How to Make a Cheap Projector Better?

How to Make a Cheap Projector Better?
How to Make a Cheap Projector Better?

You can make a cheap projector better with these best DIY methods. There are different problems with the cheaper projector that you will face while using it. You have to find these problems in your projector; then, you can define the particular solution for it.

How to Make a Cheap Projector Better? You can make a cheap projector better and improve its image quality by turning off the lights, covering the windows, cleaning the dust from the lens, increasing the lumens, and by using a small screen.

You can use different types of filters for the projector; they will improve the quality of the projector. You can use various techniques to increase the lumens of the projector screen. You can roll the regulator of the focus or adjust the size of the screen as you want. The cleaning of different parts of the projector will also provide the best quality of the image at your projector screen.

How to Make a Cheap Projector Better?

You can make the results of your projector better by doing a lot of things for the betterment of your projector. You have to check all the parts of the projector before paying for it. If any part is weak and all other parts are good, then you can replace that part for better results.

You have to look for the problems before deciding on its replacement. You have to do all this for the better image quality in your home theater.

Few low cost projectors can be improved without spending any budget on it, just changing the setting of the theater room. You have to try to solve the problem as quickly as you can. You can try it by changing the colors of the curtains of the windows and the location of the projector in the room. You may try to note that the results on the projector after changing its direction.

There are different ways that you can use to improve the quality of the image of the projector. Some of them are as follows:

Turn off all the lights of the room

By turning off the lights of the room, the picture of the theater will be more precise. You should use the projector in a darker environment to see the better quality of the images there. You have to note the various effects in the image that will tell you about its quality. Many projector are start giving good image quality after using the darker environment in the room.

There will be no chances of the reflection of the light from different sides of the room. The reflection of the lights of the room may disturb the image of the screen. You have to use the dim lights in the theater room that create small reflection on the screen. After using the dim light and the darker environment in the home theater, you will enjoy the good quality of the video streaming in your theater.

There will be no distortion in the image of the projector when you are watching the video streaming in the home theater. You may try to note that if changing the direction of the screen may solve the problem of the projector. These things will not be too costly for your budget plan. You can adopt different measures for your home theater. If the problem is not solving, then you have to solve it technically by opening its case.

Cover the windows

To cover all the windows of your home theater, you have to use the dark color curtain that may not allow the light to enter from small corners. You have to specify the color of the curtains while purchasing; it will save you from a lot of future problems. The covering of the windows with dark curtains is also a try to make a darker room there.

You have to see the results of these things that they are working for the betterment or not. This will give you an idea to start the technical treatment of the projector to view all parts. You can hire an expert after doing these things for your projector if you are not clear about the problems of the projector. You have to define the proper set of solutions for the issues of the projector.

Adjust seats near to the screen

You can adjust the seats near to the projection of light on the wall. It will give the zoomed version of the video streaming to the viewers. You may try to change the pixels of the video streaming that may provide a better look to the home theater. The distance between the viewers and the screen of the projector will be less. The less distance will improve the look of the screen for the viewers.

It will affect the eyesight of the viewers also if the distance between the screen and eye becomes very less for a longer time. You try to consider all the effects while deciding on the seating plan of the home theater. An Interior designer will help you a lot to adjust the seating of the home theater if you are facing any confusion in it. You have to find the solution to these small problems for making a better look for your home theater.

By doing these things for the seats, the problem of the pixels in the video streaming of the home theater will become better in many cases. If you are still facing the problem in video streaming, then you have to note that the working of the lens for better results. There are maximum chances that there will be a problem in the working of the lens of the projector.

Adding an ultraviolet filter

If there is a brightness issue is coming in the screen of the projector. You have to go in the setting of the brightness to make it to the maximum level. You will see the difference in the results after doing that. If the brightness issue is not solving, then you have to add the ultraviolet filter to it. You may change the filter if you are using that filter for a long time.

The ultraviolet filter is easy to make; you can also try to make it at your home. It will improve the quality of the image processing and throwing it on your screen. It will give you a decisive change in the video streaming of your home theater. You can replace the damaging part with a good one if you are facing any weakness in any part.

By adding the ultraviolet filter on the projector, you will feel less strain on your eyes and enjoy it for a long time. There are many benefits of adding this filter to your home theater. You will enjoy a better quality of the video streaming at the screen of the projector. The use of the screen for a long time does not involve any harm to the human eye because the light is coming after reflection.

Regular Maintenance

The cleaning of the projector after every seven to eight months will make the projector better for you. The cheapness of the projector means that it has the bad health of the central parts. You can repair them if they require repair and maintenance from you. You may clearly define the difference between the image qualities on the screen after proper cleaning of various parts.

You have to check the central parts of the projector while repairing it. You have to verify that the projector lens is working with full energy. You may try to note that the lens is playing a central role in the image projection of the projector.

If the lens is working correctly and all other parts may be somehow weak, then you will face no problem in the image processing of the projector. You should be familiar with long-throw projector vs short throw projector.

You have to make good results for your home theater room as much as you can. Multiple options are available for doing that. You have to consider the best choice among the available options that are most suitable for your room. You may replace the cooling fan or other small parts if they are not working with their maximum efficiency.

If you have not cleaned the projector from one year and it is also hanging on the outer side in which it is exposed to all the external environmental problems. You have to take good care of these things that come in the maintenance of the projector. The proper maintenance of the projector will provide it the long-lasting life without any significant problem in it.

You have to use soft clothes for the cleaning of the internal parts of the projector. The soft clothes will not leave any marks on the different surfaces of the projector parts. These are the few things that you have to do for the proper maintenance of the projector. You should use a 4k soundbar with your system to get the best experience.

Increase the lumens of projector screen

You can use different methods to increase the lumens of the projector screen. It has the primary function in the image formation of the projector. You have to try your level best to increase the level of lumens as much as you can. You have to find the best method to increase your lumens that suits you the most.

This technique will only be useful for the projector if it can produce less than the four hundred and eighty pixels of the video streaming. You have to try your level best to decide about the lumens for the projector. It will give a new look to your projector. The functioning of the projector will be increased many times, and the pixels will become more than the thousand and eighty pixels.

You have to add the excellent quality of the lumens in your projector. Different brands are producing good quality of the image in the projector. If your projector is entirely dull and doing nothing for the video streaming, you can add a thousand lumens in it to produce a good result. You have to manage the lumens of the projector properly.

If you do not have the complete knowledge of adding the lumens in the projector, then you must hire an electrician for that purpose.

You must try to note the effects of the lumens on the video quality of the projector. You can manage the lumens according to your requirements in the projector light quality.

The lumens are the primary thing that is producing the image in the projector. The video quality of the projector largely depends on the number of lumens present in your projector.

It has only a thousand lumens that are too less for the production of the high pixel image. You should try to increase the number of lumens up to the two thousand and five hundred.

If your room is larger than regular theaters, then you have to manage the amount of the lumens up to five thousand. Some suitable projectors have more than seven thousand of the lumens. You may try to fulfill the appropriate amount of the lumens in your projector to make proper results of the image on the screen. A lumen is a unit of the light that is emitted from a closed surface in a specific time.

Lumens are the representation of the light in the case of the bulbs or other devices. The bulbs which we are using in our daily life have less than a thousand lumens. You must try to use the required lumens in the projector, not more than that. You can take the expert’s opinion about the adding of the number of lumens in the projector lens. The lens of the projector will start producing the good quality of an image.

Use a small screen

You can regulate the focus of the projector, as you require from them. You may try to note that size is enough for your viewing in which the pixel of the screen is clear. There should be no blurring of the image at the wall of your home theater. You should make the screen smaller if you are not getting your desire result. If you achieved your desired result at a smaller screen, then you can adjust the seats according to the size of the screen.

You can adjust the seats according to the requirements of the projector screen. It is better to see the good quality of the image on a small screen rather than seeing the big blurring picture. You may try to note that the different effects of the image quality on your screen. These things will give you an idea about the quality of the image that the lens is producing in the projector.

It is easy to do this in a tiny theater room, and it can be a permanent solution there, but if you have the larger theater room, then you cannot use this technique for a longer time. In a larger room, there will be more seats, and all the seats cannot be adjusted near to the projector to give them a clear look. You have to use different other methods to achieve good image quality permanently in larger rooms.

You have many other options also to execute for the betterment of the image quality. You have to replace the weak part of the projector to get good results. It is the permanent solution for better results in your theater room.

Mount the projector in the right position

You can adjust the direction of the projector by seeing the seating plan of your home theater. You also have to look for the doors and windows of your room because the direction of the incoming light also affects a lot to the projector.

You may try to identify the proper way to cover the windows and doors to decrease the amount of light coming into the room.

The direction of the projector should be adjusted in such a way that there should be no reflection of the outer light. The reflection of the outer light will make the image quality weaker.

You will feel difficulties to understand the image if you see in a lot of outward reflection of light. You may try to note that there must be a clearer image on the screen after trying different directions.

You can place the projector overhead or on the table of your home theater in front of your screen.

Replace the damaged parts

You can replace the weak parts of the projector if they are not working well. You can use new parts to make the cheaper projector look better. You can replace the lens of the projector with a new one to address its issue.

You can try the lens after cleaning it with different strong solutions. Many projectors start giving better results after cleaning because the dirt particles do not allow them to work correctly. If the projector lens is dead, immediately replace it.

If you have tried the cleaning process for different parts of your projector and it does not make the results better, then you should go for the replacement of the parts of the projector.

The parts of the projector are sensitive if they are exposed to the external conditions, then they will stop producing results at their maximum efficiency.

You may try to use the better quality of products in your projector. If you have purchased a cheap projector that does not have good quality parts of the projector, then you will go for their replacement without considering any other option for them. This step will solve your problem to a maximum extent.

Clean the vents, lens, and cooling fan properly

These parts of the projector are playing the leading role in the working of your projector. You have to manage the working of these parts properly. You should not leave the dirt particles stuck in their way.

The dust particles will not allow them to work correctly and achieve maximum results. You have to clean these parts regularly to get the best results for your projector. You should follow these steps when cleaning the dust out of the projector.


There are many disadvantages to using a cheap projector. You will not enjoy your favorite shows and movies in an excellent video format. You will feel irritated after using the bad video quality projector for a longer time.

You will not feel fresh and relax after watching this type of video quality. If you have repaired your projector as your needs, then you will feel better.

You must buy a good projector when you have a proper amount of the budget for its purchase. It will give you the long-term service of good video streaming.

You may try to note that the cheaper projector will increase your repair and maintenance costs. You have to allocate the budget for its maintenance after a short time.