How to Connect Blu-Ray Player to Home Theater System?

How to Connect Blu-Ray Player to Home Theater System?
How to Connect Blu-Ray Player to Home Theater System?

You can connect Blu-Ray player with a home theater system in a variety of ways. Blu-ray player delivers the highest quality of audio and video when connected to a home theater.

How to Connect Blu-Ray Player to Home Theater System? You can connect Blu-Ray player with the home theater system by using HDMI cables, Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet connection, AV Receivers, Coaxial cable, and digital optical cable.

How to Connect Blu-Ray Player to Home Theater System?

You must identify the need of the Blu-Ray player before making its connection. It will let you know about how it should be connected to your home theater. There can be multiple options for its use; you may use it for the TV, LED, or for the projector. There are different suitable methods for each of them to connect with these devices.

Connect Blu-Ray player via HDMI connection

It is the most commonly used method for connecting the Blu-Ray player with any other device. Some TV and LEDs have the port to make a connection with the help of the single HDMI wire in the system. If this option is available at your system also, then it is the most convenient method to use.

It will carry both types of signals with the help of this cable that is audio and video. There are fewer chances of distortion of the signal while using this medium in your devices.

Sometimes, the simple audio results face few problems while making a connection with the HDMI cable because of the ports of the input and quality of the wire that you are using. You must use the best quality of products for a better connection of the player with the help of HDMI cables. The TV will be trying to reproduce that sound in the system that can face a few difficulties while getting signals.

You can use an audio-video receiver for making a connection with this cable; it will enhance the quality of the sound in the system. If you are not using the receiver with this cable, then some portion of the signal might be lost.

You must take care of the input and output ports of the system while making a connection with the HDMI cable. You have to manage the function of the input device that is a Blu-Ray player from the relevant button present at the device before turning on both devices. You must check the plug of the wires before turning these devices switched on.

Few devices have different ports for getting the signals of audio and video; you have to follow the same method in those systems also. There will be the same connection of the wires in all the cases; maybe it is a 3D system or the simple system of the Blu-ray player. You can use different types of inputs and relevant HDMI cables to produce the best results there.

Use wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi)

You can use the internet connection of the home theater to connect the Blu-ray player with the home theater. You have to turn on the screen on which you want to connect the desired input. After turning on the screen, you will get the logo of the company followed by the information of the internet signals coming towards that device. You can choose the desired input of the internet for a particular screen.

After selecting the particular name of the internet from the complete list, you will give them the password to give them the authority to connect with your internet.

After making a connection with the wireless internet, it will show a message to make the update of the firmware in the system. You will make an update of the specific firmware to make the connection of the Blu-Ray player with the system of the home theater through its screens. It will take a little time to download the update and install it on your system. You will use them to get the audio and video output from it.

There should be no problem with the plug-in or out cable of the particular device with great care. You must use a strong internet connection with greater speed to connect the devices. The weak system will cause the problem of losing the data in the way of transmission. The small portion of the data that is lost in the transmission will create a problem for the complete understanding of audio and video signals.

There is one problem that you may face while making this connection is that there may be a connection that is connecting or disconnecting regularly. The glitches in the connection may require the again putting the password of Wi-Fi, which will be annoying in some cases. Its permanent solution is to use the strong connection of the internet to get rid of these small problems of glitches of connection.

You must note the small aspects of making the connection through the internet of the devices. They provide you complete ease from using the wires and checking their quality all the time. It will let you relax and focus on the quality of the audio and video signals there. The small issues of the quality must address at the start before they may prolong and create many harmful effects on the audience.

Ethernet connection

You can also connect it with the system of your entertainment by using the Ethernet cable of the internet. Some screens give the optional port for connecting the device through the internet. It will not be available in all the devices, but if you are using the good quality of the screens, then you might get this connection of the internet through the cable.

It has many benefits over the wireless internet that you will no need for stabling the connection by putting the password regularly. There is no need for a password while you are using the Ethernet with the wire. It will face some problems with the connection of the internet when you have not connected the cable of the internet properly.

You can get the cable of the internet from the modem to the particular device that needs to be connected. It is a safe way to use the internet for your home on the screens. It will allow you to get a stable connection of the internet to save it from multiple problems. You can use various ways to get connected with your internet. Many Blu-Ray players may provide you the facility to stream online with the help of the internet.

You can use it when your internet device and the connecting screen has the option of the Ethernet to connect by using the cable. You must use the best suitable method for making a connection of the Blu-Ray player with the output screens. It is one of the simplest ways that you can adopt for a better connection.

There are different varieties of cables that you can use for the Ethernet cables. The good quality of the cable will provide you the connection that will free from any type of interruption. The cable connection is safe because it is available all the time regardless of the strength of the signals. You must try to use the best quality products for your home theater.

It has a small cost compared to its diverse benefits. If you are using the low quality of the wires for this purpose, then you will face the problem of the disconnection after a small period. The low-quality wire can break from some turning points due to its less elasticity in it.

Audio-video receivers

You can also use the audio-video receivers to make a connection with the Blu-Ray player with the screen. You must use the LEDs to get the better result of the video signals from the Blu-Ray player. You can make a connection between these receivers with the help of small wires for it. You can use the cables to make their connection for the input and output alone.

You have to connect the input of the source device that is your Blu-Ray player in the input ports of the receiver. You can use the HDMI cables for making this connection, or you can also use coaxial cable for this particular purpose. It will create better results for your system that will be loved by you. The coaxial cable is cheaper to apply for this purpose.

After making the input connection of the source devices with the receivers, you have to stretch the cable of the output from the output ports of the receiver to connect it with the output speakers or television screen. It is simple for you to use it at your home theater if you have an entire space to put this whole connection of wires. These wires may entangle in bad shape sometimes to create an adverse impact on the viewers.

You have to focus on the small connection of the wires with these ports; they will give you the uninterrupted supply of the input. The AV receivers are used to improve the strength of the signals before getting it to the speakers or the relevant screens. You will save the time of configuring the television by using the receivers for that purpose.

You must use the receiver of the good quality that may provide you the complete strength of the signals. The connection of the input devices, output devices, and receivers will take a good space in your room. You can hire an electrician to arrange and set up the wires. Any fault in this can cause your soundbar to make static noise.

Coaxial cable

You can make a direct connection between the source devices and the output devices with the help of the coaxial cable. The coaxial cable will do the complete work for the transferring of data from one end to another. You can use this setup when you have correctly configured the television according to the requirements of the blu-ray for that purpose.

The coaxial cable is much cheaper than the HDMI cable to make its connection. You must use proper insulation while using the coaxial cable for making the connection with the Blu-Ray player. It is the small process that you will do to get the output signals out of it.

You have to take good care of the insulation of the wires and keeping it in the hidden place, it will impart a good look to the viewers when you arrange the connection of these wires properly. You may use underground wiring. You can use the same method to connect a Chromecast to a Soundbar.

Digital optical cable

Digital optical cable is the best option when you are getting audio input from the Blu-Ray player. It will send the signal with its full strength. These cables are not used for getting the high-resolution video signals from the digital optical cables. You can use only them for the processing of low-quality video or the good quality of the audio signals.

They cannot transfer the video signals of more than two hundred and forty pixels. It will make the video quality blur if you are using it to transfer the good quality of the video signals. It provides the port to connect the optical cable with it, most of them do not provide its ports because it is not commonly used medium to transfer the video and audio signals there. You can use this to connect an amplifier with your system.

Using two channels of audio connections

It is the oldest method that is used to transfer the audio signals from a Blu-Ray player to the speakers or subwoofers. It supplies the audio signals to the output without any type of interruption. It is one of the reliable options to use if others are looking expensive in your system. You have to plug two wires to get the output signals in the speakers or soundbars.

You have to take care of the colors of the plugs before putting them into the input ports of the speakers. It will decode the signal internally and will send it to the desired output device of the home theater. You can use these audio connections when you do not need to connect the video signals or you have other options for the video signals.

Number of Input and Output Ports on Blu-Ray Player

You have to check the input and output ports of Blu-Ray players and count their numbers before making connections. After knowing the number of input ports, you have to note the nature of the cables that you want to attach to it. You have to use the best quality products such as cables and devices to make a good connection with the home theater.

In most of the cases, the Blu-Ray has the HDMI connections for the outputs. It may vary depending on the type of player you are using. It has the USB port in it to make the connection for various devices to listen to the music and other audios there. You can also use the USB drive for storing the video and audio files.

We can use various input devices to the Blu-Ray player as it has multiple input ports available. It has output ports of HDMI of different standards, you can use it for connecting the older cables of HDMI because some older cables do not support the new ports that are 2.0 a standard.

Safety measures while making connections with Blu-Ray player

You must wear gloves that may save you from any electrical shocks. Some players may contain the short wires which can lead to the electric shocks to the humans. You have to take care of your health and must have a complete understanding of the electric shocks.

You have to switch off the main electric supply of the home theater to save your body from the shocks of the unregulated voltages. You must use the shoes of the plastic while making these connections. Your hands or any body part should not be wet while making these connections. Water will behave as a good conductor of electricity when your body is wet and you will feel a heavy electric shock.

You have to maintain the resistance in front of the electric current by using the gloves, dry shoes, and keeping your body dry. These safety measures will save you from the problem of the shocks and you can work without any fear of the electric current. If you are doing the work with the electricity for the first time, then you should take extra care to understand the connection of the wires properly. You must join the same ends of both wires to save yourself from any disaster.

You must use the strong connection of the internet when you are connecting it through the Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The slow connection will not fulfill the needs of your entertainment. You have to identify the small needs of the theater that will provide you complete satisfaction and fulfill all the needs. You can block the excess light in the home theater room for better video experience.

The good quality product will save you from the problem of the glitches in the connection. You will enjoy the good quality of the environment by listening to the speakers and watching the video on different screens. The receiver should work appropriately with the HMI cables because they provide the connection to them without any interruption as compared to the VGA or coaxial cable.

When you are using the receivers, it is important to phase out all the connections of the input and output to get maximum results from them. Some of the AV receivers have default settings of the phase-out, especially the American products. If your receiver has not made its default setting of a phase-out, you have to do it for your receiver. It is a good thing to use all the products by following the complete instructions.