How to Fix Broken Car Stereo Touch Screen?

How to Fix Broken Car Stereo Touch Screen?
How to Fix Broken Car Stereo Touch Screen?

How to Fix Broken Car Stereo Touch Screen?

Car stereos come in many variants with different qualities and features. Old models of car stereos came with analog configurations, and control, whereas new models come with digital display. Nowadays, almost every new car comes with a touchscreen car stereo.

A touchscreen car stereo has some cons too. The display is affected when you are touching it very often. The touchscreen can break if damaged by a solid object.

Here are 8 Steps to replace touch screen of car stereo:

  • Step1: Take out the car stereo
  • Step2: Open the car stereo
  • Step3: Disconnect the primary wires of the screen panel
  • Step4: Separate the touch screen and disconnect wires
  • Step5: Remove the broken screen and clean the LCD
  • Step6: Use the tape on the edges of the new screen and connect to the panel
  • Step7: Apply the protector
  • Step8: Put back everything

So, all the steps mentioned above are not very difficult but requires attention and care

The touchscreen car stereos are better as well as a bit difficult to understand for a person who is not aware of how to operate such things as every tech has some pros and cons. A touchscreen car stereo also has some pros and cons. The advantages of a touchscreen car stereo are, it displays all the information on the screen regarding music.

It contains many features, such as Navigation, GPS, Video player, Radio, and many more. You can take help from these features when you do not know where you want to go. You can connect your rear-view camera with your touchscreen car stereo for a live view when you are reversing your car.

How to Fix Broken Car Stereo Touch Screen?

So, we are here to give you a solution to one of the cons as mentioned above of a touchscreen car stereo. It is a common problem that the touchscreen of a car stereo is easily broken when the car hits a bump on the road very hard.

This is because the car gets a huge jerk when it hits a large bump very hard, and this jerk affects the car screen and causes it to break.

So, you have to go to the professional to get the touchscreen of your car stereo replaced and renewed. But we are here to give you a step by step guide by which you can easily replace the touchscreen of your car by staying at home.

Tools required:

  • Panel remover
  • Screwdrivers
  • Screen cleaning kit
  • Double sticking tape
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Screen protector

When you have all the things that you need to perform this process, then you must follow these steps to change the broken screen of the car stereo:

Step1: Take out the car stereo

The first step to repair the broken screen whose touch is not working is to take the stereo out of the dashboard. To do so, you have to use some tools which we have already mentioned. Use the panel remover to remove the panel, which is on the sides of the stereo.

When the panel is removed, you have to look for several screws with which the stereo is being mounted inside the dash. Once you found these screws, unscrew them with the help of a screwdriver. After opening all the screws, take out the car stereo, and you will see that there are several small and large wires coming out of the car stereo.

You will have to take each wire out of the stereo to work on it. But always keep a record of these wires, because you will have to reconnect these wires after replacing the touchscreen.

Step2: Open the car stereo

After disconnecting all the wires that were coming out of the car stereo, you will have to place your stereo at a place where you can work on it with much care and attention. Now, open up the car stereo using the screwdriver.

You will see many different screws on the surface of the car stereo. Open these screws and then open the front panel of the car stereo. The body of the car stereo is joined with the help of the locks, which are opened by applying force in the correct direction. You may have to use the panel remover here, or you can also use a thin screwdriver in case you need more strength.

Step3: Disconnect the primary wires of the screen panel

As you have opened the chassis of the car stereo, everything inside is exposed now. You will see a set of the circuit and different wires going towards the touch screen panel. So, you will have to carefully disconnect these wires from the motherboard of the car stereo.

These wires may be connected like the ones which are attached inside any laptop with smaller ports. They can be combined in any way. You only have to disconnect these wires because you have to remove the LCD panel from the car stereo.

Step4: Separate the touchscreen and disconnect wires

After opening all the screws and disconnecting the cables that were going from the motherboard to the panel, there is more to separate. As you disconnected all the wires before, you will have to perform the exact step for the cables of the touchscreen.

Before disconnecting any wire, let us give you another precaution. If the motherboard is lying inside the chassis, then there is no need to open the screws of the motherboard. But if the motherboard is mounted at the exact position where the touchscreen is located, then there is a problem.

You will have to open all the screws of the motherboard and take the motherboard away from where it is mounted. Now, disconnect the wires which are connected from the motherboard to the panel of the car stereo.

After the touchscreen is entirely disconnected and separated from the stereo motherboard, you will have to move to the next step.

Step5: Remove the broken screen and clean the touch screen

The touchscreen is not attached to any screw, and it is always mounted with the help of glue or something sticky that can hold it forever. So, remove the broken screen by loosening the grip of the sides. When you have eliminated the split screen, you will have LCD exposed to you for cleaning.

Use the screen cleaning kit for cleaning the LCD so that there is no dust particle on the screen when you connect a new touchscreen on your car stereo.

Use a microfiber cloth to clean and cleaner spray to make it wet. You know the drill. Do not be too hard; otherwise, you may leave any marks on the LCD. Here is a detailed guide on removing scratches from car touch screen.

Step6: Use tape on the edges of the new screen and connect to the panel

As we have discussed earlier that the touchscreen is not mounted with the help of screws, it is always attached with the help of glue or something sticky. So, we have chosen a strong double-sided adhesive tape for this purpose. You will have to cut thinner and longer pieces of the tape and peel the single side to stick it on the sides of the new touchscreen.

When you apply the tape to the screen, smoothly peel off the other side too and carefully align the new touchscreen with the LCD panel. Make sure that the wires of the LCD are aligned towards the right side. Paste the touchscreen on the LCD panel and apply a little force on it so that it is properly attached.

You must check that when you connect the new touchscreen with the LCD panel that it is airtight. You have to make it airtight if not, because it will stop the dust particles from entering the screen and damaging the LCD permanently.

Step7: Apply the protector

After connecting the screen to the LCD panel, make sure that you apply a transparent mat or a jelly protector on the screen. Using a protector on the screen will keep your screen safe from getting scratches when anything touches it.

Sometimes, the screen also gets scratches when only your fingers are used. Your fingers may have long nails that will damage the screen, and you may have to replace this screen too. So, to save yourself from all the work here, you must apply a protector. Because changing the protector with a new one is comfortable rather than replacing a whole screen.

Step8: Put back everything

Now, when all the work is done, you have to connect all the wires to their specified port. Do a reverse process of how you opened the car stereo and disconnected all the cables. Connect the touchscreen wire to the panel. Connect the panel wires with the motherboard and put the motherboard to its original location.

Mount the motherboard with the help of screws and close the chassis. Reconnect your car stereo to your car by connecting all the wires that you disconnected before. And now it is time to give it a test.

During performing the repair, whenever you feel that you are going too far from your ability, always consult with a professional to help you out in repairing your favorite items.

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