How to Connect Wireless Backup Camera to Head Unit?

How to Connect Wireless Backup Camera to Head Unit?
How to Connect Wireless Backup Camera to Head Unit?

How to Connect Wireless Backup Camera to Head Unit?

Being the owner of a car, you must be familiar with problems that occur during parking or stopping the vehicle. You cannot see everything behind your car while reversing it; especially, small children or obstacles, etc.

It can cause damage to your car or even to someone else property. Also, you can get yourself hurt or may end up hurting someone else. So, the best solution is to add a backup camera with your head unit.

Yes, you can connect a backup camera to the head unit by mounting the camera properly, connecting the wires, placing and powering the transmitter and attaching correctly with the head unit. It is recommended that you follow all the steps mentioned here.

This is a step-by-step guide that explains methods to connect a wireless camera with a car head unit.

How to Connect Wireless Backup Camera to Head Unit?

A wireless backup camera is the best solution for avoiding any such troubles as mentioned earlier. You can have a broader and full rear view of your car while sitting on the driving seat. Also, you have no need to turn your neck to check for the obstacles.

Tools required:

If you have bought the wireless video transmitter and receiver kit, then you will have all these tools in it. If you have not purchased any such package, then you have to buy the below-discussed tools separately. The tools required to install a wireless backup camera in a car are as follow,

  1. Backup camera:

Well, you will definitely need a backup camera to fit it into the rear of your car.

  1. Transmitter:

First of all, you will need a transmitter. Transmitter is used to transmit the signals from the wireless camera. These are received in the back of the car to the receiver in the front of the car.

  1. Receiver:

The receiver is used to pick signals from the transmitter. It is placed near the monitor.

  1. Camera Monitor:

It is a screen that will show the video captured by the backup camera in real-time.

  1. Screwdriver:

You will need the screwdriver to open the screws of license plate and reverse lights and then to position the license plate back in its position.

  1. Tape:

You will need the tape to make the wire connections durable.

Step to step guide to connect a wireless backup camera to head unit

Here is the detailed step to step guide to the installation of wireless backup camera in the car,

Power disconnection:

Does your fuse often blow while installing any electrical gadget/instrument to your car? Do the wires of your car get short? If yes, then we know the reason. The reason is that your car battery wires were still connected while you were performing that electrical installation.

So, the zero-step of the wireless backup camera in a car should be the disconnection of the negative battery wire from the battery of your car. It will keep you safe from any unwanted accident.

Opening the screws of the license plate:

After disconnecting the wires of the battery, you will need to remove the screws of the license plate of your car. Simply take the required shape screwdriver and remove the license plate from the car.

After removing the license plate, you may also clean it. There could be any grease spots on the back of the plate. It may damage the delicate wireless camera of yours.

Mounting the camera:

You have removed the license plate of your car; now mount the wireless backup camera on it. The wireless camera provided with the kit has a particular structure that allows the mounting of the camera on the license plate. However, if you are manually doing it, you can use some kind of adhesive to adhere to the license plate.

You can also attach any kind of structure to easily mount the camera on the top of the license plate. Make sure that it is firmly attached to the plate.

Make sure that the wireless camera is properly lying on the license plate. Otherwise, it may fall after your car passes over the speed bump.

Passing wires to car cabin:

You have correctly mounted the camera on the license plate of your car. Now, you give the cables of the wireless camera through the backside of your car into the rear cabin. Do not worry these little wires are just for connecting the wireless camera to the power source and to make video connection with the transmitter.

There is no defined rule for selecting the way to pass the wires. Every car has a different structure. You have to find a suitable hole for passing the cables. Activate the creative mind of yours. Do not worry, you will easily find a hole.

Placement of the transmitter:

It is one of the most essential tasks while installing the wireless backup camera in the car. You have to place the transmitter where it can produce capable signals. These signals are going to be sufficient to be adequately detected by the monitor. Usually, it is placed in the rear cabin of the car.

You should also make sure that no kind of obstacle affects the production of the signal in the transmitter. Place it in a perfect place, free of any obstruction. Otherwise, you will have to face a lot of unwanted interruptions in your video on the monitor.

Powering the transmitter:

After positioning the camera, now it is time to arrange a power source for the transmitter of the camera.

The best place to be used as the power source for the transmitter could be the reverse lights on the rear of the car. These lights are used to indicate the backward/reverse movement of the car.

You simply have to locate the wires which are connected with the reverse lights of the car.

Now, disconnect the wires from the reverse lights. It is time to connect the wires of reverse lights with the transmitter of the wireless camera.

You have to keep some points into consideration before connecting the wires of the transmitter. Well, we have any advice for you. Connect the black wire of the transmitter with the black wire of reverse light. Connect the red wire of the transmitter with the white wire of the reverse light.

Do not worry, even if you have placed the wrong connections. You can easily change the links whenever you need them.

Make sure to properly secure the connection you made with the transmitter and the wire of the reverse light. You may use any kind of tape. Tightly wrap the tape around the wire connections. Any improper or loose connection can be led to the short circuit of the camera. It will result in massive damage to your car.

Making a connection between camera and transmitter:

After powering the transmitter, now it is time to make a connection between the transmitter and the camera. Simply make the video and power relationship between the transmitter and the camera by connecting the respective wires. This is one of the important steps in connecting a wireless back up camera to the head unit.

Reattachment of the car parts:

It is the time to reattach the parts of the car which you detached while camera mounting. Place the license plate and reverse lights back in their respective positions. Tightly screw the license plate to avoid any accidental dismounting of the camera.

Wiring of receiver and monitor:

You have correctly wired the rear parts of the camera, now it is time to come to the front of the car. Attach the receiver and monitor with the power sources. The receiver will receive the signals transmitted by the transmitter. The monitor will exhibit the screen, showing the video from the backup camera.

You may power the monitor with the cigarette lighter and the reviver with the T connector. You can also give them power from some other desired source if available.

Connecting the battery wires:

As you have already completed the installation of the wireless backup camera, now you can reconnect the negative wire of the battery.

Rechecking everything:

After you have made everything in its place now, it is time to recheck the steps.

Make sure that the reverse lights are correctly working after their reattachment to their original position. To check it, move your car in reverse and check if the reverse lights are correctly working.

You can also adjust the lens of the backup camera. Ove the lens until you get the desired results.

Also, check for the viewing area of the wireless backup camera. Adjust the camera so that it properly views the backside. View should be clear on the head unit of your car.

Bravo, you have successfully installed the wireless backup camera to the head unit.

Security tips for installing wireless backup camera in car:

Well, you have successfully installed the wireless backup camera in the car, but you should be cautious about somethings before celebrating it.

The most critical security is your own security. So as we have already discussed, keep the battery disconnected while the whole of the process is for your personal protection and safety.

The other security is of the camera. You may want to keep your camera out of the reach of the thieves. You may be afraid that thieves will take it away while you parked your car at a random place.

The necessary thing you can do is making the screwing of the camera better. You may use useful kinds of screws like pin-in-hex type. They will be harder to be stolen by a thief.

Why Wireless backup camera is better than wired backup camera?

Are you installing the wireless backup camera for the first time to head unit? Are you still confused about why you should use the wireless backup camera instead of the wired camera? Well, we have some reasons for you to choose the wireless backup camera.

Aren’t you a person who loves tidiness in his car? So, the first most common reason could be that the wires back up camera use extensive wiring. These wires have to lay all the way from the back of the car to the front. You have to hide the cables to maintain the aesthetics of your car. But still, these wires have a chance of being damaged by the continuous movement and burden on them.

Do not you like to save some bucks? Well, if yes, then let’s come to the other reason. The wired backup camera costs more than the wireless backup camera. This cost is usually due to the extensive wring involved. On the other hand, the wireless backup camera is comparatively less expensive. Make your budget before buying a backup camera.

Are you a busy person? Do you get tired of laborious work? We know your answer is yes. So, yet another reason for selecting the wireless backup camera is that they are comparatively easy to install. A wired backup camera takes a long time to be installed.

So we guess that now you have enough reasons to go for the wireless backup camera. So for what you are waiting for? Install the wireless backup camera and start reversing your car freely.


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