area to radiate. It can also give you an experience of better bass that can also be achieved through other cones with similar dimensions. 

By using this size, you can quickly get certain features such as tweeter volume with an incredible base. This volume can be easily adjusted according to your requirements. You can easily customize your listening preferences in such kinds of subwoofers. 

Furthermore, such type of subwoofers has a low kind of impedance. They usually run at 3 ohms and have the incredible nature of 12-decibel crossover through which you can easily adjust the frequencies according to your desire and requirements. 

However, the basic price for the 6-inch subwoofer is about $100-$120 if you want a good quality subwoofer with high power bass. The subwoofers with lower power can be purchased at $75 with a 300 Watts RMS.

The enclosure for the 6-inch subwoofer can be purchased in $7-$10, whereas the installation price for all the subwoofers remains the same, which is about $70. So, the package for the 6-inch subwoofer with enclosure and installation becomes $185. 

8-inch subwoofer price

An 8-inch subwoofer is also known as the cheapest version of the car subwoofers that have some excellent features. It is evident that within the increase in size, the price and specification of the subwoofers also increases. Most of the factory systems of the cars come with the pre-installed 8-inch subwoofers.

The main reason is that they are readily available in the market and also fit ideally within the required factory location. Furthermore, due to its flexible size, you can also install them under the car seats. This is considered the perfect size with perfect clarity. It also provides an accurate and better bass response, which goes just right with the combination clear bass. 

It is recommended that to buy this size of subwoofers if you want fast-paced music like classic rock etc. Such breadth of subwoofers have a small cone that efficiently delivers a fast response to the volume frequencies which goes best with these type of genres. However, you need an excellent set of door speakers to make sure that their performance is optimal.

You can get this 8-inch subwoofer with 800 watts RMS in $100-$150, whereas the price for the enclosure for an 8-inch subwoofer becomes $12. If the power for the subwoofer is increased, the amount also decreases, such as the 8-inch subwoofer with 400 watts RMS costs about $88. By adding the installation price, the whole package for the 8-inch subwoofer becomes $182.

Cost of 10-inch car subwoofer

A 10-inch subwoofer is considered as a standard size speaker or subwoofer. The reason is that its compactness is reliable, and it is also easy to install. You can get a more bass response with this size as compared to the 8-inch subwoofers. 

Furthermore, we assure you that it can be a perfect size if you want the best quality sound with extra power without compromising the quality of your sound. If you also not want to overwhelm the music, then you should buy a 10-inch subwoofer for your car. 

Such a size of subwoofers is known as the best-rounded subwoofers that can bring life to your music. If you want to listen to metal, jazz, or blues, then you need to buy a 10-inch subwoofer. It can draw additional air, which is the essential requirement to keep up an ideal base response to the heavy music with drums. 

In this case, the prices also vary with the power of a subwoofer. For example, a 10-inch subwoofer with 300 watts power can be purchased at $135, whereas the subwoofers with 4-ohm power can be purchased at $170. 

Overall, the best 10-inch subwoofer mainly costs about $170-$180. However, the price for an enclosure for such a size of subwoofer also increases to about $20. So, you can get 10-inch car subwoofers of 4ohm power, with enclosure and installation price at about $260. 

Average price of 12-inch subwoofer 

A 12-inch subwoofer is known as the most versatile kind of size as it can handle a wide range of music. It is a popular size in the market and has an average aftermarket price.

You can also get it with a famous kind of audiophiles that have a significant bass appetite capability. If you want to generate some extra and full power from your subwoofers with a large number of frequencies, then you should go for a 12-inch subwoofer

However, you must know that the subwoofer with a large size has a small responsive ability. It means that such a volume of subwoofers is mainly suitable for the music that is usually low paced, such as rap, RnB, or Blues. 

The subwoofers with large sizes need high power energy, so we recommend you to buy the subwoofers with high capacity. For example, a 12-inch subwoofer with 1200 RMS and Watts costs about $289 whereas, the 12-inch subwoofer with power 400 watts and RMS 800 watts is available in $144. However, we suggest you ignore the price and select the subwoofer with high strength and best bass.

The enclosure for the 12-inch subwoofer usually costs about $50 or less. So, you can get full-time high power 12-inch subwoofers at about $409. We know that it is a little bit costly, but the specifications of this size are way much better than the others. 

15-inch subwoofer cost

A 15-inch subwoofer is considered as the most powerful subwoofer with a strong and deepest bass due to its big size. However, we have already mentioned that the big size blocks the bass responsiveness ability, especially for small counterparts. 

As these subwoofers are bigger, they need large cargo space to fit in your car; therefore, we recommend you to use it for the large trucks or SUVs. Due to the large size of subwoofers, you also need to upgrade the speaker of a car, which may flood your music with bass. 

If you are a fan of hip hop, EDM genres, or Rap, then you should purchase a 15-inch subwoofer. Such a size of subwoofer has the capability of waving large volumes and covering an extensive range of air, which is required to produce the heavy bass commonly found in such kind of music. 

Due to its large size, bass, and power, they have a high price. For example, the 15-inch subwoofer with 2500 watts RMS costs about $348-$360, whereas the subwoofers with 2000 watts RMS cost $240.

The cost of enclosure for such speakers is also high due to their large size, such as about $100-$130. So, the overall value for the 15-inch subwoofer with 2000 watts RMS, installation price, and enclosure can be purchased in $520.

A subwoofer is a component that can provide a high-level bass that cannot be produced by ordinary speakers. It can be a great addition and can improve your audio experience. But you need to choose the right size of the subwoofer so that you get the sound quality you want for your vehicle. 

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