How to Remove a Stuck DVD from a Car DVD Player?

How to Remove a Stuck DVD from a Car DVD Player?
How to Remove a Stuck DVD from a Car DVD Player?

How to Remove a Stuck DVD from a Car DVD Player?

Car DVD players can be tricky sometimes. They can stick DVDs inside them, can make annoying sounds, or can even take out DVDs by themselves. Any of these problems can make you worried about your car DVD player.

The DVD players that are mounted on the dashboard can present special problems when the DVDs stuck inside the DVD player.

Yes, you can remove a stuck DVD from a car DVD player by using the power eject method, dual DVD technique, tweezer, with a glued object, and by resetting the DVD player. It is recommended that you follow these guidelines to safely remove the DVD,

In this article, our editors have explained proven steps that will help you remove the stuck DVD from your car DVD player.

But we want to warn you, if you perform the steps a little improperly, you could damage your DVD player, and you may have to consult an electrical technician for that. You can damage your DVD player completely and may have to replace it with the newer one.

So, you should understand these techniques completely before applying them to your DVD player.

How to Remove a Stuck DVD from a Car DVD Player?

This is a step-by-step guide that explains 7 best methods for removing a stuck DVD from a Car DVD player. We have explained every step in detail and you just follow the directions.

Before going into the details, let me briefly explains the tools required for this:

Tools Required:

  • Blank DVD
  • Car key (not really a tool)
  • Paper clip or a large pin
  • Thin Tweezer
  • Knife or a thin stick
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Double tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Screw wire

Power Eject Feature

Step 1: Switch off the car ignition

Many DVD players have a feature called Power Eject, which can be mentioned in some other names too. This feature is capable of getting your DVD out when other techniques do not give you any benefit. This method is beneficial to start with because you don’t want to damage your DVD player with other techniques.

Step 2: Press Power button and eject button of the DVD player together

By pressing these buttons together, the DVD player gets a command of taking the DVD out without any further actions. You may have to press these buttons for more than 8 seconds. By performing this technique, the DVD player should spit the DVD out.

Step 3: Perform again with a different technique

If the technique does not work, then you may have to switch on the ignition, or you may have to start your car engine and perform the same procedure again. Some DVD players do not work when the ignition switch is turned off.

By turning on the car engine, the DVD player will get power, and after pressing the Power and eject button together for more than 8 seconds, you will get your DVD back.

This technique only works if your car DVD player has this function. If it does not work, then your car DVD player may not have the Power and Eject feature. To know this, you must read the Owner’s manual carefully and then apply this technique.

Performing this feature does not harm your DVD; that is why we recommend this technique to perform if your DVD player supports it.

Dual DVD technique

Step 1: Get an extra DVD

This technique will enable you to insert another disk into the car DVD player. For this purpose, we recommend you to use a useless DVD instead of any personal DVD to avoid losing your second DVD.

Whenever you insert anything in the car DVD player, you should always proceed with caution and care because you may hit something sensitive in your DVD player.

Step 2: Put the DVD in the slot for 1.2 inches or more.

You should insert the DVD from 1.2 inches to 1.5 inches into the slot to ensure that the useless DVD is above the stuck DVD, and you can slide the stuck DVD with the useless DVD.

You should hold the useless DVDin this position. Do not put the whole DVD in the slot because it can cause multiple problems with your DVD player.

Step 3: Eject the stuck DVD by pressing the Eject Button on the DVD player and jiggle it.

When you insert the DVD with the way as mentioned above, jiggle the DVD to give friction to the DVD inside the DVD player. By doing so, the DVD could get away from the thing that has stopped the DVD player from ejecting the DVD. When you think that the DVD is about to come out, you should immediately take the second DVD out of the slot to provide room for the stuck DVD to come out.

Step 4: Get the stuck DVD tray upwards.

When the technique does not work, then try to put the edge of the second DVD below the stuck DVD. When you do that, gently try to get them stuck DVD upwards from the second DVD tip.

This process will allow the DVD tray to get a jerk upwards in its working direction and may start to work in its default way. But try to be very careful performing this technique and do not break any DVD during the procedure.

Put pressure on the Car DVD player

If your DVD player is located at the place where its upper surface is near to the upper side of the dashboard, then you can apply pressure on the dashboard. By applying pressure on the dashboard, you will ultimately apply pressure on the DVD player who could get your DVD out in no time.

Be careful if your dashboard has sensitive components installed in it, and hitting on the dashboard could damage those components. If your DVD player is far enough from the upper side of the dashboard that may contain fuses or other electrical components, then we do not recommend this procedure.

Catch and Release feature

Step 1: Get a paperclip or a pin

If you have a paperclip, then make it straight after bending to make it two to four inches long and get into the catch and release hole. If you have a pin, which is two to four inches with the width of that hole, then you can work with that too.

Step 2: Reach the catch and release button with the pin.

When you reach the button, you will feel it pressing when you apply more pressure with the pin. Continue applying pressure until it does not stop. This process will pop some part of the DVD out of the DVD player in such a way that you can hold it and get it out of the DVD player.

If you think that you cannot find the catch and release button, do not put the pin in the unknown hole because it can damage other parts of the player. If you think that the DVD is not coming out of the car DVD player, then stop pushing the pin you may be doing the wrong way. If you think that doing this procedure can be harmful to your DVD player, then do not attempt it.

Use a tweezer to remove DVD

Step 1: Grab a tweezer

Grab a small-sized tweezer, which is so thin that it can easily go into the DVD player’s slot and can be moved without touching other components inside the DVD player.

Step 2: Go inside DVD player and reach the DVD

Be extra careful when you put anything inside the DVD player slot. Reach the DVD with the tweezer and hold the DVD with the tweezer.

Step 3: Eject

When you are holding the DVD with the tweezer, gently pull the DVD towards you while pressing the eject button. This process can help the ejection tray to take out the DVD in no time. If gently pulling the DVD does not work, then try to pull it with more power.

If you hear any noise that you think can disrupt the mechanism in DVD player, then you must stop at once. If you think that the DVD is breaking because of your force, then stop. If you think that this procedure will damage the DVD tray, then do not do it.

Using a glued object

Step 1: Create your tool

Grab a knife, or a metal piece, or a wooden stick and put some glue on one side of the metal. Get a piece of paper and paste it on the glued side of the metal or stick. When you have pasted the paper on the stick, put some glue on the paper as well.

This process will make one side of the stick sticky and will be used to stick something to it. You can also use a strong double-sided tape around the object. Your tool is ready.

Step 2: Sticking to the DVD

After making your tool, gently insert the tool inside the DVD slot and try not to stick the upper side of the tool to anything upwards if you are using a double-sided tape.

When you reach half of the DVD, try to stick your tool on it properly. After sticking it with the DVD, gently pull the DVD upwards and try to take the DVD out of the slot.

Remember, do not use a thick stick. Always use a thinnest object.

Reset electrically

Step 1: Switch off the ignition of your car.

Whenever you reset your car electrically, always turn your ignition switch off to prevent any short circuits. You must be aware of the hazards that can be present in the car that can harm you even after turning the car engine off. Proceed with caution.

Step 2: Find the battery of the vehicle.

Open the bonnet of the car and look for the battery. When you see a battery, there are always two terminals of the battery, which are signed as (+) and (-), which are named as positive and negative.

These terminals have black and red covering, which are also used to identify the positive and negative terminal. The positive terminal is covered with red color insulation and the negative with the black one.

Step 3: Disconnect the wire connecting the negative terminal of the battery

Now, when you have located the battery of your car after turning the ignition off, you must wait for two to three minutes. After waiting for a while, disconnect the wire from the battery, which connects to the negative terminal signed as (-) and colored as black.

Another thing that you should be very careful with is that you must keep the disconnected wire away from the positive terminal. This process will prevent any serious accidents that can happen if they bond with each other.

Step 4: Wait

You must wait after the previous step, too, because when you disconnect the wire from the battery, the wiring of the car still contains an amount of current.

So, turning on the components or reconnecting the wire immediately after disconnecting can cause sparks and electrical components of the car to damage. So, wait for almost eight to twelve minutes before reconnecting the wire to the battery.

Step 5: Reconnect the wire.

After waiting for the specific time, reconnect the wire to the negative terminal of the battery carefully. Remember, the wires are mounted with the nut and bolt, so you will loosen them before removing the wire. When you are reconnecting the wire, you will put that nut and bolt part on the terminal and tighten them so hard that they do not disconnect by a simple jerk or any other means, other than tools.

Step 6: Restart your DVD player.

When the power is back on, close the hood and try to eject the DVD by pressing the eject key. This method is helpful if your DVD player gets nosy because of some electrical disruption. This method will restore the power function of your car.

If the method does not work and you still think that the DVD player is not getting enough amount of power to function properly, then we have another possible solution to this problem.

We recommend you to perform the next step if you think that your DVD is stuck because of insufficient power supply to the DVD player.

Step 7: Fuse Replacement

The insufficient power issue can be resolved by replacing the fuse of the DVD player. If you think you can find the correct fuse of the DVD player, then do so, otherwise, go to a professional to prevent any more damage to your DVD player.


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