What Does 3.1 Channel Soundbar Mean?

What Does 3.1 Channel Soundbar Mean?
What Does 3.1 Channel Soundbar Mean?

A 3.1 soundbar is the special type of the soundbar because it provides efficient sound quality for the home theater. You can use it in your home theater to produce a better quality of the sound, and it occupies less space in the home theater. You can go for this option if you are having less budget.

What Does 3.1 Channel Soundbar Mean? 3.1 soundbar is called so because it has three channels that are present on the left, right, and center. Center channel improves the quality of the sound that makes him unique among all other types of soundbars. There is also one subwoofer is present in it to make it more audible for the audience.

The soundbars are available in all sizes and designs. You can choose it as you like them. You can buy them from online stores or the market. It is simple to use the soundbar for a layperson as it does not involve some level of expertise.

You must try to note the effects of the soundbar in different directions of the home theater to make it more useful for the home theater.

What Does 3.1 Channel Soundbar Mean?

3.1 depicts that three channels and one subwoofer, which is the reason for this name to call it 3.1 soundbars. You can make a clearer dialogue by using the 3.1 soundbars in your home theater. You must try to note that the use of the 3.1 soundbars has many benefits to the system of the home theater. It gives new shape to the home theater because of its fantastic design.

It will require more amount of watts of electricity, which means that it will give you a much better sound quality. You must choose that soundbar that offers you multiple options for the connectivity and different effects in the music quality of your home theater. You must spend money on those soundbars that will fulfill all the needs of your home theater.

General specifications of the 3.1 Channel Soundbar

The superior quality of the 3.1 soundbar is that it will provide you the promising sound quality in the home theater due to its center channel. The center channel is the addition in this soundbar from the 2.1 type of soundbar. You will not miss any note of the music or your favorite dialogue because of its center channel. It is easy to use by giving extra connectivity options and simple controllers.

It will provide you the five hundred watts of the power at the output of the sound. The good power at the output means good quality of the sound in the home theater. You will see the good audio performance when listening to your favorite songs and watching your favorite movies in the home theater. You will enjoy the better effects of the sound in your home theater.

There is a subwoofer present in it that is of nine to ten inches. It is a wireless subwoofer that is of the best quality. It will provide you the rich bass of the music which you will not find in any other type of soundbars. You will no need to make its connection of the wire that looks odd sometimes. There is no portability issue of this soundbar as it is a wireless system; you can change its location whenever you want.

It has the best quality of the speaker and subwoofers present in it. It provides you the best combination of the sound products that makes it unique one among other mediums of the music. You must try to understand that it is made up of the home theater that requires excellent sound quality because they are touchy in this matter.

You can connect multiple devices; maybe they are of ultra HD quality. You will feel the best quality of the bass there in your home theater. You will love it when you start using it. You must try to note these points that make him stand out among other mediums of the sound. There are multiple controlling options of this soundbar; even you can control it with your TV remote.

Its transducer size is six inches long and two inches wide that is working on the tweeter technology. You can use it in parties and functions in the open air. It will provide you the best quality of the sound there also. You can place it in the middle of the hall that will allow it to produce echoing music in the hall. The transducer size of the subwoofer is also ten inches. Its Bluetooth version is 4.2 that provides excellent connectivity.

Audio specifications

It is producing good quality of the audio because of the placement of the speakers and subwoofers in the right way. It has a good variety of Soundshift; you can shift the music from the television to your mobile phone with one click. It is not common features among other soundbars. All the material that is used in the manufacturing of this soundbar is of extra-ordinary quality.

It has a good sound pressure level that provides you to feel bass in the music. The sound pressure level of this soundbar is more than a hundred decibels. The parameter of the audio usually refers to the efficiency of the sound that a medium is producing. If the sound pressure level is high, it means that this soundbar will give you louder and clear sound.

The sound pressure level will minimize the distortion up to 0.6% at one kilohertz. This will make your soundbar to produce the distortion-free noise all the time. The sound pressure level will reduce the reflection of the sound wave in the room. You must use it by noting all the pros and cons of this factor. You can control this pressure through the regulator present on the soundbar device. You can also program Directv remote with your soundbar.

The frequency response of the 3.1 soundbars is from twenty-one kilohertz to the thirty-five kilohertz. That range of the response is considered good among the soundbars and sound bases. This is the ideal frequency response that a soundbar can provide. There are multiple options for the inputs for the audio signal. You can connect various devices to take audio input for the soundbar in your home theater.

It will provide you all the connectivity options that you may require these days. It has one analog audio input from which you can provide the input of the audio signals. It has one optical audio input option that is used to send the digital signals of the audio to the soundbar that means you can play the sound of the digital input also. These connections will be made through the wires.

3.1 soundbar also provides you the option of the wireless audio input that you can use them to connect with your mobile phone or tablets. Your personal computer or laptop can also connect it through the technology of Bluetooth. You can use the saved media to play on the soundbar through the use of the USB drive. You can download and save the data in this drive, and the USB input port will help you to make its connection with the soundbar.

Video specifications

There are multiple input options for the video to the soundbar. The 3.1 soundbar has the three options for the video inputs through the HDMI or coaxial cables. These are the best mediums to transfer the video signal to the soundbar. There will be fewer chances of the loss of the data through these channels. These cables are of good quality that you can use for any type of transmission of the signal.

There is also one option of the video output that will also provide the audio return to the soundbar. You must try to note these communication channels for the soundbar to get input and give output.

You can take video output through the HDMI cable connection. It has the ports of the HDMI HDCP version of the 2.2 that makes you connect without any problem of the connection. You can attach this soundbar with 55 inch TV.

These are the few specifications of the audio and video that make it unique among the variety of the soundbars and subwoofers. It provides multiple audio and video connections that may create a good music environment in your home theater.

You must use the best quality of sound products that create a good sense of the music in the home theater.

You can also make its connection with the television of your home theater. You will listen to the good quality of the music when watching your favorite TV shows, dramas, and sports.

Dimensions of the 3.1 soundbar

It is light in weight that creates ease in portability from one place to another. In normal conditions, all the manufacturers of this product are producing the 3.1 soundbar that is not heavy and almost two kilograms of weight. This weight is normal that provides you the multiple options to change its position regularly. It will look good in all the directions due to its unique and specific design.

The subwoofer that is attached to it may be heavy some time if you are using the excellent quality of it. The lightweight subwoofers are also available in the market that provides you with ease in the portability of the soundbar. The soundbar is usually forty inches wide and slim in size. The compact size of the soundbar makes it more beautiful and charming.

Its height is two and a half inches that makes the soundbar slim. The depth of the soundbar is also not more than three inches. These dimensions of the soundbar depict that it is lengthy in shape. You must take good care of the position of the soundbar and place it where it looks good.

These dimensions of the soundbar provide an excellent look to the viewers. You must try to make it more beautiful by placing it correctly. You must try to note these small things for the betterment of your theater. The care of these things will improve the look of your home theater, and you will look better there. You must show passion and love for your home theater.


Connectivity options

There are different options of connectivity for the soundbar. You can connect it with your mobile phone, laptop, and other smart devices. You can play the stored data in the soundbar of your home theater.

You can hear your favorite list of the songs on the soundbar in a better quality of the sound. They will allow you to make a diverse environment of music, songs, and movies to play them on your home theater. You can set up a media server for your system.

The connectivity options are as follows:


It is one of the best tools to connect two devices. You can connect your smartphone with the help of this technology. It makes a good connection between both devices that allows you to play the media of the connected devices on your soundbar. It is the wireless tool of the connection of the smart devices with each other.

There is no problem with the wire connection while using this tone. There are no chances of the loss of the data while using this Bluetooth technology. It will not create any type of interference with the other wireless devices.

You can use these devices without any fear of the mixing of the data with any other wireless device. It will not consume too much power of the smart devices that are connected with it.

Its range is much better than the infrared communication. You must avoid using the infra-red rays for the connection of two devices because it has a small range for the connection. It is much cheaper than any other technology in the transfer of the data. The connection between the two devices will not be disturbed by creating the obstacles in the way of the Bluetooth.

It is simple to use, and you can pair the two devices with the help of this technology. You must use this technology before using any other for your home theater because it is more reliable. You can follow the simple step of the connection of the devices through the Bluetooth technology. It may save you from many problems with the connection.


It is also one of the wireless connection between the two devices with each other. You have to connect both of the devices with the same internet connection. You will require good quality of the internet so that the connection between the two devices may not fluctuates. You must try to note these things that the connection should not make any interruption in the middle of the streaming.

It will give you a faster connection between the two devices as compared to the technology of Bluetooth. You have to identify the need for the strength of the two devices; then, you should make a decision about its medium that should use for better communication. Bluetooth technology will give you a more reliable connection but slower. The wireless fidelity will provide you with faster communication, but weaker.

These two are the wireless connection between the two devices. It is easy to use the wireless mediums for the communication of the two devices for the laymen. If you want to use the wires to make their connection, then you can go for the different options of the wires also.

HDMI cable

It is the best way to communicate for both devices with each other. 3.1 soundbar provides the option for the suitable connection of the two devices through the cable. This cable can transmit the high bandwidth of the data from one part to another. You can transmit all types of the signal through it that can audio, video or any complex types of the signals.

You can use the premium quality of this cable that will provide the free of problem connection till several years. You must try to note that these cables are good and should not break from any side. The broken wire will lose some data while transmitting it through one end to another. You can use HDMI to use a soundbar as a center channel speaker.


The 3.1 soundbars will give multiple benefits to your home theater. Its price usually ranges from four hundred dollars to six hundred dollars. Some brands charge a high price, and some charge low according to the quality they are putting in their market. You have to focus on the quality of the soundbar while purchasing it.

You should purchase the soundbar from the official website of some brands or their outlets. The merchants in the market that have all type of material for selling. You should use the soundbar by purchasing it from trustable sources.

How to set up a 3.1 channel soundbar with your home theater?

There are different ways to connect the soundbar with the screen of your home theater. It will depend on the dimensions and size of the home theater as different brands are producing different shapes of the soundbar.

You must decide the placement of the soundbar after seeing its design and shape. It will help you a lot to determine the placement of the home theater.

If you have purchased the soundbar that is lengthy and slim, you must go for the option of the mounting under the television screen of the home theater. You must note the length of the soundbar while mounting it under the television. The length of the soundbar should not exceed the length of the TV because it looks odd to use the lengthy soundbar under the small tv.

If you have purchased the high soundbar that has a maximum height, you must place it on both sides of the television screen of the home theater. It will improve the look of the television and your home theater also. If you are using the one soundbar that is square, then you can place it on the table beside the tv.

You should use the table or trolley for the television that can bear the weight of the soundbar and subwoofer. You should feel secure about the placement of the soundbar in your home theater. There must be no fear of their falling because of the low-quality table.


There are many advantages of the 3.1 soundbars as compared to other soundbars. This type of soundbar has a better quality of sound. It has three channels and one subwoofer that make him stand out, among others.

You can use this soundbar for a larger room of the theater also because the sound quality will not compromise by doing all this.

The placement of the channels is good in this type of soundbar. They can produce a good echoing sound with this combination. It is compact in shape and will not take a lot of space in your home theater.

You can place it wherever you want. There is a large variety of designs of the 3.1 soundbars in the market. You can opt as your setting of the home theater.