What Cars Have an HD Radio in Them?

What Cars Have an HD Radio in Them?
What Cars Have an HD Radio in Them?

What Cars Have an HD Radio in Them?

Car HD Radio promises to provide a better sound experience with a variety of listening choices from the local stations all around. Technological installations in new car models are resulting in marked growth in the field of digital broadcast.

HD Radio receivers in cars can also get optional factory equipment from the increasing number of latest automobiles.

Many new cars feature an HD radio in them. In this article, we have given details about all the major cars with HD Radio in them.

HD Radio feature is factory-installed option from all the top automakers in the U.S. Major automakers of HD Radio technology include Acura, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Cadillac, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Lincoln, MINI, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ram, Rolls-Royce, Tesla, Toyota, Volvo, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Fiat, Infiniti, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Scion, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, and GMC.

Purchasing an advanced HD Radio for car will give you a more luxurious multimedia experience than before. If you want a new and latest car model, go and buy an HD Radio stereo with fantastic multimedia options. For your convenience, our editors have received extensive consultation from the market to assist you in selecting an appropriate HD radio car.

Technological innovations are creating new value addition over the old technology. HD Radio technology has passed a very long journey to reach the destination, where now 1 in 5 cars on the road are equipped with HD Radio.

What Cars Have an HD Radio in Them?

Forty automotive brands are now shipping their cars in North America that are equipped with the latest technology of HD Radio and over fifty millions of HD Radio technology receivers are around eighteen percent of all the cars that are on the road now. This technology also offers visual and text information in addition to the audio more extensive choice.

Cars with HD Radio HD Radio Features
ACURA Yes Noise cancellation technology, can various multicast channels on HD Radio, its acoustics are fantastic
ALFA ROMEO Yes Superb and updated audio system, excellent connectivity and controls
AUDI Yes Technologically advance car, latest Audi models have smart-phone type of controller for its entertainment system
BMW Yes The superb infotainment system, supports the funny controls like gimmicky gesture
BUGATTI Yes Luxurious interior, the graphic theme is excellent, distinctive transition design
BUICK Yes Its car audio system can retain all today’s entertainment units, a head-up display, wireless smartphone charging
CADILLAC Yes Fantastic artwork and music, multi-touch technology, digital applications, and GPS navigation
CHEVROLET Yes Extras luxury features, endless configuration options, ventilated and heated seats, Bose premium audio
CHRYSLER Yes Total control of the car is at your fingertips by using the 4C NAV and 4C,
DODGE Yes A radio of about 430 infotainment system, excellent touch-screen display, audio streaming, voice command
HONDA Yes superb navigation andHD Car Radio, smart-phone integration, an upgraded touch-screen display
MAZDA Yes Bluetooth streaming audio,fun-drive performance, classy interior, Auto smart-phone connectivity
MINI Yes wide range of smart applications and services including Alexa intelligent assistant,superb emergency and traffic alerts, and artist experience
TOYOTA Yes 6-speaker audio system, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, high-quality audio with more station options

Acura with Best HD Radio

Acura is considering the most potent vehicle due to its size. Its multimedia system is tuned by a Grammy award-winning producer and engineer named Elliot Scheiner. It offers an excellent audio system to deliver noise cancellation technology, crystal clear, and surround sound.

HD Radio is present in ILX, MDX, NSX, RDX, RLX and TLX models of Acura. This radio technology delivers increased listening choices with station multicasting. HD Radio display information which includes song and artist titles, station ID information, traffic, weather, and accurate emergency alerts.

Another fantastic HD Radio application is its ability to multicast various channels on the similar signals. Multicasting refers to a form of an Internet routing architecture. So, the multiple channel transmissions permitted by HD Radio must be accurately described, like multiplexing.

HD Radio technology enables broadcasters to go through a high-quality digital signal which piggy-backs traditional FM and AM frequencies. The listeners who have a built-in HD Radio tuner along with the car stereo receive the benefits of no subscription fee.

Its acoustics are fantastic, and speakers will surround you. This feature is going to become your favorite one where you will plug in and rock. Its power to weight ratio is impressive. This car is equipped with a powerful engine that is engineered for its top-notch agility.

ALFA ROMEO with 8.8-inch HD Radio

In tech terms, this car gets a superb and updated multimedia system with great connectivity and controls. It has a standard size of 8.8 inches in touch-screen. According to the automaker, additional personalization options are present in these models with enhanced visibility and interactivity.

HD Radio is present in STELVIO, 4C, and GIULIA models. This technology ensures that drivers listening to FM/AM enjoy rich multimedia experience, which includes artist information, song title, and album art is displayed on the screen. It is a common-place in ultra-modern vehicles with thousands of new programming channels.

Benefits provided by this brand to the built-in HD Radio are no subscription fees, no smart-phone needed to use data, no more pops, fades, static, or crackles. FM radio sounds almost like a CD, and AM radio looks like a traditional FM.

Its standard seven-inch TFT instrument with cluster screen is also redesigned. Alfa Romeo claims that he provides additional information in an accessible format with improved graphics and real-time data.


At present, Audi is considered as the most technologically advanced car to buy. It’s trick mild-hybrid powertrain helps to reduce the parasitic loss of its upgraded multimedia system, which is regarded as a dream for the tech enthusiasts.

Car HD Radio is available in these models A3, A4, A4 ALLROAD, A5, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, R8, and TT. Its features deliver a modern and more digital audio experience for the enthusiastic radio’s audience. This brand offers superb artist images and song information and collection in its built-in HD Radio. It also provides other features that are enabled by a digital over-the-air platform that is expected by today’s drivers.

HD Radio sends a lot of information about a similar radio frequency to digitize the signal. The computer then compresses this digital signal, more like an MP3 that becomes a compressed version of a large WAV file, which is on a CD. FM stations digitize to broadcast with the near-CD sound quality. AM stations of HD Radio will sound just like FM stations deliver now.

Being the most technologically advanced car, the latest Audi models have a smart-phone type of controller for its entertainment system. It is perfect for devouring multimedia and lounging around while acquiring chauffeured to the next destination.

BMW with Factory Fitted HD Radio

In the latest generation of crossovers and cars, BMW is always ready to fight. It offers cutting-edge technology which integrates pleasantly and intuitively. HD Radio is present in these BMW models X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, 2 SERIES, 3 SERIES, 5 SERIES, 6 SERIES, 4 SERIES, 7 SERIES, 8 SERIES, I3 and I8.

This brand had enabled millions of audio listeners to benefit from a quality radio experience. It helps to deliver some of the interrelated features and digital capabilities that are accustomed to its mobile devices. The digital signals can be accessed by the special HD Radio tuners, which are built into the head units.

The superb infotainment system can control any multimedia function and navigation. It can also support the funny controls like gimmicky gesture. The audio volume will go up and down by only rotating the finger in air. If you want to go home, make a fist twice, or shoot a “v” towards the center screen to mute the current music.

Its adaptive lights emit laser high beams that massively increase our range of vision. BMW’s latest models have an onboard Harman surround system.

BUGATTI with HD Radio Receiver

BUGATTI is manufactured and developed by a French automobile manufacturer. Its luxurious interior and graphic theme is superb with a distinctive transition design between the ceiling and center tunnel. Bugatti cars have HD radio installed in their system.

HD Radio is available in the CHIRON and VEYRON model of BUGATTI. The latest HD Radio technology receiver gets direct digital transmissions by eliminating signal interference and reflections of the buildings. The result is crystal clear audio without any hiss, pop, or static.

This car HD radio has 2 multi-function buttons that are installed on the right and left side of the inner rim. The driver can use these buttons to control all the features inside the car, which include sound system, telephone, navigation, and many other multimedia functions. It also has a rotary switch below its multi-function button to select many driving modes.


It’s multimedia system is capable of retaining all the today’s entertainment units. These units include USB inputs, auxiliary inputs, AM/FM tuners, and a superb CD player that delivers MP3 playback. BUICK’s latest models have a head-up display, wireless smartphone charging, and a configurable eight-inch screen.

HD Radio is present in the 2022 LACROSSE model. In this technology, a standard analog FM or AM receiver ignores the digital signals, which results in AM HD radio to sound more like an FM. FM band usually transmits up to fifteen kHz of audio while an HD station can transmit twenty kHz to give the FM digital signal type CD quality. The difference is noticeable and better in both cases.

The standard multimedia system contains a new eight-inch touch-screen with 2 USB ports, android auto and supports Apple Car-Play. This allows the driver to select the smart-phone app from its dashboard screen. All-wheel drive vehicles can now have twenty-inch wheels.


It’s audio system is ultra-modern, which incorporates LED displays and lighting. There is a fantastic artwork and music that conveys product stories of the latest models. A DJ will get a funny interactive visitor experience every day.

Inside the car, there is a traditional CUE multimedia system in the cockpit. Its eight-inch display in multi-touch technology includes many digital applications and GPS navigation. The luxurious Cadillac models also have enhanced the sixteen-speaker sound system, which is a part of the Bose center in surround sound series. HD Radio is present in CTS, CT6, ATS, ESCALADE, XT5, and XTS models of CADILLAC.

If the driver runs it at 4G LTE speed, then the car’s Wi-Fi connection can go valid for up to 7 devices, including laptops. The latest models have a nine-inch rear entertainment system of Blu-ray compatibility.

The latest CADILLAC car models have three additions, which include the platinum edition, luxury model, and premium luxury model. The new driver information center measures twelve inches in diagonal that is installed at the instrument panel. Their new cars have HD Radio in them.


Chevrolet is a top-selling car in the GM line with good reason. This vehicle has extras luxury features as well, like ventilated and heated seats, Bose premium audio, and good quality leather upholstery.

HD Radio is available in these models SILVERADO, SILVERADO HD, SUBURBAN, and TAHOE. Every Chevrolet now has a seven inch of touch-screen display and Chevrolet My-Link infotainment system. It has Car-Play of Apple and Android Autotype smart-phone connectivity with a lot more superb features.

It has a five year/100,000 mile of warranty. You will find its latest models to be a dependable truck that will provide you years of service. This car always works whether you plan it to drive as a comfortable family cruiser or a job site workhorse.

Car HD Radio latest models have truly endless configuration options. You have choices among three cabs that are regular cab, crew cab, or double cab. It also has a choice of three-bed lengths, including short, regular, and long. Irrespective of the trim choice, you will get a bigger selection of standard equipment, which includes fantastic items that are only found with optional extras in the previous models.


The latest 2022 models of CHRYSLER have excellent multimedia features with Car HD Radio. These models have almost 4 inches of touch-screen, Apple Car-Play support, Android Auto, and integrated with Bluetooth Streaming Audio and Voice Command. Total control of the car is at your fingertips by using the 4C NAV and 4C.

Car HD Radio is present in PACIFICA and 300 models. This technology permits the addition of one more music channel with the addition of three talk channels before its audio quality begins to suffer.

Cars with HD Radio are better for long drive travels. The additional stations are referred to as HD2 stations. If the receiver of HD Radio loses digital signals, it fades back to the analog FM signal unless the digital signals return.

Just tune in Car HD radio to have access to digital signals that are transmitted over the traditional radio frequencies. These frequencies allow you to get even more local FM/AM programming of digital sound.


DODGE models have an HD Radio of about 430 infotainment system with great touch-screen display, 6-speaker sound system, and audio input jack. Almost all the models also have great features of NAV 430 radio infotainment-system with a connected Garmin GPS built-in navigation-system and a fantastic 5-year subscription of the Sirius-XM travel link service.

HD Radio is available in DURANGO, CHARGER, CHALLENGER, and VIPER model of DODGE. Other multimedia features that are available in the models include USB connectivity and a DVD/CD entertainment system with Sirius-XM radio support. This car is also available with audio streaming, hands-free calling (using Bluetooth), and voice command.


Honda has a superb navigation and multimedia system. Drivers will get the Apple Car-Play, Android Auto smartphone integration, and an upgraded touch-screen display. The trim can add additional USB port, satellite, and HD radio support as well. The latest models have Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless phone charger.

HD Radio is present in ACCORD, CIVIC, CLARITY, CR-V, Fit, HR-V, ODYSSEY, and PILOT models of HONDA. Within the HD Radio, sound quality is much improved, and channels diversity has increased a lot. It offers quality use of screens for visuals and additional data services, which make radio a highly valuable device inside the vehicle. End-users now have a lot of choices on the radio dial for original content.


Mazda multimedia system has Bluetooth streaming audio, an eight-inch of touch-screen, a steering wheel wrapped in leather, cruise control, automatic dual-zone air conditioning with push-button start. This models keep with the Mazda’s image of fun-drive performance and classy interior.

Available features in these models include Android Auto smartphone connectivity, heated steering wheel, ventilated and heated front seats, a head-up display, a power moon-roof, a Bose premium stereo, and an Apple Car-Play. Car handling is good with a strong turbo 4-cylinder engine.

MAZDA infotainment-system delivers a multitude of latest technology features and functions that include the usage of phone’s hands-free and internet radio. Its infotainment system has USB ports and seven-inches of full-color display touch-screens. HD Radio is available in CX-3, CX-5, CX-9, MAZDA3, MAZDA6, and MX-5 MIATA models.

MAZDA safety features are amazing, like cross-traffic alert, which gives the latest models a wealthy safety technology. Its models have standard functions like seventeen-inch alloy wheels, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and automatic LED headlights.


The MINI word provides a wide range of smart applications and services, including Alexa intelligent assistant. You can access the car’s entertainment by integrating and organizing information from your vehicle’s device, whether you are outside or inside of your MINI.

The MINI functions are found in the MINI menu entry. Before the display of multiple services, it is necessary to launch the MINI app and connect your smart-phone device with your MINI. In addition to it, more entertainment functions are present in the Radio menus and CD/Multimedia.

Car HD Radio is available in CLUBMAN, COUNTRYMAN, and COOPER models of MINI. The latest features of the newest radio technology over traditional analog broadcasting are its superb emergency and traffic alerts, and artist experience. Car HD Radio comprises the fantastic cover art images like slide shows, artist photos, and other images which are interrelated to the audio or song being played.


TOYOTA multimedia system features a 6-speaker audio system, a display of the eight-inch audio screen, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, Apple Car-Play, Scout GPS compatibility, and Amazon Alexa, customizable home screen, Wi-Fi connect and Safety connect.

Car HD Radio is available in these models 86, 4 RUNNER, AVALON, CAMRY, CH-R, COROLLA, COROLLA IM, LAND CRUISER, MIRAI, and PRIUS. This new HD technology promise to provide high-quality audio with more station options.

It delivers the same quantity of extra information and bandwidth that is beamed straight at your HD radio as a digital signal. HD Radio never operates without its detractors, and it is considered a success toward this latest technology.

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