How to Make a Car Amplifier Enclosure?

How to Make a Car Amplifier Enclosure
How to Make a Car Amplifier Enclosure

How to Make a Car Amplifier Enclosure?

Car amplifiers play a significant role in enhancing car audio. I always recommend my readers to go for a high-quality amplifier enclosure for high-quality music.

For better enjoyment of the music, the essential thing is the location of the amplifier. When it is fixed in the proper place, it gives good quality music and clear audio. The benefit of the amplifier enclosure is this it remains safe in the vehicle; you must secure it properly.

Many people do not know how they can make an enclosure for the amplifier and have no idea about the materials required for building the amp enclosure. If you are searching for all these kinds of information regarding the enclosure of the amplifier, then definitely, my article will help you out.

Yes, you can make a car amplifier at home by using hardwood or poly fabric material, you can use screws for this purpose to adjust it with the panel of hardwood. Choose the right screws and magic for adjusting the amplifier into the hardwood panel. Attach the wires and install the amplifier enclosure at the desired location in your car.

If you are searching even for your jeep, then this process will also work for the heavy vehicles.

How to Make a Car Amplifier Enclosure?

It is the most common question I have received from many of our audience that what is the best place for the amplifier enclosure. There is no special or specific location for the enclosure you can install it at any site of the vehicle; it is all up to your own choice.

Commonly people like to have amplifier enclosure beside the seats. Besides the seat, the amplifier enclosure gives the right rhythm, and you will enjoy neat music.

You can place it under the seat, beside the seat of the car. You can also adust on the backside of the car.

The amplifier enclosure on the backside of the car minimizes the effect of the vibrations. The way I am going to tell you to make an amplifier enclosure can be applied to all types of cars. You have a jeep or small car; this method will apply to all kinds of cars.

You can make and install the amplifier enclosure at:

  • Behind the seat: If you want to keep it behind the seat, then leave spaces for the wiring. You should leave several inches for the wiring purpose.
  • Under the seat: It is a very common location for the car to keep your amplifier enclosure under the seat.
  • Make it on the trunk: The other option is to keep in your car hatch area.

Tools required for making amplifier enclosure:

The main thing one should do before making the amplifier enclosure is to collect all the necessary tools. Then start to make amplifier rack for putting an amplifier in it.

You required different tools for this purpose, like:

Screwdriver: It is a basic tool for this method. So Buy a good quality of screwdriver some tools kit do have their screwdriver in it. If you do not have a screwdriver, then take it. It is used for the opening and closing of the screws of the amplifier. It is a hand tool and used to tightens the screws.

Electric drill: It is also a useful tool for this purpose. It is used to make holes, and it is a very speedy tool and works rapidly with no energy. it requires electric energy and helps to make holes for the screws.

Scissor: Scissor is the most common thing, but it is necessary for cutting purposes. It is used to cut the wires. For the cutting purpose, a scissor is required.

Staple Gun: It is used to staple the amplifier fabric to keep it safe, but it is an optional tool that is used. You can attach it with gum, and you can also attach it with closing screws.

Measuring Tape / Scale: It is also necessary thing to measure the length and widths of the amplifier and then use it to measure the hardwood according to the size of the amp. Measuring tape helps to measure the exact size of the amp to fix it under the seat.

Permanent marker: It is used to highlight and to mention the size of the amplifier on the hardwood board. Other markers removed within no time, but permanent marker lasts for long and helps to cut it to the exact size of the amplifier.

Pliers: It is a hand tool that is used to hold the objects firmly. In this process, pliers help to maintain the objects of metals. It is an essential tool for this process. It is also used to twisting the wires and also helps in cutting the wire.

Metal mounting straps: It is a necessary thing that you should buy before making an amplifier rack. It is essential to pack the rack with mounting metal bracelet. It is available in black and silver-colored, but black color is preferable. It contains holes in it which is used to tightens the screws.

You can buy these from Amazon.

You can but these straps from the market or online. For the installation of the amplifier enclosure, you will need four straps. These straps are strong enough, but they are also flexible, and it can change its shape for more installation. SO I will honestly recommend you to buy metal mounting straps for making of an amplifier enclosure.

Adhesive spray: This spray is used to hold cloth together. It is used to hold the fabric together on the board. You should spray the adhesive spray on the board and then cover it with the fabric that will attach to the board. It is used because it gives cleanliness, and it is easier to use. That’s why I will recommend you to buy an adhesive spray for this purpose.

Screws: For this purpose, you have to buy a different size of screws. These are used to hold the objects together. It connects the board with the car space. The washer does not allow the screws to loosen its tightness.

So these tools will help you to make an amplifier enclosure. You can purchase it from the market or online. But if you want to save some money or you do not have enough money to buy it then you can borrow the tools from your friends and family.

Material required for building amplifier enclosure:

The material should be durable that makes the audio more clear and giver audio without vibrations. Fabric plays an important role in this process. That which kind of material you are using. There is black grayish carpet fabric I will recommend you use for the amplifier enclosure. It is called an automotive-grade speaker carpet. You can buy it from the market easily.

These carpets are backless, and it can easily cover the amplifier and cut easily because of its durable nature. In the market, there is also the simple black fabric is available for the covering of the amplifier, but I will suggest you buy this carpet for covering.

There is very little difference in the cost of both of the fabrics, but there is a huge difference in the results. The automotive carpet for the amplifier gives more clear and great results as compared to simple black cloth. So go with good quality material.

Step-by-step Guide for Making a Car Amplifier at Home

There are a few tips that can help you to save your amplifier. By these steps, you can make a good amplifier rack easily to get clear audio without any vibration in the car.

Choose the best place for your amplifier enclosure:

The first you have to do is to select where you want to install an amplifier and then make sure that where you want to install an amp, either that place is enough for the amplifier rack? Always select a sufficient place for an amplifier because this will give you better results better than the narrow space.

Different cars have different spaces in them. Small vehicles have little space in it, so the backside of the car preferred due to ample space. Most people love to have their amplifier enclosure on the backside of the car. It is good for all kinds of vehicles because the amplifier rack remains safe on the back of the car.

The basic thing you have to check which place you choose if free from any kind of risk. Choose that place where you can easily drill a hole for the screws without any type of damage.

Measure the space of car for amplifier enclosure:

After choosing the right space for the amplifier enclosure, measure the length and width of the space of the car correctly. Sometimes the car does have not flat space for the amplifier, so you have to measure it correctly. If the space you choose is flat, then measure s the length and width of the area by measuring tape so that you could buy a board for the amplifier.

Note the measurement of the length and widths of the space area and then go to market buy the hardwood to fit the amplifier in it. Most of the cars have cure space in their trunk then measure the width of both sides correctly.

Measure the amplifier:

Measure the amplifier size to make its rack. Some people make a large rack for the small amplifier that looks very unfit and also works not very good. So you need to measure the size of the amp after measuring the car space. That either this amplifier enclosure can fit in the space of the car or not.

Purchase hardwood board:

The next step one should do to go to the market and select good quality hardwood for the making of the enclosure. Purchase a single flat board for making amplifier enclosure and also purchase carpet fabric for covering the board according to the size of space available in the car. You can also use a permanent marker to sketch the amplifier on the board.

Cut the hardwood board:

The next step in making this is to cut the hardwood board. If you are not good at cutting, then cut it from the hardwood shop. Hardware shops also give the facilities for cutting. You should tell them size, and they will give you an already cut board according to your requirements.

You can cut the board with a jigsaw or circular saw. It depends upon your choice that either you are cutting by yourself or from the hardware shop. If you want to cut it at home, then you must have a jigsaw or circular saw for cutting purposes.

Sand the edges of hardwood board:

After cutting the wood, the edges become rough so you should sand the edges of the wood panel to keep it safe.

Take a sanding paper with a grit of 120 to 180. Then cover a little piece of wood with sandpaper and start sanding with this to the wood corner. Keep this process back and forth with great pressure on your hands. It will make the edges of the wood will round and Sharpless.

Cover the board with fabric:

After cutting the hardwood board, the next step is covering it with fabric. The most recommended fabric is a grayish carpet with a plain backside. You should apply adhesive spray on the board and now apply the fabric on it.

Cover the board with fabric and then staple the fabric on the board with a staple gun. A staple gun is used to keep the fabric permanently on the board. The adhesive spray cannot work more efficiently, so you should use the staple gun to staple the board.

Now you have made the structure of the enclosure.

Leave spaces for the wiring:

Before adjusting the amplifier, one should need to leave spaces for the wiring. The amplifier does not fix it with little space so that it makes difficulty in the installation. So you should keep check during fixing the amplifier on the board that there should be enough space for the wiring purpose. Leave almost several inches for the wiring of the amplifier.

Adjust the amplifier position:

Now drill holes on the upper and lower side of the board with an electric drill machine. Drill four holes on the corners of the board and attach the mounting straps on the board.

Then fix the amplifier with the mounting straps adjust the position according to the size of the amplifier and fastens the screws to the straps to keep the amplifier tightly on the board. You can also adjust one or more amplifiers in this method. Leave spaces normally from the board for the better results of the amplifier audio.

Place it into the car:

The next thing and the last thing is to adjust the Amplifier enclosure into the car space. Now drill the holes in the car space where you want to install it. Drill the holes with electric drill carefully that sensitive things of the car could not damage by this

Now adjust the board and adjustable mounting straps to fastens the screws to keep it in the car. If your mounting straps are flexible and moveable, then you can easily adjust it at any place without any discomfort. Move the mounting brackets, and you can adjust the board at any place. But you should fit it at the place which you choose before. Fasten screws into the brackets very willfully.

First of all, fastens the screws of the above straps and then to the lower straps. I recommend you to use a washer to tighten the screws. The washer is very important because the amplifier when it creates vibration, then there is a danger of opening or losing the screws.

Washers help to keep the screws on its place even after the vibration of the audio. Connect the wires with the amplifier, and now you can enjoy the music on your amplifier at your desired place.

Things to be considered when you make car amplifier enclosure at home:

For making an amplifier enclosure, you should keep in mind some important things to be considered.

  • Measure the exact size of your car space where you want to install an amplifier.
  • Always purchase a good quality of hardwood. Sometimes people purchase a hardboard that does not work efficiently, and it does not reduce the vibration of the audio, so you should keep your eye on the quality of the board.
  • You should purchase good quality fabric to cover the board. Purchase greyish carpet ty[pe fabric for your amplifier enclosure.
  • Always keep your concentration on the cutting of the board.
  • Leave space for the wiring of the amplifier.
  • Connect right wires with amplifier positive wires to the positive terminal and negative to negative terminals.
  • Always leave space for wiring so that wiring could be easily done.
  • You can also make a close enclosure abut I will recommend ported enclosure it works effectively.

Things not to do:

Everything has its consequences and imperfections. When there are ways, then also the things that you should avoid.

  • Do not choose that place of the car that is very sensitive, and any push does damage to the car.
  • Do not choose the place where drilling holes makes the car body damage.
  • Do not choose the places which contain wiring. Because drilling the holes can cause damage to the car.
  • Do not select a very cheap quality of board because it will not give you good effects.
  • Do not take tension in your budget; you should look at the quality of the material.

Final words:

The above steps will help to make your car amplifier enclosure. You can easily follow these steps without any expertise.

If you are not an expert in it, then you can also follow these steps easily and can make your amplifier enclosure for your car. IF your enclosure is not planning right then, it will not give you good results even after the good quality of the speakers. So you should plan and originate it very rightly.

A few months ago, I was unknown to the knowledge of the car amplifier and how can we install it. One of my friends guide me a few months back, my friends and my plan to go uphill areas, and when you have to go on a trip, then music is a very necessary thing and loud music required for more fun.

We were going on our jeep, so we decided to install a car amplifier enclosure in our jeep. My friends told me the way I learned from all those steps. Remember, you can always test your car amplifier with a multimeter.

We measure the jeep space; we decided to make an amplifier enclosure on the hatch area of the car. I measure the space and then take a hardwood board. Cut it according to the size of the space area of the car and then covered it with black fabric and then fixed the amplifier on it with screws.

Then we fixed it into the jeep space area with mounting straps and then fastened the screws with the help of pliers. Hold screws with the washer so that it could not open. Then we attached the wires with the amplifier on their space very carefully.

Then starts our amplifier, and we enjoyed the whole music trip smoothly. The basic thing is the right designing and fixing of the amplifier, and then you can enjoy loud music easily without any embarrassment.

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