How to block excess light in home theater room?

How to block excess light in home theater room?
How to block excess light in home theater room?

You can block excess light in the home theater room by using a variety of DIY methods. Light can damage the video quality in the theater room. For an awesome video experience, you have to block light in the room.

How to block excess light in home theater room? There are different ways to block the excess light in the theater room. You can use dark curtains, dark paints on the walls of the room, you can close the bottoms of the door, and add different blocking strips in the theater.

You can try different other things for the proper blocking of the light also, it will give you a better environment in your home theater. You will try to identify the places where the light enters the room. You can use the relevant materials to stop the incoming light in the theater. You must choose the best dark color for your home theater to save the theater from sunlight.

How to block excess light in home theater room?

You must identify the problem of the light coming inside the room. After proper identification of the spaces of the room, you can use the relevant blocking materials there. It will help you to find out the best solution there. It will improve the image quality of your screens, and you will get more entertainment from the home theater.

The scorching light in the theater will vanish the picture effects on the screen, and you will not get the best image quality from it. You will enjoy the movies and TV shows in your theater in complete darkness without any distractions. You can use sheets on the windows and bottoms of the doors to improve the amount of light in the theater room. You must do all the possible solutions to resolve the problems of the home theater.

Your connection with your home theater will improve by making it more convenient to use. You must try to make the best quality of the combination in the home theater. You can use black paints on the walls of the theater room to make it darker and close all the spaces of the light. You must use the theater room of a shorter size to improve the quality of the light and sound in it.

Use curtains on windows to block excess light

You can try the curtains of dark colors on the windows to create a shady environment in the theater. You should use curtains that are greater in size than the size of the windows. By using the greater size curtains, it will not allow the light to make a seepage of the light from the small spaces. It is easy to control the light coming from the small holes by using these types of curtains there.

There should be a small distance between the wall and the curtains by using the rod near to the walls. It will make good results in the theater room. You must note every small corner of the theater from where the light is coming inside the room. Any small hole left untreated can become the reason for entering the light inside the theater.

You can also use the thick drapes to make the room darker by depending on the amount of the light coming inside the room. You can use a variety of curtains by noting the amount of light coming in through the window panes. The drapes are easy to install, and they have other benefits also. You can install them to stop the outer noise from coming in if you are using the good quality of the drapes.

The drapes will absorb the heat coming inside the room also. They will allow you to maintain a certain room temperature by using these drapes in your theater. You can use the thermally insulated curtains to improve the amount of light in the theater. You can add a thin liner behind the curtains, or you can use the single thick sheet of the cloth of curtains.

You can use a good quality of the cardboard in the upper and lower sides of the curtains to improve their working. It will allow the curtains to make a complete cut off from the surrounding. You will free from the outer environment by controlling the external noise, heat, and light. It will provide you an opportunity to create a new inner environment to build it on your own.

Put plants in front of windows

You can also use the different types of plants and flowers to cause hurdles in the way of exterior light. Some plants are too dense to stop the outer light completely. You must use those plants that have the nature to grow without leaving any space in them. You must identify the needs of the windows and doors before deciding about the particular plants.

You can also use the different decorative objects to make it hurdle in front of the window. It will increase the beauty of the room and produces better results in front of light also. It will provide you the flexibility to change the location of the plants and decorative objects as you want to change after some time.

You must try to identify the area which you want to cover with them; then, it will provide you an easy path to decide about any particular plant or decorative object. You can take the advice of the building architect in this respect. He will do the complete process for you about the setting of plants and decorative objects.

You must identify the particular needs of the plants before start to search them. You can use different methods to purchase them by searching them online or buying from the local shop. It will depend on the nature of the plant that you want to buy. You should try to identify the particular place from where you want to make a hurdle in the way of the light.

Use strips to block light

You can use the particular type of strips for making the room darker and free from pinching rays of light. You can use Velcro strips in this respect or any other material strip that may block the outer light. You can use these Velcro strips on both sides of the windows to cover the small gaps. You must use the good quality of these strips to do the complete work for your window panes.

You must purchase the movable strips rather than using the fixed strips to make it convenient to use for the windows of the home theater. The strips are L-shaped that are movable; you can cover the gaps when you want and open it when required. You must try to focus on small gaps in the room to develop its proper solution. They are present in different shapes to cover the gaps according to their nature. You can connect a Blu_ray player with your system.

You can improve the quality of the strips by knowing the intensity of the light and the amount you want to block. It is easy to install without having too much knowledge about its connection. You have to peel the sticky side of the strip and attach it to the wall near the window gaps. The proper adjustment will give you the complete blackout from the window panes.

It must be attached just near the window to get the maximum benefits out of it. You can easily control the desired amount of light with the help of these small strips near the window panes. It will allow you to get the proper enjoyment from the environment of home theater.

Use doors with closed bottoms

You should use the doors in the room theater that have closed bottoms. It will allow you to do the maximum work in darkness and enjoy the music and movies there. There are particular doors available in the market that has closed bottoms and cannot allow the light to enter the room. You can also use the different types of blockers there to cover the small gaps there. You should add an amplifier for better sound.

If you want to treat the closed doors that are not in use, then you can use permanent strips or plants in front of them. If you want to treat the used doors that are in regular use, then you have to do the different treatments with it. It is easy to handle both types of doors with two different things.

If you want to treat the closed doors, then there are multiple options that you can use, like the placement of plants in front of the door, use different fixed sheets for this purpose, and other things depending on the situation of the doors that you are using. You must try the simple things to make the feasible place for the room theater to increase its enjoyment there.

You can also use the outside mount to treat the gaps of the door there. You must do the treatment as it wants to be treated by you. Any wrong solution will not be permanent for you to do it. You must measure the gaps correctly before ordering an outside mount for your door. You must choose the outside mount of increased size while deciding on its purchase.

Use darkening films

You can use different types of films to stop the outside light from coming in. These films are available in every color; you can choose the color of your choice depending on the amount of light coming inside the room. It is simple to apply the films on the window panes if it is made up of the glass material. You can use it to enjoy the interruption-free streaming in your theater.

You should try these dark films on the glass panes of the windows; it will give you maximum results there. You have to peel the one side of the darkening films to attach it to the window pane. You must purchase the films by measuring the total size of the window panes. The proper adjustment of these films is necessary to do the complete work for you. You should choose dark colors if you want to shut it off completely.

You can also decide the light color from the collection of the window panes if you want just to decrease the amount of light in the room. It is simple to use decide about the pertinent color by looking at the amount of light. The light color will not create a complete blackout in the theater but only decrease the amount of the light in it. You must go for the total blackout for maximum results.

The light color will not create a better environment as the dark color film makes. You must use those colors like black or blue to complete disconnect from the outer environment. You should properly install these and do not damage the soundbar, otherwise, the soundbar will make static noise.

Create a new room inside the theater

If you have tried many solutions to decreasing the amount of light in the home theater, but they are not working correctly, then you should go for this option. You can make a new wall inside the room of theater where you can see the different movies and shows. The complete walls will provide you an environment that is free from outside interruption.

It is the final solution that you should do at the end when all the other solutions are not working correctly to control the light. You must plan properly before going for this option. It will create a problem for you when you do not make the proper position for these walls. You must visit the well-renowned architect before going to this option; he will guide you entirely about the construction of the walls and their direction.

You must study the pros and cons of making the walls in all directions; then, you have to choose the option that provides you more benefits rather than disadvantages. It will give you a complete package, which will have less noise, less light, and a pleasant environment. You can watch movies and videos with full concentration in less time.

There is also a budget issue in building the new rooms inside the theater. If anyone has a minimal setup and does not have a mighty budget for making the new room in the theater, it would be a problem for them. You must use the appropriate solution by considering the budget of the theater.

If anyone has a big setup, then they can invest in making the new room of the theater. You must note all the small factors while deciding the solution of light in the home theater. You will get maximum benefits and less expense after doing the right planning for your home theater. It is also okay to make the walls of a wooden sheet that is soundproof of good quality.

You can do different other modifications in your home theater by making the new wall in the home theater. It will allow you to do maximum work inside the new room. You may add the new sound setup for your home theater. It will do the complete work for you if you can spend a good amount of money on making the walls of the house.

A specialist in interior design can help you to make the new setup by using modern technology.

Use furniture with dark polish

You can use the seating of the home theater of the dark color; it will do the role of the absorber for your home theater. The furniture like sofas, chairs, and multiple other things should be of darker color. You can use the polish of black or brown color to get rid of the fiery light. You have to understand the proper color combination of the furniture of the home theater.

By getting the darker furniture in your home theater, you can reduce the effects of the indirect sources of light coming in the theater room. All the coming light particles will be absorbed in the dark furniture. You can use it by knowing the needs of the place or with the consultation of an interior designer or architect. You can place the things at their place after a discussion from these experts.

The controlling of the light particles in the room will not allow them to bounce back in different directions of the room. You must use the excellent material of the furniture that can reflect quickly. You should use metal or wooden furniture that will reflect the light particles with full strength. You can use furniture of the vinyl sheets; they also provide good reflecting characteristics.

The unpolished pure wood will not absorb the more amount of light as the well-treated wood will do for the theater room. You must purchase the well-polished and well-shaped wood for the theater furniture. The glossy surface will not provide the proper reflection of the light from the furniture. The darker paint of the room and darker furniture will save you from many effects of the light.

The presence of the glass material in the home theater will increase the effects of the light in the home theater. You should not use the glassy surface in the theater to decrease the effects of the light. You should try to invest according to your budget and after looking towards the needs of the home theater. You must do many things that will go for the betterment of the environment of home theater.

Paint the rooms with dark colors

You should use the paint of dark colors to decrease the impact of reflection of the light particles in it. You must try to identify the dark colors for your home theater. The paints of darker colors like black, blue, navy, and forest colors will do complete work for you.

You must use the modified colors of black and blue; the flat black color will also reflect the enormous amount of light. You can adjust the speakers for this purpose and also extend the length of HDMI cable.


You can get multiple benefits from blocking the light home theater. You will get more enjoyment from viewing the theater. You will feel flexible in your home theater after using the different methods of blocking the light. It will increase your concentration in viewing different videos of your choice. Your mind will not feel any type of distraction from the outer environment.

It will cause no adverse impacts on your eyes while watching the screen in a dark environment for a longer time. It is healthy to see the different types of screens in complete darkness. The eyes will not get any adverse effects with maximum watch time.