Best Double Din Car Stereo with Apple Carplay

Best Double Din Car Stereo with Apple Carplay 2020 Reviews
Best Double Din Car Stereo with Apple Carplay 2020 Reviews

Technology! It has changed the course of everyone’s life. I still remember the cars we used to drive back in those days, simple and classy.

With time, we saw a positive change in the car’s functionalities and one major change in it was the stereo system that went from the normal system to smart radio.

Nowadays, we have witnessed the best radio interfaces in these cars, these interfaces are called din car stereo or din radio. The latest version of din stereo is the Double Din car stereo.

It provides its user with an interactive touch system which makes it easier to run and function. Now you can choose from the list of your songs whatever you like, unlike the old times where we had to forward until we get the required track.

Today our article is about the best double din car stereo car play which is run by Apple. As you know Apple is the leading manufacturer of smartphones and other smart products and it has one of the finest CarPlays designed for cars.

Let’s have a look at the list of the top 7 best double din car stereo Apple CarPlay for 2022.

Double din car stereo with Apple CarPlay 2022



Soundstream Car Multimedia Good features, not pricey. It provides both Apple and Android connectivity. Check Price
Kenwood Double Din Big screen with extra brightness, allows mirroring and swapping, built-in amp and sound enhancer. Check Price
ATOTO Classic CarPlay Heavy specifications with a light burden on your pocket. Latest configuration and classy. Check Price
Sony XAVAX1000 6.2″ Epic bass and volume boosters, built-in amp, volume knob with additional controls. SiriusXM for satellite radio. Check Price
BOSS Audio Systems Smooth and flawless Bluetooth connectivity, advanced steering wheel controls, extra USB ports at back for more connectivity. Check Price
Pioneer Apple CarPlay with Bluetooth Best resolution, DJ illuminating lights, works perfectly with iPhones. Check Price
Alpine 9 inches bulging display, can be mounted easily on smaller space or old cars, beautiful design, built-in HDMI and GPS. Check Price

Let me review these amazing products so that you may get a better insight into each product.


Best Double Din Car Stereo with Apple Carplay 2022 Reviews

Double Din Car Stereo with Apple Carplay

Double Din Car Stereo has many advantages over the standard stereo. With a Double Din stereo, you can watch videos and even use GPS navigation. I love to use the rear-view camera while parking the car.

In this article, our editors have explained these top-rated Car Stereos with Apple Carplay for 2022.

Let us get into the details:

Soundstream Car Multimedia Entertainment Center

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If you are looking for a CarPlay that is budget-friendly but contains almost all the functionalities of a high-end CarPlay system then use the Soundstream Apple CarPlay.

Despite its low cost, this Apple CarPlay has a lot to offer. I will start with the display, the display is intended to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. The interface is quite human-machine friendly which makes it easier to operate for everyone.

This product is equipped with the latest smart sensing technology, which means that it is sensitive to touch and will respond promptly.

You can buy this from Amazon.

Moreover, this product has the compatibility to run both the Apple phones and smartphones on the interface. It gives the ultimate connection from the stereo to our mobile. Now we just have to connect our phone to the system and it will exhibit loud and clear vocal quality.

Now you can play your favorite iTunes, use the navigation system which is quite efficient in this device. You can also make phone calls through it which makes it a lot easier to drive and attend important calls.

This device can be connected via a USB charging cable, you just need to connect the charger, plug in the lead and then you can listen to your favorite music or make calls through the stereo system.

It also has Bluetooth/wireless connectivity. Now you don’t have to worry about a USB cable as Bluetooth will take over. The voice call quality through Bluetooth in this product is quite appreciable.

Moreover, you can connect an external USB drive to this CarPlay and enjoy your favorite music. You can play the video of your favorite movie scene or song as well.

A good feature of this CarPlay is that it is not just limited to iPhone connectivity, it can connect with your android devices as well. This makes this device 2-in-1.

You can also connect a camera to your CarPlay. The camera can be placed on the rear side of your car, this will help a lot while reversing your car. It saves from any possible incident or impact.

So if you want such a CarPlay that provides you a decent interface with almost all necessary functionalities and is a cost-saver too, then switch to the Soundstream Car Multimedia Entertainment Center with Apple Car Play/Android Phone Link/SiriusXM-Ready.


Kenwood – Best Double Din Car Stereo 2022

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If you are a fan of a big screen with vivid display and advanced controls then Kenwood DDX9703S CarPlay is your best choice. It will provide you the satisfaction you were looking for along with durability and reliability.

Kenwood is one of the leading manufacturers of stereo systems for cars, it has provided some best features and products to its customers over the years. This CarPlay is no different.

First of all, like any other high-end CarPlay, it gives you the option to choose between Apple and Android connectivity. It works perfectly with both of these devices.

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The wide array of colors and extra bright screen is a sensation for your eyes. The VGA display is a collection of vibrant colors. The crystal clear screen resolution refines your CarPlay experience. The bright display lets you see the color screen easily that is sometimes not possible on a sunny day.

Now you can connect your CarPlay with rear-seat screens, you can control those screens from your CarPlay. You can also connect a rear camera to the CarPlay which will assist you while driving your car in reverse.

If you talk about the sound quality, the company claims that this CarPlay produces a crystal clear high-quality sound. The FM/AM channels are tuned perfectly and there are almost zero amounts of noise and distortion.

The radio tuner of this CarPlay is much efficient; it will find all the possible analog radio channels that are available locally in that specific area. In addition to this, you can also tune into internet radio and i radio app which will let you explore a broad spectrum of radio channels globally.

Moreover, you can use a DVD or you can insert a USB into the CarPlay to play your favorite mp3 tunes.

Are you disturbed by the traffic noise? If yes, then don’t worry as the Kenwood CarPlay has a built-in sound equalizer that adjusts the loudness of your speakers according to the surroundings. The built-in amplifier generates a clear and amplified voice.

A fantastic feature of this CarPlay is the mirroring function. In this feature, you can mimic the display of your smartphone to the CarPlay display. Now you can use your phone on the CarPlay as well.

Now you can use the app like Siri on your CarPlay, all you have to do is talk about something like setting a schedule or commanding for a call and Siri would do it, even you can do voice typing and send text messages via Siri.

So, do try this wonderful CarPlay and let us know how your experience was.


ATOTO – Best Apple Carplay Stereo 2022

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If you want the best features in an Apple CarPlay at the cheapest rate then the ATOTO CarPlay Stereo is your best choice. You can find all the features of an expensive CarPlay in this device which makes it so attractive.

First of all, the interface of this item is quite interactive providing a lot of options for you to choose. You can completely use your mobile phone with this CarPlay stereo. It is compatible with both Apple and Android OS.

You can make important phone calls, listen to your favorite tunes, and watch a movie or video song of your choice. In addition to these, you can also send or receive important text messages on your CarPlay.

This CarPlay also comes with an effective navigation system, now you can reach your destination easily as the navigation system will show you the way. The voice directions will let drive easily.

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Now you can use your favorite apps on your Apple CarPlay as you can on your smartphone. For example, you can easily access Siri from your CarPlay and command it whatever you can. You can also play some games on the CarPlay, this will be such a treat for kids.

It has advanced options like you can improve or enhance the performance of your amp, or you can adjust it as well. Likewise, you can also boost your headphone or hands-free performance when you connect it to this device.

The built-in Bluetooth of this CarPlay is efficient when you connect your phone with it, it not only connects your smartphone but it also displays the information about signal strength and network carrier. It will also show the battery percentage of your phone on the CarPlay screen.

You can insert a DVD or USB into the CarPlay which will make you choose what track you want to play. Other than that, you can also tune into FM/AM radio. The voice and signal quality of radio are quite phenomenal. You can tune into a wide number of channels and frequencies.

If we talk about the user-interface, it is simple and easy. You can go to the settings and you will find basic settings and configurations there.

You can configure display and sound settings as well, there is an option which lets you change the wallpaper of the display, you can also change the rear camera settings if it is attached to your CarPlay.

With the latest software updates and top-notch features, this CarPlay is so light on your pocket yet having heavy features. Do buy it and let us know how your experience was.


Sony Double Din Radio

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If you are looking for an Apple CarPlay that works best with your Apple products and you desire the epic bass quality of Sony then stop the search and grab your Sony XAV-AX1000 6.2″ (15.7 cm) Apple CarPlay Media.

First of all, this CarPlay is specially designed for iPhone applications; it provides an interface and compatibility to those apps. One of the contrasting features of this CarPlay is that it automatically detects which iPhone you are using and what iOS is operating into it.

With the assistance of Bluetooth, you can connect your iPhone with the CarPlay. The Siri will then assist you to perform what you ask it. You can either access the map or you can listen to your favorite podcasts. Now you can drive easily as the speakers of your car will navigate the way for you.

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There is an amazing feature called SiriusXM-ready, this feature is such a life-saver. There are certain places where it not possible for radio signals to reach your car, so this feature tunes satellite radio channels and lets you enjoy classic radio.

You will also play your music via USB. You can also connect an AUX cable with your phone to your CarPlay and play music directly from your phone.

Sony has been globally recognized due to its epic bass quality and voice clarity. This CarPlay also includes a built-in amp that takes your music to another level. Other than that, it also includes a 10-band equalizer which gives extra control to your sound output.

Like any other high-quality CarPlay, the Sony CarPlay gives you a dedicated camera input on the rear. It is best for beginners or those who are not so good at reversing cars, the widescreen will cover more area and show you HD video of the backside so you won’t hit anything.

The colorful 6.2-inch display of this product is worth mentioning, you will also find a volume wheel or knob. This knob is utterly satisfying. You can control the sound level with the knob as well as you can also configure the menu or hold it for voice inputs. This multi-purpose knob is such a cool feature.

You can also configure the brightness, aspect ratio, and wallpapers on the screen. There is also a picture mode available that lets you select the mode according to the condition. For instance, if you are watching a movie you can select the Theatre mode.

So, this product is fantastic. It is the perfect product for Apple lovers. Do try it and share your experience.


BOSS Car Audio Systems

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The Boss CarPlay is a mixture of high-end specs with versatility and durability. It provides you the option to choose between Apple and Android OS. It is simple and elegant and it will make your car stereo system more attractive.

First of all, this CarPlay works well with both the Apple and Android operating systems. It will provide the Apple CarPlay interface to your iPhones and Android Auto to your android sets.

In addition to this, you can enjoy the services of both Siri and Google Assistant on your CarPlay. You can use their hands-free and eyes-free features for navigation, finding a place on the map, type to text messages, making a phone call, or a schedule. Read here about all the differences between a Single Din head unit and a Double Din head unit.

This CarPlay has a vivid and colorful display of 6.75. The screen has great width which makes you watch your movies or music videos more clearly. The screen resolution of the display is 800 x 480 pixels is are quite extra-ordinary for a CarPlay.

This CarPlay also gives you the option to connect your steering wheel controls with your CarPlay. Now you don’t have to reach your hands to the touch screen, you just have to adjust the settings like volume, etc. on the steering controls.

You can attach an external rear camera to this CarPlay. The rear camera allows you to reverse your car more easily with additional options for parking grid lines. This will help elderly people or new drivers a lot.

The built-in Bluetooth will let you wirelessly connect your device to the CarPlay. It can make your calls much easier. The built-in mic will be the receiver and the speakers of your car will generate the voice coming from the other party.

The tuning quality of the radio is quite sophisticated in this CarPlay. You can play your favorite radio channels now. The Bluetooth and internet connectivity will let you browse the international radio channels as well.

The best thing I liked about this CarPlay was the sweet little Thank You note that was present inside the box, for buying this product. So I think you should try the BOSS Audio Systems Double Din Car Stereo and see for yourself.


Pioneer Apple CarPlay with Bluetooth

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If you want to redefine your Apple CarPlay experience then the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX is your best choice. The interactive interface and rich palette of colors on your screen will take your CarPlay experience to a whole new level.

First of all, let’s talk about the screen. This double din stereo is comprised of a 6.2 touch screen. The touch is good and sensitive. The screen is quite bright and you can see amazing picture quality on it. The resolution of the screen is 800 x 400, which will be HD on this small screen.

The Pioneer CarPlay has many options on your screen. For instance, you can adjust the volume level, access the voice controls, go to the settings, and go back to the home screen, etc.

If you are a true music lover then you will love this product. One of the best features of this product is its lights. The lights on this CarPlay illuminate according to the beats of the music-making your drives more interesting. Now you can open your own DJ House into the car.

To enhance the sound, a 13-band sound equalizer is present inside the model which will make your sound more epic. Additionally, this product also contains a built-in amp for more power and audio controls.

The built-in Bluetooth will let you connect your iPhone to the CarPlay wirelessly. Now you can browse the internet, stream live radios, check out for nearby cafes in the town, send and receive text messages and make a call on your CarPlay.

CarPlay is a multi-tasker. Now you can stream online radio and in the meanwhile, you can also browse the internet or access your contacts on the menu.

The CarPlay is multi-lingual so you don’t have to panic if English is not your Mother’s tongue. Other than that you can find many customizable options where you can change the theme or background image of your CarPlay. You can find the details of your connected phone like battery percentage or connectivity etc.

This double din stereo also comes with an AUX and USB connectivity, you can connect it as well to listen to your favorite tunes.

So with so many fantastic features, the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX must be given a try. The reviews of this product are overwhelming.



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Here I present to you our showstopper for this article, the mighty Alpine Apple Carplay Stereo. This one is the most unusual of all the products I have reviewed before. Let me get straight to its blasting features.

This item is unique as soon as you take a look at it, the cutting edge design of it is such a beauty. The main thing you will notice in this product is the size of its screen which is 9-inch. The monstrous sized screen will be a jewel on your dash.

Another thing you might look at is that unlike all the other double din stereos, this one is a single-din car stereo. It means that it can be mounted more easily on the car’s dash than the double dins and it will have a screen bigger than them.

The erected screen will be a pleasurable experience to see, you can also change or tilt the angle up and down to certain degrees for the perfect eye view.

The big 9 inches screen will look like it’s afloat on your dash. The colors are truly mesmerizing. You can find some options on the screen which will include voice controls, sound controls and much more.

Buy now from Amazon.

The device is integrated with built-in Bluetooth which will work flawlessly like all good car stereos. It also homes the Apple CarPlay which will allow you to use your iPhone apps and other functions of your phone on the CarPlay.

It is also compatible with android devices so you can use your favorite apps and listen to your Spotify music using this stereo.

Other features include a rear USB port, an AUX port, a rear camera input port, and surprisingly an HDMI port. For best navigation, GPS is also integrated into this product.

If you are a radio fanatic then this stereo will show you the best radio channels locally and internationally. The sound quality of which will be divine. The equalizer is also present to enhance your music experience as well as a built-in amp.

So I will conclude that this product is such an amazing thing to buy. If you want to see your screen big and bulging then you must go for this product.


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