What is a Projector Hush Box?

What is a Projector Hush Box?
What is a Projector Hush Box?

Here are the best DIY methods to build a projector hush box at home. Along with this, we have added features and benefits of using this in a home theater room.

What is a Projector Hush Box? A projector hush box is a kind of enclosure. The projector remains hidden in this box. The hush box reduces the noise of projectors. It also provides a constant air supply to maintain the temperature of the projector.

No one likes noisy projectors, at their homes or in other places. You can use a hush box in those places where the sound is loud. Noise harms the picture experience.

What is a Projector Hush Box?

You can buy a hush box from the market or can make it at home. These enclosures are a bit expensive, that is why people prefer to build them at home.

It provides a cooling effect on the machine. It supplies enough air to the device that it remains heat-free. The amount of air is sufficient for cooling a whole system.

It has a specific fan inside it. The fan provides air and cleaning effect at the same time. It is like the exhaust fan of the device.

Tools required

The apparatus includes woods of good quality, some V brackets, and few screws.

Selection of cardboard

The selection of cardboard is a must to build this device. The wood should be of good quality. It should be fiber and dust-free. Uneven wood can harm the surface of your projector.

Try to find a plain wood piece for making a hush enclosure. You can also select the wood according to the color of your product. Painting the box in accordance with your device is also another choice.


This step needs expertise and care. You should measure the size before building the enclosure. It must be of enough size so that it can enclose the device and its cables. Then measure the sides of the gadget.

Add two inches on both sides of your wood sculpture. These inches should be added to the air intake places.

These locations should be adequately covered. The external air intake affects the performance drastically. There must be a place for the fan.

You can add a sound-reducing device and then leave the area for that. Make space for everything and draw your plan on paper before cutting wood.

You should check the measurements repeatedly. Put it in the box over and over again to check the size. This process helps you from a problem in the end.

Installation of fan

In this step, attach a fan on the backside of the box. The fan cools downs the heat produced by the device. These are the devices that reduce their heat from the backside. The fan should be placed in the exhaust area.

A fan must be attached to the upward side of the box. In this way, the heat travels in the downward direction.

Ultimately the back fan can exhaust it out of the gadget. You can also attach a fan to the ceiling.

This fan can reduce the heat and cools the air for the device. This is a must otherwise, it can make your projector screen upside down.

Glass covering

You can cover a glass covering or a glass patch on the holes. It uses these holes to emit light from it.

The emitted light can produce distortion on the screen and its vision. You can seal these spots by glass covers. This step is essential and helpful regarding light distortion.

Sound adjustment

You can add a few things which help in sound reduction. There is no need to buy these things from the market.

You can place small scrapes of carpet in the box. A piece of carpet helps in reducing the sound.

They work as an insulator. The device becomes quiet with these pieces. Place small patches on the small opening of your box.

Attachment of walls

In the last step, you can attach all the walls and ceiling of the box. Place it inside the hush enclosure.

Adjust all the cables and sound-reducing things inside the box. You can attach all the walls of the box in the end.

The average price of a hush box


Average Price

Fan-cooled enclosures

3199 dollars – 9100 dollars

Ultra short throw enclosures

5500 dollars – 7500 dollars

Air-conditioned enclosure

5288 dollars – 14500 dollars

Indoor boxes

4300 dollars – 6900 dollars

Projector cages

525 dollars – 1499 dollars

Customized cages

Rate varies with specifications and requirements

Importance of projector hush box

It provides maximum coverage to the sound system of the device. Any distortion in sound quality or interruption can cause problems.

Makes a projector quiet

It lowers downs the sound of the gadget. The hush enclosure suppresses the noise. The lowering of sound is one of the essential features.

Unique design

The design of the box is fantastic. The quality of the model is rare. The box is of a specific size that surrounds the whole equipment.

Indoor enclosure benefits

It provides maximum indoor benefits by lowering the noise. The enclosure saves the device from any kind of disturbance.

Projector hush box design

The outer covering of the box is made of wood. Wood is not a very good insulator for sound, but it makes the best boxes. You can also add an HDMI splitter, attach your TV with the HDMI splitter and connect with the display.

It is three to four inches larger than the device. The sides of the wood do not touch the surface. The hush enclosure is more significant enough to provide maximum airflow.

The outer box is large enough to save it from heat distortion. It is large enough for the exit of heat, which is produced by the product. This helps to adjust the image on a projector.

If the size is not enough, the gadget can expire due to several reasons. The thickness of wood suppresses the sound inside the wooden part. The noise cannot go out of the enclosure.

Indoor hush boxes with specs

These are very special. These boxes not only enclose the voice but also suppress the external disturbances.

You can also use the indoor hush enclosures in those areas where noise can bother you.

Different indoors hush box sizes

These are available in different sizes. They vary from small to medium sizes.

Small sizes are available in 12-inch width x 12-inch depths x 6-inch heights. Medium sizes are available in 18-inch widths x 20-inch depths x 9-inch heights.

The sizes of these indoor hush enclosures are 24-inch x 22-inch x 10-inch. Large indoor hush enclosures are available in 25inch x 33-inch x 11-inch.

Outdoor hush boxes with specs

There are some air-conditioned enclosures, which are used in outdoors. The bulb produces immense heat. There are some products available in the market. You can choose a cage according to the size of your device.

Some custom enclosures are available in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, you can guide the manufacturer about your requirements, and they make you a custom enclosure for your projector. You should know the average weight of home theater projectors.

How to make your projector quite without a hush box?

If you do not want to buy a hush box for your projector, then there are some other quieting ways. Some of these ways are as follows.

Enclose in a cabinet

You can enclose your device in a cupboard. These cabinets are usually made of wood. Cabinets prove as the best insulator of sound in this case.

The wood reduces the humming sounds that they produce during their run. You can safely carry it and place it inside any wood cabinet. You can use the projector outside during the day by making a stand for it.

Security cage

The security cages are usually of steel material. Steel insulates the high volume of sound. It helps the device to reduce noise production.

Normal covering

Placing it in a standard cover makes it quiet. A typical enclosure can be of steel or plastic. The cover reduces noise production and ultimately it becomes quiet.

Projector bracket

There are projector brackets available in the market. These brackets make the gadget more stable. The distortion reduces with these brackets.