How to Get Car Stereo Out of Safe Mode?

How to Get Car Stereo Out of Safe Mode?
How to Get Car Stereo Out of Safe Mode?

How to Get Car Stereo Out of Safe Mode?

Every car has an in-build stereo system that everyone seems to enjoy. However, the problem starts when you can’t operate it well.

The situation occurs when you turn off the stereo, remove the key, and see a red light blinking on your stereo. This is the moment when you realize that your stereo has gone to safe mode.

5 Best Methods to get car stereo out of safe mode are:

  • Reset it
  • Get a new passcode
  • Turn it on for one hour
  • Remove stereo from car
  • Contact your dealer

In this article, we have added proven and best methods to get your car stereo out of safe mode.

There are many reasons due to which your stereo goes to safe mode. It could happen if your battery gets disconnected from your vehicle or has died for whatever reason. Sometimes, the car just gets stumped due to which our stereo stop working and went into safe mode.

In this case, you probably notice that the stereo is not working and showing some message which means security precaution.

In this type of case, people usually don’t know what to do. They probably call their car mechanics, but they even don’t know what to do because it is some technical work. You could also not fix it on your own because you might get it destroyed or damage your stereo.

How to Get Car Stereo Out of Safe Mode?

Here, you can get some techniques to recover your stereo from the safe mode easily.

Tools required

  • User manual
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Spare car key
  • DIN or stereo removal tools

Step-by-step guide to get car stereo out of safe mode

Reset it

Items needed:

You need nothing but a stereo manual.

Step 1: Find the code instructions booklet

To reset the code for your car stereo, you need to find a small booklet that you got at the time of buying that stereo. When the word safe appears on your stereo, it means that it has gone to lock mode and you need to unlock it by putting in the right code. For this purpose, you need to follow the instructions that have been given in the booklet.

Step 2: Press mode and scan buttons

If you haven’t got any possible instructions from the booklet, then you need to press the mode and scan button simultaneously until the digits 1000 appears on the screen of the stereo. You need to release those buttons, the moment you see these digits on the screen.

Step 3: Use your stereo card

Use your stereo code to get the new code. In this case, you can also get the station buttons to input the codes. In this case, you need to use different station buttons such as 1 to input the first digit code, 2 the second, and then so on.

Step 4: Press the mode

After pressing the buttons and getting the code, you need to press the mode and scan button again. You need to hold those buttons until the word SAFE appears and then release it as soon as you see that word on your stereo screen. Now your stereo code is reset!


If you do not have a user manual for your code, then you need to get a serial number from the dealer.


If you have entered the wrong code for like two or three times, then you need to stop from re-entering it again and again.

Get a new Passcode

Items Needed:

You need a flat-head screwdriver

Step 1: Remove the Faceplate

To get a new passcode for your stereo, you need to remove the faceplate around it. For this purpose, you only need a flat-head screwdriver and use it to gently remove the clips holding the faceplate in its original place. You need to move it up or down or slide it out of its original position.

Step 2: Remove Screws

After removing the plate, you will see different screws all over your stereo. You need to find those small screws that are holding the stereo in the place and remove it one by one.

Step 3: Find the Label

For the new code, you need to find out the serial number of the stereo that you got in the first place. Just slide the component of stereo far enough so that you could see the label easily and find the serial number on it. Write it down carefully along with the stereo model.

Step 4: Locate VIN

After this, you need to find your VIN, which could be easily found at the base of the front window of the driver’s side. If you are unable to read this number of the window, then you can easily find this number on your proof f insurance or title. Just note down that number.

Step 5: Locate Manufacturer’s Free Number

The last step is to call the customer care service of your car manufacturer. You can get the toll free number from the manual of your car stereo. Just call and tell them your VIN and the model to get the new code. After getting a new code, you need to put it on the stereo and get out your stereo from the safe mode.

Turn it on for one hour

Items Needed:

You need a spare key car.

Step 1: Check whether the stereo is on safe mode or not

For this step, you first should make sure that your stereo is in safe mode. For this purpose, turn on the stereo with the spare key and check the stereo that would light up and say, Safe.

Step 2: Turn the Stereo On

After confirming that your stereo is on safe mode, leave the radio on, lock the car and leave it for like two or three hours. I repeat you need a spare key car in the ignition so that the stereo does not go to sleep mode.

Step 3: Shut it off

After waiting for two to three hours, go back to the car. By that time, you will notice that the stereo should have turned off by itself. If it has not turned off by itself, then you need to leave it for more than two hours. Once the stereo has been turned off by itself, you will see a flash with the word SAFE and 1000, which is your solution. Enter the code and take your stereo out of the safe mode.

Remove the Stereo from the car

Items needed:

You need the right tools to remove your stereos such as DIN tools or stereo removal tools.

Step 1: Locate the holes

First of all, you need to find the holes in the front of the stereo to put those DIN tools in it. These holes are usually hidden, so you need a little bit of effort to find them. You could look over small doors, behind flaps, or on the faceplate of the stereo.

Step 2: Insert the tools

After finding the holes, you must put the right DIN tools into the holes on the right side. You will feel or hear a click after inserting the tools; it means that it cannot be further pushed, and you need to stop.

Step 3: Spread the tools correctly

This is the last and important step of taking out the stereo from the dashboard. You should spread the tools slightly, grab the stereo and pull it towards you out of the dashboard. You need to be careful in this process because the wrong pull can damage the whole stereo.


If you do not have a whole package of DIN tools, then use any U-shaped tool. It will work just fine. You could also get some other stereo removal tools such as a piece of flat stock to release the holding strings. You can get the best stereo removal tools from eBay or any other popular shopping website.


While removing the stereo, you need to be sure that the battery is disconnected. You should be careful about not damaging any wires during the whole process.

Contact Your Dealer

Items needed:

Just a mobile phone

Step 1: Use the Manual

To call the dealer, you would need his number. In this case, you need to look through the manual to find the number of your dealer,or you could find the best deals online. Be careful of those dealers who charge you a large amount to provide a new code. You should look for a dealer who could solve your problem in a fair amount.

Step 2: Call the best dealer

Call them and tell them your problem on the phone. They could advise over the phone, or you could ask them to check your stereo personally. The choice is yours.

Step 3: Show them your VIN

When you get to the dealer or a dealer gets to you, you need to show him your VIN. It has been already told that how you can get your VIN or you could take help from the dealer. The dealer will come up with a new code by using your VIN which can be used to unlock your stereo and get it out from the safe mode.


If you have to go to the best dealer, try their parts department instead of the service department. It is because the service department sometimes charges extra to provide you with the best dealer.


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