How to Install Dual Headrest DVD Player in Car?

How to Install Dual Headrest DVD Player in Car?
How to Install Dual Headrest DVD Player in Car?

How to Install Dual Headrest DVD Player in Car?

Cars were made to make journeys more comfortable and enjoyable. As time passed, men keep on doing more and more instrumental addition to these cars. From stereo to surround sound, now we are living the dream of video entertainment in our vehicles.

Installation of Dual Headrest DVD Player in Car is easy, first install the adaptors, mount the brackets, connect mounting bracket with Dual Headrest Car DVD player, secure connections between DVD player and AV cables, and in the end connect the power cable.

In this step-by-step guide, our editors have explained the best and proven methods of installing a dual-headrest DVD player in the car. We have also listed all the tools required for this procedure.

How to Install Dual Headrest DVD Player in Car?

Having a dual-headrest DVD player installed in your car is the best way to enjoy the era of car video entrainment. A dual-headrest DVD player allows the passengers of the vehicle to have their desired video running on the monitor.

You can also plug in a hands-free or headphones into the DVD player and have a personal entertainment source. Installing a dual headrest DVD player in car is always a fun activity.

Tools Required for Installing Dual Headrest DVD Player

To install a dual-headrest DVD player in the car, you will need some tools. If you purchased a headrest DVD player kit, most of the tools would be provided with that kit. Let us discuss all of the tools required to install dual-headrest DVD player,

DVD player units

As you are going to install the dual-headrest DVD player, you will, first of all, need two decent DVD player units for cars.

The DVD player unit has an inbuilt monitor screen. This screen has multiple buttons on it. These buttons include play, reverse, forward, pause, and power button.

This DVD player unit also has several input modes provided. It has a DVD player in the middle back of the group. Also, it usually has HDMI input, USB port, and a stick card reader slot in it. So, you have multiple options.

The speakers are situated on the back of the DVD player unit. Also, it has a cable that will be connected with AV cable.

AV Cables

Secondly, you will require a set of AV cables. The primary function of AV cables is to carry video and audio signals from one DVD player unit to the other. These AV cables will serve the purpose of connecting two DVD players in real-time.

Power Cables

Thirdly, a set of power cables will be required. These power cables will power our dual-headrest DVD player.

Mounting bracket

Fourthly, you will need one set of mounting brackets. It is usually made of plastic. It is preferably spring-loaded so that it can easily adjust to the adapters.

Mounting bracket will be screwed with the DVD player unit to install it in the headrest of the car seat.


Fifthly, you will require adapters. These adapters are made of rubber or plastic. They will be used to mount mounting bracket and DVD player on the headrest. Use the adapters according to the size of the headrest of your car.

Usually, companies provide several adapters with their kit so that you can choose the adapters of the desired size among them.

Remote control

You will require infrared remote control to control your dual-headrest DVD player remotely. It will save you from the effort of manually pressing the buttons on the screen of the DVD player unit.


Last but not least, you will require a screwdriver. This screwdriver will help you screwing the screws into the junction between the mounting bracket and the DVD player unit.

Step to step guide for installation of dual-headrest DVD player

It is not much time taking process. You can complete it quickly in twenty minutes. So, you have already made yourself familiar with the tools required to install a dual-headrest DVD player in your car. Now it is the time to join these tools and create a working headrest DVD player.

Installation of adapters

We have already discussed the functions of adapters in the tools required session. To install adapters in the car, you have to lift the headrest of your seat up.

The dual headrest DVD player kit for car will already have several adapters in it. All these have different sizes of holes. Choose the adapters which perfectly fit into the metal post of the car seat headrest.

Now, put the adapters in the metal post of the headrest. Put one on the left and other in the right post of the headrest.

Make sure that these are not loose and are in the perfect position to hold mounting bracket tightly.

Do not forget you are installing a dual-headrest DVD player. So, take out the second headrest DVD player unit and repeat the same procedure with the second car seat too.

Installation of the mounting bracket

After installation of adapters, it is time to install a mounting bracket in it. Take your mounting bracket, place it between headrest posts, and fit it in between the two adapters.

Mounting bracket will have a flexible structure due to spring in it. It will help it a lot to adjust easily between the two adapters.

Similarly, install the mounting bracket in the second seat too.

Connecting mounting bracket and Car DVD player unit

You have successfully installed necessary mounting hardware on the headrest. Now, it is time to mount a DVD player on it.

Slide the DVD player unit in the required slot present in the mounting bracket. Then, put the screw into the hole and tighten it with the help of a screwdriver. As all of the hardware is already mounted, you will have to screw it from the top.

You may see that there are about more than just one screw holes in the DVD player unit. These are only for your facility. Each hole is at a different distance from the headrest. So, you can choose your desired distance between DVD player and car headrest. Take your time and decide according to your comfort.

Repeat the procedure with the second seat too.

Adjusting angle of DVD player unit

You have already fixed the distance between the DVD player and seat headrest. But still, it does not make this unit entirely comfortable to be used. Besides, the distance angle of the DVD player also matters in ensuring the comfortability of the user.

The hardware of the DVD player headrest is adjustable in certain limits. You can adjust the angle of the DVD payer according to your desired position.

Connections between DVD player and AV cable

This is most important step while your install a dual headrest DVD player in car. Hardware being on its desired location, Now, it is the time to make wire connections between different components of the DVD player unit. You will see one wire/cable is attached to the DVD player unit. Connect this wire with the required cable of the AV cable set.

Similarly, make connections between DVA player and AV cable of the second seat too.

Connecting Power Cable

After making connections between the headrest DVD player and AV cables, now, it is time to power this whole unit.

Besides the cable you connected with cable of DVD player, you will notice another cable on the other side of the AV cable set; this is the power cable. Connect this wire with provided 12V power cable and further connect that cable with an accessory plug of your car.

You will have to connect the power cable of the second DVD player unit with accessory plug too. If your car does not have more than one accessory plug, than you will need an adapter in the socket that can support two wires at a time.

Checking the working of entire headrest DVD player

After you have successfully powered your headrest DVD player, now check the functioning of it.

After plugging in the power of both DVD player, press the power button of the DVD player unit. The screen should start displaying.

If your screen does not display, then recheck all of the wire connections. Also, check for any possible fault in the adapter you used for your power cables. You can also claim the warranty if failure is in the components of the headrest DVD player kit.

Making a connection between two headrest DVD players

The primary aim of ours is to create a dual-headrest DVD player. You have successfully installed two individual headrest DVD players. You can make a connection between these two headrest DVD players to work as one unit.

You will find colorful (white, yellow, and red) cables in the AV cable set. These are input and output wires of the DVD player. You should connect the input of one headrest DVD player with the output of second headrest DVD players and similarly the output of other DD players with input of first.

In this way, you will make them work as a single unit. Anything which will be displayed on one DVD player will be displayed on the other DVD player in real-time. So you can have the same video playing at the same time on two headrest DVD players, making it a dual-headrest DVD player.

Using other modes of inputs

Besides DVDs, you can use different modes of inputs for your dual-headrest DVD player for car. You may connect your mobile with the DVD player by connecting the HDMI wire with it using an HDMI adapter. In this way, you can play live YouTube videos on your mobile and simultaneously on your dual-headrest DVD player.

You can also connect the memory card with it using a memory card reader.

The remote provided with the kit will help you in controlling the DVD player efficiently. You can also purchase some wireless infrared headphone and use it with your headrest DVD player

Do I Need a Dual headrest DVD player in the car?

DVD players and monitors are comparatively old technologies. But, these players were installed in the front of the car. Only the driver or the passenger sitting with the driver seat could enjoy the video entertainment. So, to facilitate the passengers sitting in the back seats, dual headrest DVD player for car were invented.

Are you a person who travels with a driver with you? Do you prefer to sit comfortably in the back seat during the journey? If yes, then the headrest DVD player is for you.

From facilitating back seat passengers to traveling in the back seat, it was ok to have a headrest DVD player being installed on your car seats. But, you might be thinking that why a dual-headrest DVD player then? Even when the single headrest player, too, is doing its job well? Well, let us discuss it in the coming paragraphs.

Are not you a person who travels with his/her family, too, and often? Do not you travel with your friends’ group? Well, obviously, yes. The single headrest DVD player can entertain one person only. But what with the other sitting in the back seats? Isn’t this again that discrimination thing that was in the case of front cabin DVD players? So installing a dual-headrest DVD player is the best option to avoid any conflict.

Install a dual-headrest DVD player in the car and let the back seaters have their things running on their respective DVD players.

Let us suppose another often occurring situation. You are sitting with children or any friend of yours, and you both want to see something mutually. Do not take tension, join the output, and input AV cables of both headrest DVD players and have the same video steaming on both DVD players in real-time.

So, we have had enough discussion on the dual-headrest DVD player in the car. Now, install it in your car and say bye to boredom in the journey forever.


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