How to Protect Car Speakers from Water?

How to Protect Car Speakers from Water?
How to Protect Car Speakers from Water?

How to Protect Car Speakers from Water?

If you need some music while driving, then you also have to take good care of your car speakers. You can secure the indoor speakers with the help of some simple techniques and planning. 

Your speakers can damage from water. You need to buy some protective covers or shields to protect your car speakers. In this way, your car speakers will last for more years to enjoy music.

You can protect your car speakers from water damage by using a moisturizer barrier, plastic envelops, foam baffles, duraseal, and with a polymer protectant. It is recommended to use high-gloss polymer with a sealant spray to protect speakers from water.

We find out the best ways to secure the car speaker from getting damaged from the water. Your speaker can tear if you are driving in the rain. Avoid driving cars very fast in the mud.

Especially those people who go on long journeys, beaches, desserts, and drive off the road should take more care to protect the car speakers. Your car speakers can get short circuit if damaged by water.

How to Protect Car Speakers from Water?

Rainwater can let into the car from the doors. You can use plastic envelopes, enclosures, plastic sheets, covers, and more to protect speakers from water damage.

We did extensive research and got careful consultations regarding protecting the car speakers from rainwater, snow, or any other mishap. You can explore a secure method of your choice from this article. Many cheap options are available in the market to avoid speaker loss.

Moisture Barrier

You can use some kind of moisture barrier to stop the water. The drain hole that is present in the door bottom should not be plugged for the starters. In this way, water can get in the car from the doors. Place a moisture barrier on the car doors.

These moisture barriers prevent the speakers from water. Make sure that the adaptor templates are out of some kind of plastic or ABS to at least fiberglass the MDF.

Use Plastic Envelops & Water Resistant Enclosures

You can use plastic sheets and water-resistant enclosures to protect the speakers. To make the enclosure, you need a container like Tupperware. Install it expertly to get the rear enclosure. Cut a portion of it to return the status of free-air.

Position your enclosures along with the speaker correctly. These enclosures are water-resistant. You can also use plastic envelopes to protect speakers. Buy any good quality plastic sheet and wrap it over the speaker. You can buy sheets online and from the local stores.

Use good Quality Speakers

Always use good quality, waterproof speakers. They have a more useful life. There is no need to worry about any water damage with the waterproof speakers. There are many options available in the market for a waterproof speaker.

You can also use marine speakers as an alternative for the waterproof speakers for your car. These are waterproof as well. With the marine speakers, you can drive without paying particular attention to the speaker’s care. I am using 6×9 speakers.

Use Aluminum Sheet to protect car speakers from water

You can use Aluminum sheets to protect your speaker from water damage. It is the easiest way to prevent water damage to your car audio system. Only you need to do is cut a considerable strip of the sheet. Cover the speaker with the foil and bent the edges of it.

You also need some care along with the aluminum sheet. If you are traveling in the rain, then keep the mirrors of your car off to avoid any short circuit. Do not drive very fast in the shower. Avoid kids to operate the speakers.

Heavy Plastic Sheeting

To save speakers, you can use some kind of plastic sheet that is heavy mil. By using these sheets, you can make the templates to fit in this sheet metal of the door panel. Just screw the speaker system from the top. It will protect the structure of the car speaker.

Use Foam Baffles

You can use foam baffles for the safety of speakers. You can use them as a shield. XTC baffle is cup size foam. Cut the baffle in half. Now they are easy to use. The baffles are sturdy. These baffles are made up of foam that soaks up all the water eventually while these baffles roll out in the heat climate. They are placed behind the speakers.

Foam baffles usually cut the Mids. Do not use XTC baffles in case of a strong mid-bass because it can make an annoying noise. In that case, you can use ‘Metra speaker’ baffles. Here is a detailed guide on installing speaker baffles in car.

You need to keep the baffles sturdy and indoor speakers dry by considering some suggestions. Always use a suitable type of material for baffles to protect speakers from damage.

Use MDX or MDF

If you do not have some kind of workable plastic or thick ABS available, you can use MDX. It is effortless at cutting.MDX can also be treated as MDF.

Both are waterproof.MDF is dense, sturdy, and suitable for speakers. It can minimize the resonance. So take consultation from an expert in the market.

XTC Rain Hats

You can never stop rainwater from getting in the car. Windows can also get wet with this rainwater. The rain hats are another best way to protect the vehicle from rainwater.

Only you need to do is make them in useable condition. Cut the hats in half. Use those half hats to place on the top of the doors of the car. In this way, your speakers will be protected from unwanted water and snow.

Rubber Speaker Protectors

Using rubber protectors is the best method to protect car speakers. A rubber thingy of 6×9 is an excellent option to protect the speakers. It can limit the bass performance and reduce the frequency range.

The lower and upper spectrums of sound can be slightly affected. But if your speakers have subs, this will not be problematic anymore.

Use DuraSeal

Rainwater can come from the door and window. Usually, the seal of the car is not so tight. You can protect the speaker cones and drivers by using Dura Seal. Apply many coats of this seal to ensure the safety of speakers. The simple seals of the speaker cannot squeegee more water.

Usually, the front doors of the car get wet with water. You need to replace the seals of windows. Find a way to block the water from coming in. Try to cover the driver. The water can ruin the bass response of speakers. Thompson Water Seal also does a similar function.

Polymer Protectant

For a speaker, you can use special polymers against rain, snow, and moisture. You can buy specially designed Polymer protectants for speakers from the market. You will need to apply the protectors after few years again. It depends upon the environment and utility.

You can get these protectors online and from the local electronic shops. If you live in a place where the climate remains wet or moderate, these are best to use. In the damp climate area, you will need to apply the cover after every year. You can use the same protectors for the outdoor speakers as well.

You can also use polyurethane and spray or brush-on polymers to protect the speakers. If your speaker cabinets are made up of wood, you can apply some coats of polymer protectant to reduce damage from water. Polymer protectors and other covers can also reduce the speaker’s frequency range. So take consultation before applying.

Install your Speaker Correctly

Position the car speakers in such a location to avoid and limits direct exposure to sunlight, rain, and snow. Installing quality speakers need a lot of protection to prevent them from damage.

Water can severely damage the speaker. It can cause a short circuit. So you need to take great care of your car speakers.

Spar Varnish Coats

You can also protect your speakers by applying some spar varnish coats. Spar varnish is expensive than other polymers. Line your speakers with some kind of paddings. This will safeguard speaker crossovers and wirings. It provides excellent protection for your car speakers.

High Gloss Polymer

You can coat your audio system with a gloss polymer. It can improve resistance against water. This compound is non-toxic and very easy to apply. It is available in both coating and spray. They both are reliable and easy ways of waterproofing electronics, including speakers.

It is a very cheap method to prevent the sound system from water damage. While applying gloss polymers, make sure to cover other parts of your car with some newspaper or a sheet. It will prevent your vehicle from coating spillage.

Sealant Spray for car speakers

Try to purchase a specific sealant for a speaker. You can use different options to enhance the imaging and clarity of both indoor and outdoor speakers. If you are unable to search for one, consult a speaker specialist before applying.

Make sure the sealant must not reduce the performance of your car speaker. Always use a good quality water sealant spray. Shake it well before use. Use a standard foam brush. You can purchase it from any hardware store. Apply the sealant evenly to the speaker’s exterior with an even coating.

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