What is a 5.1 Channel Home Theater System?

What is a 5.1 Channel Home Theater System?
What is a 5.1 Channel Home Theater System?

With a 5.1 home theater system, you can enjoy a powerful bass with a surround sound. You have to create an equal amount the sound in every corner of the home theater. You may easily create sound diversification in this system.

What is a 5.1 Channel Home Theater System? A 5.1 channel home theater system consists of five speakers and one subwoofer. You can attach these speakers in different ways to manage the sound of the home theater.

You can create the various effects of the sound to improve the sound quality in your home theater. You have to purchase a good variety of speakers and subwoofers to create a sound system in your home theater.

It will allow you to produce a thunderous bass in the home theater, and vibration will provide in every part of the home theater. You will feel the depth in your favorite songs when you hear them in good bass and terrible.

What is a 5.1 Channel Home Theater System?

It is a system of the home theater in which you will use two separate speakers at the front side of the home theater. These speakers will play an essential role in the production of the sound in your home theater. You will feel the experience of the surround sound by using this type of the home theater rather than getting a high volume of the speakers in the home theater.

There are different quality of the speakers available in the system that you can purchase as the budget plan of your home theater. You have to do your best to create a good sound effect in the home theater. This is suitable for small and medium rooms. The size of the room will be adjusted as the number of speakers you are using in your home theater.


There are different components of the home theater. You can change the components of the 5.1 home theater system as the requirement of the sound in it. The general parts for this system are as follows:


Most of the sound-producing devices have the built-in feature of the mixer to mix all the effects of the sound and produce the combined output. You can use it both for the digital or analog signals and can manage your requirements. A mixer will play the role of a hub in which the sound of all the sources is collected and transferred to the output side of the system.

If your speakers have not the feature of the mixer from their manufacturing company, then you have to use the good quality of the mixer in your system. You can adjust all the levels and put them into the mixer of the sound system. It can receive input from multiple channels; you have to note that the input signal should be defined in analog or digital waves.

It will also modulate the signal and set them as you set their levels. You can amplify the signals of the home theater with the help of the mixer. Audio input may be in different forms; the mixer will convert that input signals to the desired output form.


It is a device that is used to produce the low-frequency notes of the music. It is a large and heavy weighted speaker that will require a good amount of the power to do all the activities. The rumbling effect on the floor of the room will be created with the help of the subwoofer in the system. It is an essential component of this system. You cannot get a good amount of music without using the subwoofer in the system.

The working of the subwoofer will depend on the air pressure of the home theater. Its work is to reduce the noises coming in the bass of the music. The bass is an important factor that must be free from any type of sound noise and disturbances. Your enjoyment will increase by seeing the excellent bass and music in your home theater.


The speakers are the main component of this system. It will consist of five speakers, and you can use the type of speaker as your choice. The basic production of the sound will depend on the quality and amount of these speakers. You must use the versatile speakers that you may use in any direction and at any surface of the speaker.

You have to use one central speaker, two front speakers, and two rear speakers. You may try to adjust the setting of the speaker with the consultation of the experts. This system is better than many other systems of the home theater. You should note all the effects of the music that is coming from the speakers before purchasing it. Your sound system should be according to the home theater room size and dimensions.

Adjust the speakers

There are different ways to adjust the setting of the mixer, subwoofer, and speakers of the home theater system. You can adjust the speakers as two speakers on the front side of the room on the left and right corner of the theater. These speakers will push the sound of the home theater to the rear side. You should place two speakers at the rear left and right corners of the room.

By doing these settings, you will quickly produce the echoing sound and the good amount of the volume in the room. The central speaker should be placed beside the mixer that both will converge the sound waves to throw in a specific direction. This is the general setting of the home theater that you will use for the production of the best sound without any distortion.

This is the setting for large and medium rooms. If you want to install this system in the small room of the home theater, you will adjust some other settings of the speakers and subwoofer. You can mount the two big speakers on the two upper corners of the wall.

The setting of the upper two speakers will push speakers to the last corners of the home theater. The smaller two speakers of this system should be placed on the same sides of the wall but the ground of the home theater under those two speakers. The adjustment of these four speakers should be made in the proper way that they are in line with each other.

The lower speaker will cover the front side of the room, and the upper speakers as they are larger will throw the sound to the last corner of the home theater. The reflection of the sound from the rear wall will be produced good bass and terrible. You must understand how to produce an echo of the sound before making the adjustment of these speakers in the system.

There are various ways to understand this phenomenon properly. You can use the user manual of the devices and the internet browsing for doing this. After researching all the mediums, if you still face any confusion, then you should avoid adjusting by yourself. You can hire a professional in this field to guide you to do the setting of the home theater.

These two settings are different for different types of rooms. If your room has too much length and small width, then you can adjust the setting of the speakers on the front side of the home theater.

You can place the two big speakers on the two corners of the room, and then you can place the small speakers beside these speakers after some gap. All four speakers will be placed on the front side of the room. You should properly set up the wires to prevent home theater from turning off.

This type of adjustment is only applicable to the rooms, which are lengthy in size. The subwoofer and central speaker of the home theater will be adjusted in the middle of the home theater to change the setting of the music. This setting will produce the good quality of the sound; you must choose the best setting for your home theater that suits you the most.

Use it efficiently

You have to take good care of the quality of the speakers while buying them the good quality of the speaker is the first thing that will require your focus and attention. The subwoofer that you are using in your home theater should not take the input of the power, not more than the two hundred watts. It will increase the cost of electricity in your home theater.

The mixer you are using should be placed near to the central speaker and the subwoofer to get maximum work from their system. You must make a feasibility report of the home theater to make the proper budget for it. It will allow you to know how good quality products you can purchase by keeping yourself restricted to this budget.

This thing will focus you on the decision that you have a handsome amount of money to purchase all the things, or you should wait for some moment to develop the system after arranging the budget. You can visit the websites of different brands that are producing good quality to consider an average price for all the products that you want to use in this system.

After doing all these things, you will be in a position to purchase the good quality of the products for your home theater and get the music from them efficiently. Some system you will get in which you will see all the five speakers and one subwoofer is attached in one device. These systems are also used when you have a small place in the room to place different speakers in different directions.

You have to follow these guidelines to use the system efficiently and get maximum output from them. These are the few simple steps that you can follow without any problem. You must study the user manual of these products to operate them with care. If you are using them by working on the guidelines, it will improve their life. You can also attach a pico projector with it.


The price of this system varies from brand to brand. Some brands are producing good quality products, and some are producing bad quality products. The price will differ as to the quality they are producing and the goodwill of their brand in the market. Some brands are charging high prices because they have developed goodwill in providing the good quality products of the sound system.

These brands will increase their production level due to high demand and will also increase their price. They will increase the price when they know that their products will not disturb by making it high. The people trust them a lot and will purchase their products without considering the price factor. The low-quality system will be available for you in the range of one hundred dollars to two hundred dollars.

If you want to purchase the products from the well-renowned brand, then your level of the price will shoot dramatically and will range from five hundred dollars to seven hundred dollars. These are the high prices that any brand will charge for their products when they have developed proper goodwill in the market.

If you want to purchase the average products, then your price of the system will be around three hundred and fifty dollars. At this price, you will get good products with a proper warranty that you can use for many purposes. You should always buy the products that have the proper warranty that can make a claim back to the company for a new product or its maintenance.

The feature of the warranty is a good one that your product must contain that you have bought for the theater. The period of warranty should be more than a year for all the electrical appliances you are using in your home theater. These things are important to consider before setting your home theater.


There are different benefits of using this system because it will give you a better quality of the sound in the home theater. You must make sure that the system’s setting is proper, and according to the guidelines, then you will get multiple benefits out of it. It will provide you the output of full bandwidth and low frequency. These parameters are considered good in the field of the sound.

The input options of this device are also multiple options that you can use for making a connection with your smartphones and television. The multiple options provide your home theater a diverse environment. You may try to identify that the home theater should not face any problem with your negligence. The cables that you are using should be of good quality for proper transmission.

This system is better than the 2.1 home theater system because it consists of only two speakers and subwoofers. It will give you the multiple options that other systems will not provide. These speakers are of different types, such as bi-pole speakers and di-pole speakers. These types can be used as the requirement of the home theater.

Yamaha 5.1 home theater

This brand has a good repute in the market of the sound system. They are producing the best quality of products. You can purchase this product in different ways, such as from their store and online store. The products of this brand are lightweight, and you will not face any type of difficulty while changing its position from one side to another.

The sound quality of this product is extra-ordinary because they are producing more than four hundred power at its output. They will provide you the cable of the speakers and receiver also to make the connection of these speakers. All the things that you will require for the connection of this system will be available in this product. They will also provide you the user manual to connect these devices in the theater.

The property of the balanced sound is good for this brand as compared to other brands. The balanced sound will improve the listening experience of the listeners. The audio-video receiver of this product is of good quality that delivers the sound signals at the rate of the sixty frames per second.

It is easy to connect the Dolby vision with this system of the home theater. It provides you the view of the virtual cinema that you may use for many purposes of entertainment.

They are producing classy products that match their look. If you want to use the feature of the wireless fidelity, then this product is not for you because it does not provide the functionality of the Wi-Fi. You must note the feature of the product before buying it. You must use the best quality of the HDMI cable to get the proper quality of the sound rather than delay in the audio and video.

You can also make a strong connection between these devices with your computer music library. It is easy to connect both of them. You may try to note that in this product, it is easy to make the connection of the speakers with your favorite songs. It has no heating issues in it if you get work from them for many hours. They have not installed the fan because they trust the quality of the product they are producing.

Harman Kardon

This is another well-renowned product of the home theater system. They will get the power from the DC source. It will give you more than two hundred watts of sound power at the output of these devices.

The sound will create the bass once you have adjusted their level without creating any distortion in the sound. This product’s setting can be adjusted in different ways that you can mount them on the wall of the theater or place it on the pedestal of the television screen.

The customers have given an excellent rating to this product as its claimed cases are very low. You can upgrade this system when you extend the size of the home theater. This product will provide you the guidance in their user manual that how to upgrade your system to a 7.1 home theater system. You will require two speakers more for upgrading it on the next level of the sound quality.

The size of the product is also reasonable means that it can be adjusted according to the setting of your home theater. Its weight is not too heavy, and you can change its place whenever you want. The whole manufacturing of this product is based on the latest technology. The company launched this brand last year, that’s why it fulfills all the latest requirements of the home theater.

The quality of the sound they produce can create the different enjoying effects of the sound in your home theater. You will not feel any type of distortion in the sound if you are using the best quality of the cables to make the connection of the home theater. The cables quality matter a lot because the cables have to transmit the sound signals from the input side of the theater towards the output.

You will get the remote control with this product that you can use to control the device according to your requirements. They will no charge you any additional cost in the shape of the sales tax or any other means. Their price is suitable as compared to all other brands of the home theater.