Will Car Stereo Play M4A?

Will Car Stereo Play M4A
Will Car Stereo Play M4A

Here are 8 easy steps to play M4A files on your car stereo. These file audio formats are worthy because of their protection. Its file size is also smaller than other formats.

Will Car Stereo Play M4A? You can play M4A on the car stereo by downloading the files on a USB drive, use a free audio converter, load the files on the app, choose the output format, convert M4A to MP3, and transfer the files.

It is generally considered a successor of MP3 and serves as a file extension of an audio file with advanced audio coding.

Will Car Stereo Play M4A?

You should convert it into any other format to play it in your vehicle. You can do this by using an audio converter, and the other is through a windows media player.

Download M4A music on a USB drive

USB flash drives are essential when it comes to matters of data transfer. You need not decode data to store it on USB. So first, you should know how you can download this format and save it in the gadget.

You can download it through the iTunes play store. When you open it, the home page of the store will appear before you. There are a lot of categories of music in front of you. You can also play MP3 files on the radio.

Select any suitable category for you

After selecting the category:

  1. Select the iTunes or music you want to download.
  2. Click on the download button for downloading it.
  3. Patiently wait until the download is complete.

You can then transfer it to a flash drive, copy the tunes from the site, and paste it into the USB drive. Now it is stored in your device. You can connect it with any gadget or system for further processing.

Download free audio converter

An audio Converter is a software that we can use to convert different audio files. There is various free converter software available. You can choose any to download for free.

Mostly Freemake audio converter and switch audio converter are most extensively used for this purpose. Both of them are entirely free of cost.

Open any search browser on your device to download it. Google chrome is the best, and it can easily install and download it. Search Freemake audio converter in the search bar.

Different suggestions will appear on the screen. Choose one of them and press enter; click on the download button to start downloading on the homepage.

The complete download will take 5 to 10 minutes. Run and install it on your computer. When the download is complete, its icon will show on the homepage of your device. Click on the icon every time to open it. You should correctly connect the wires; otherwise, speakers will not work if wired wrong.

Load music on software

Loading videos on it is a simple task. You can do it in two ways. The first option is to drag and drops the file. For this purpose, select the audio file that you want to convert.

Then drag the file from the folder by swiping fingers on the trackpad. Then open the software and drop the file into it. You should use good products; otherwise, it can transfer a virus to the car radio.

Another option of loading is to select the loading option from the software. To do it, open it by clicking on the icon. Then on the left side of the home screen search, add the video tab.

Click on the tab to open it. Then select the file from the hard drive from your gadget. Then click on the add button to load it on it. Some software can support multiple files.

But some can only support one file at a time. When the loading is complete confirmation message will pop up on the screen.

Choose output format

Before converting the audio, you should select the data you want to convert the existing file. To set it, go to the Menu tab.

Then open the tap, and different suggestions will appear on the screen. You can select a preset as an output format.

You can also manually choose any output format. Select this option from suggestions and press enter. Now You can start a conversion on your gadget.

Convert M4A to MP3

When you open the audio converter, a convert button is present at the homepage’s right bottom. After loading and selecting the output format, click on this button to start conversion.

Wait until the conversion process is complete. It also depends on the file’s size; a confirmation message will flash on the screen after completing the process.

This whole process takes only 15 to 30 minutes.

Transfer the music files

The final step is to transfer it to a USB flash drive and play in the car audio system. Attach the flash with your device and copy the new format in it.

Convert M4A to MP3 through a media player

There is another option that you can use for this conversion. You can use any media player on your computer to convert it.

You can install any media player like a windows media player for this purpose. First, save all these files in your CD player. Then insert the CD player into the CD drive.

Click on the windows media player icon to open it. Then click on the windows media player menu to open it. When it is open different options will appear on the screen before you.

You will see a RIP tab; click on the arrow below it. Now different format categories will pop up on the computer screen.

You should choose the required tab as an audio format; it will convert into MP3 within few minutes. Finally, again click on the RIP tab.