Why is my Soundbar not working with Netflix?

Why is my Soundbar not working with Netflix?
Why is my Soundbar not working with Netflix?

If your soundbar is not working with Netflix, you should find the main cause of this problem. Netflix is in the trend, and everyone wants to enjoy the high-quality sound with their TV or Home Theater. Soundbars delivers excellent sound when attached to the home theater.

Why is my Soundbar not working with Netflix? If your home theater soundbar is not working with Netflix, you should check for problems in the HDMI connections, Bluetooth connectivity, Internet speed, damaged hardware, and old Softwares. You should select external audio and then 5.1 Audio channels for a soundbar to watch Netflix videos with the best sound quality.

Netflix features the latest videos and movies, and when you attach a soundbar with your home theater, things become just awesome. I have connected a 5.1 surround soundbar for watching movies.

Why is my Soundbar not working with Netflix?

Numerous reasons can make your soundbar does not work with Netflix. Netflix is a video app that let us watch our favorite TV shows and movies. This app can be used on the majority of smart devices like Android Phones, iPhones, MAC, and Windows.

You can add a variety of different external putout sources. Many of us add external subwoofers or soundbar when watching Netflix on a home theater. Often when you connect a soundbar with a TV, then external audio can have problems.

In this article, we have explained 15 facts about the soundbar and Netflix, their troubleshooting, and common issues.

Let me explain all these reasons here:

Check HDMI Connections

If you have are using an HDMI cable to connect the soundbar with your home theater system, you should check the connections. This is a common issue; many people complain that their HDMI cable is not up to the mark. You should always buy good quality HDMI cable for a soundbar.

Remove the HDMI cable and clean the dust, attach the soundbar with home theater, restart the system, and your soundbar will work properly with Netflix. HDMI cables should be of proper length and connected in the output section of the soundbar. Check if you have attached the connections in the right port, this should be corrected immediately.

Check for damage to the wires and cables. Also, check the output sockets on the soundbar. Sometimes if you plug in the HDMI cable with force, it will break the small pins that are present on the inside of the port. If these small pins are broken, you will not hear the audio from the soundbar. Replace the HDMI cable, and things should work fine.

Wrong audio settings in Tv Output

If you are watching Netflix on a TV, you have to adjust the audio settings on the TV. In the audio settings, you have to select external speakers. Correctly attach the soundbar with the TV and restart the TV. It is recommended that you choose PCM for sound output.

If you are attaching your soundbar with the TV for the first time, go the Menu, select the automatic settings and let it adjust the audio settings. Restart the machine; it should work fine. If the problem persists, you should check the next step below.

Old TV

If you have an old TV, you should check the compatibility with the soundbar and Netflix. Previous versions of the TV are not fast enough; you should restart the TV and wait for a couple of minutes before starting the app.

Even till date, many TV manufacturers are using the old technology that does not support the latest apps. These old TVs are just useless and will never properly work with the new soundboard and new apps. You should replace your old TV and get yourself a new and latest model that works with the soundbar and Netflix.

Update the software of your TV

You can not watch Netflix with the old Softwares on your TV. Connect your TV with the internet and attach the soundbar, now start the app. Go to the updates and update the software that supports the soundbar and the app.

You must check the compatibility of the soundbar with the TV; if there is a conflict between the Softwares, your soundbar will not work with Netflix. It is better that you go through the instructions manual that car with the soundbar and check their recommendations for this problem. Many times, you can solve such problems by just reading the instructions manual.

Check the Netflix Audio

The majority of people watch Netflix on their mobile phones, and audio settings in the app also assume that you are using your mobile. Audio settings in Netflix delivers Stereo 2.0 channel sound by default, now that you have attached your soundbar with your home theater, you have o modify the audio settings.

Go to the app and select audio settings; here, you can see a variety of different options. Select 5.1 channel audio and save the settings.

The next problem is that you have to save this 5.1 audio channel in every video. Not every video on the app is compatible with the soundbar. Sometimes sound levels on the app are down, and this causes problems in the audio. Adjust these common soundbar issues, and you can enjoy the highest quality of movie experience.

Faulty Hardware

Another common issue with the soundbar is the faulty hardware. There are several brands that manufacturer soundboard and home theater systems. If you have bought a low-quality product, do not expect it to work correctly.

Check the hardware for damage or faults, buy a new product, and you see that the soundbar is working fine. Many times, when mounting a soundbar, we damage it. These hardware problems are common, and you can quickly locate the damaged part and replace it. If the problem persists, you can go to the audio workshop and get your soundbar checked by the mechanic.

Check the soundbar volume

Before complaining about the audio in your Netflix, check the audio in your soundbar. Many times we forget that we have mute the audio. Check the audio levels on the remote of the soundbar, increase the audio, and also increase the audio on the Netflix app.

You can also use the home theater remote to adjust the audio frequencies if you are using a soundbar with the home theater system. When you have started the video, turn the volume from the soundbar to maximum and then decrease the volume from the home theater remote. This way, you can feel the powerful bass.

You should also place the soundbar a little far from the wall; it needs air to work properly and deliver excellent sound. You should attach a power conditioner to your home theater.

Check Internet Connection

If you have a low-speed internet, you will observe audio issues with Netflix. High-speed internet is a must for a soundbar to function with the app properly. When watching movies on the home theater on Netflix, close all other gadgets that are connected with the internet. In this way, you can enjoy high-quality sound on your soundbar when connected with Netflix.

If you are using a shared WiFi connection, you can experience issues with the live stream. You should use the high-speed wire internet for better results.

Check Bluetooth Settings

Adjust the Bluetooth settings, if you have connected your soundbar to home theater with a Bluetooth connection. A strong Bluetooth connection is required for s soundbar to play Netflix.

You should mount the soundboard within a normal range of the home theater. It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest versions of the Bluetooth technology for a soundbar to deliver high-quality sound accurately.

Many home theater systems use Bluetooth 1.0 or Bluetooth 2.0 versions; these are not enough for a surround sound soundbar. You should replace it with the latest version, and things should work fine.

Check Smart TV Settings

Many people watch Netflix on their smart TV, and it works fine. The problem arises when you connect a soundbar with the smart TV and watch Netflix on it.

Smart TVs need audio adjustment when you attach a soundbar with it. For this, go to the audio section of the smart TV, select external speakers, and search for a soundbar. Now choose the soundbar from the output section and restart the device.

Go to the Netflix app and select 5.1 putout audio and connect it with the soundbar. Now you can enjoy awesome sound on your videos. You should regularly update your smart device for software and drivers.

Check the receiver settings

If you are using a soundbar with an external receiver and there is no audio when you connect it with a Netflix video, then check the receiver audio. If you are using optical connectors with a soundbar, they must be properly plugged in.

You can also reverse the optical connectors or HDMI connections and check if it works. If you are using an optical connector and your soundbar has only Dolby Digital, this can cause the problem.

To solve this issue, disconnect the connector, change the audio out, and restart the system. This will adjust the settings, and your audio should work fine. You should use a soundbar with a dual voice coil subwoofer for powerful bass.

Play another video

If you have done all the procedures mentioned above, then try playing another video. There is a possibility that the video has no audio. There are many documentaries on the internet that do not have any audio; these come with the script written on the screen.

You can also try any other app and play audio and video. If all other apps work fine, then there is no need to worry. You can also attach another output device to check the app audio. If other videos work fine and other apps also work, then there is an issue with that specific video, and there is no need to worry.

Old software drivers

If you are watching Netflix on your computer and you have attached a soundbar with it, then close all other applications and tabs. You should have a fast computer with a good sound card that supports 5.1 channel audio output for a soundbar.

Check the soundbar drivers on your computer, update the drivers, restart the computer. Now start the video, and hopefully, the soundbar will work perfectly fine with Netflix. If you are using Windows 10, you can download the Netflix app in Windows and add the soundbar in the audio panel.

Sound format not supported

If you are using the latest versions of the soundbar, like Sonos Arc with Dolby Atmos, then check with your TV, if it supports this sound format. Not all latest and upcoming TVs support the Dolby Atmos soundbar, and this can be the leading cause of this problem.

You should check your TV and soundbar, both should be compatible, and your TV should play Dolby Atmos for the soundbar to function properly. Now, the problem is also with Netflix, as not all videos support the Dolby sound. You should go to the video, check its audio features, and select the most suited option for your soundbar.

Old version of Netflix

The team at Netflix keep updating their app, if you are using this app for a while, immediately update it. The new soundboard does not work with the old version of the app; it does not support their audio feature.

Once you have updated the app, the sound of the video should be fine.

I have explained some of the common audio issues in the soundbar and Netflix; these should not be the primary concern as you can quickly fix these. I have also added the best DIY methods to solve these audio issues.

If you have any questions related to this topic, just post it below, and my team will guide you.

How to prevent issues with the soundbar audio?

You can easily prevent issues in the soundbar by following these steps. If you are buying the soundbar for the first time, go to the internet and search for that specific product. Read the buyer’s review and check for yourself what other people are saying about that soundbar.

Always buy a good quality brand, never compromise on the quality. It may be costly at the start, but it will save from future expenses. You must buy the home theater with the latest features that support the 5.1 surround sound.

Maintain your soundbar, keep it clean, and keep its Softwares updated. Now, let us talk about the accessories like the HDMI cable and different connectors and wires. You should always go for a quality product. These cables transfer the audio signals; you will only hear the quality sound if these cables are perfect. Use a surge protector at home.

You have to use the latest third party apps for Netflix streaming; these apps can be easily installed and managed with ease. You must update these apps and their drivers.