My Car Radio Keep Cutting Out – Here’s the Quick Fix

How to Fix a Car Radio that Keeps Cutting Out

Blast your car speakers to your favorite song on the radio through the daily hustle and bustle of traffic. The tendency of your car radio losing communication with the satellite due to an obstruction like tall buildings, tunnels, or extreme weather seems normal. However, an abrupt cutting out of your car stereo could represent a problem that may require you to further look into the matter.

Some of the reasons for a sudden turning off of the radio include:

  • Loose connection
  • Weak point due to obstructions
  • Installation errors
  • Bad power connection
  • Excessive voltage
  • Break in the wiring between the tuner, antenna, and stereo
  • Grounding problems
  • A crimped wire
  • An internal issue in the stereo

Below we have mentioned some quick-fix techniques you can use if your car radio cuts out abruptly.

Hit Reset

Rebooting represents the simplest way to deal with stereo problems. You could try resetting the car stereo placed behind the front faceplate. An underlying overheating problem could stand as one of the main reasons for your car radio to keep cutting out.

Perhaps, the car battery cannot supply enough power to the stereo if you leave the car door open or the lights on overnight, which could cause the battery to run dry. You can fix this problem by placing a cooling unit to protect your stereo system or checking the wires to the stereo.


Signal Booster Amplifier

Use Signal Booster Amplifier to Fix Car Radio Cutting Out

Strengthen the antenna signal of your car radio with a signal booster amplifier. In areas where the reception remains weak, the signal booster amplifier will improve your reception and solve the issue of your car radio from cutting out.

Although, if you lose connection due to tall buildings or trees, the booster may not work as well since the signal in those areas degrades due to obstructions.


Replace Faulty Radio Antenna

Rust and corrosion on your radio antenna could stand as a reason for bad reception. You can restore the stereo sound and listen to your favorite stations by replacing the faulty car radio antenna and installing a new one.

A retracted antenna may not pick up radio waves, causing your car radio to cut out. You can manually pull out the antenna for better reception.


Check Radio Wattage Level

Before taking the car to the auto repair shop, you should go through the car manual to check the appropriate radio wattage level for your car. The loss of sound or the radio cutting out could occur from the low radio wattage level.

You can install an amplifier to restore sound or replace the radio with the appropriate radio wattage level specifically for your car.


Check the Speakers

Checking Speaker Wire to Fix Car Radio Cut Out

One of the most common quick fixes for your car radio to stop cutting out remains to check the connections of the wires to your stereo. Sometimes, the speaker cuts out at high volume or due to heavy bass, or they may have blown out due to old age.

You can check faulty wiring or a loose speaker wire by using a voltage meter. When the voltage remains unstable, the stereo cuts out.


Check Voltage

You will know that it’s time to change the battery if the voltage reading does not remain constant at a high volume. The battery can generate enough energy to support the load of the car stereo.

You can pick up the multimeter to check the voltage. The overload can cause the fuse to blow up. Check the fuses in the fuse box and replace the blown fuses.


Check Grounding

Check the back of the stereo for a grounding issue. You can follow the steps mentioned to ensure you do not have a grounding problem:

  • Remove the stereo
  • Check the wires
  • Ensure they are tight and properly connected
  • Soldering or crimping loose or corroded wires
  • Trace the black ground wire
  • It should remain bolted to the chassis and should not have any connection to the ground
  • Check the inline fuses


Replace or Repair Damaged Wires

How to Fix a Car Radio that Keeps Cutting Out - Repair Damaged Wire

Damaged wires can cause the cutting out or loss of sound from car radio. Make sure to check all the cables thoroughly. Replace or repair the damaged, loose or corroded wires.

Ensure that the wires stay separate and do not touch any other wires. The stereo may shut off automatically if the ground wire makes contact with the power wire.



Sometimes the solutions to fixing a car radio problem seem easy. In situations where you need to replace a blown fuse or install a new antenna, you can save your time from spending hours at the car dealer or the auto repair shop by fixing your car stereo problems yourself.

If your car radio keeps cutting out even after trying these quick solutions, it remains advisable to get it checked by a professional. Always remember to keep safety first and disconnect the battery before you touch the wires.