How to Set Radio Channels in Pioneer Car Stereo?

How to Set Radio Channels in Pioneer Car Stereo?
How to Set Radio Channels in Pioneer Car Stereo?

How to Set Radio Channels in Pioneer Car Stereo?

FM radio is an old system to hear music and live broadcast from the radio studio. It is still used all over the world for live audio broadcasting of news, programs, and many other types of activities like cricket, etc.

Step-by-step procedure to set radio channel in Pioneer car stereo:

  • Step 1: Go to the main menu and look for a Radio option
  • Step 2: Select a channel number you want to configure
  • Step 3: Search for the radio frequencies and save them to the channel numbers
  • Step 4: Select your desired radio preset
  • Step 5: Best Stations memory

People who have been using radio from their childhood understand the concept of radio even if the technology has gone too far. The radio is left behind by the technological growth of the generation.

Nowadays, everyone wants to listen to their favorite music in their car. They do not want to listen to anything else. You can always set up radio channels on your Pioneer car stereo.

They create a playlist in their stereo player and keeps repeating that whenever they are driving. So, the use of radio has decreased as compared to the past. So, the young generation does not even know how to use it. But when people do not want to listen to the same music again and again, they would want to listen to the radio.

People sometimes like to listen to the podcasts happening on the radio channels. They like the gossips and all. If they are traveling with friends on a long tour, they can keep themselves updated by listening to the weather reports on the radio. It has many benefits while driving.

How to Set Radio Channels in Pioneer Car Stereo?

As pioneer stereos are very common in cars nowadays. They come in almost every car because they are highly compatible devices and give high sound quality.

People may know how to configure the radio on a single pioneer Din digital or analog car stereo, but configuring the radio channels on a double Din (touchscreen) pioneer car stereo is a little tricky.

We are here to provide you some simple steps with which you will be able to configure radio channels on your pioneer car stereo.

So, here is the explained procedure of how you can set radio channels in a pioneer touchscreen car stereo:

The pioneer stereo has several buttons on the bottom of it which helps you to navigate when the touch is not responding correctly or you do not want to use the touchscreen. So, you can either use the touchscreen or small navigation buttons to configure the radio on a pioneer stereo.

Go to the main menu and look for a radio option

The first step to do when you want to set radio channels on the pioneer car stereo is to go to the home page. Forthe home screen, there is always a home button on the bottom of the pioneer car stereo. Press that button and you will be prompted to the home screen.

If you cannot find a home screen, then there is another way to go to the home screen. Find a touchscreen button that is has a home icon or apps icon like you see on an android. You can go to the home screen by tapping on that icon.

Once you are on the menu or home screen, you will see multiple applications on the stereo, but you only have to see the radio icon. If you see a radio icon on the home screen, then tap on it, it will take you to the radio configuration application.

If you do not find a radio icon, then you will see a music icon on the home screen. Tap on the music icon, and it will further take you to a menu that will allow you to select the source of the audio. Select the radio icon from that menu, and you will be prompted to the radio application of pioneer stereo.

Select a channel number you want to configure

The radio application of the pioneer stereo will display several channel options, FM and AM selection, analog tuning display, digital tuning of channels, BSM option and many more. The FM option is the one that is important for you right now.

So, you will tap the FM1 button instead of the AM button because you want to set FM radio channels in your pioneer stereo. There are six slots on the left side of the display for channels that you want to save. If you drag or touch the arrow key against the channel numbers, it will show you the FM frequencies that are saved on the channel slots.

Different frequencies are previously saved on the channels of the stereo. So, select the desired channel and then you will jump to the next step.

Search radio frequencies on car stereo and save them to the channel numbers

So, what you need to do here is that you must see the frequency section of the radio which is located on the middle bottom of the screen. It also has a navigation button on both sides. Now, tap the forward navigation button again and again until you do not find an FM frequency that has a channel on it.

If you do not want to tap again and again and search manually, you can tap on the forward navigation button for 3 seconds until the frequency starts running. When the stereo finds a channel on the frequency, it will stop searching and will play the channel of that frequency that is searched.

You can check for other channels by again taping on the navigation button for three or more seconds and letting it search another channel. It will again find another channel and will stop searching the channel and will play it.

Now, after searching all the channels, it is up to you to allocate the channel number to the channel frequencies according to your own choice. You can allocate the channel numbers by a procedure which is explained below:

Search a channel frequency, as mentioned above. When the channel is playing the audio but the audio is distorted in some manner, try to find the appropriate frequency for the channel. Sometimes, the stereo does not find the perfect frequency of a channel, and it may find a greater number of frequency than the original frequency or the smaller one.

So, you must find the appropriate frequency that has the minimum amount of noise in it. When you have found the best frequency of the channel, then let it play and tap and hold the channel number for 5 seconds, which is displayed on the left side of the display.

The stereo will save the channel number and the next time you tap on that channel number, and it will play that radio channel that you saved on it.

This is how you save a radio frequency to a stereo channel.

Select your desired radio preset

This is an important thing to do, when setting up radio channels on your Pioneer car stereo. The radio on the pioneer car stereo has 18-channels on it because it has three presets of FM that it can operate and save channels. As the FM1 preset displays six-channel options on the left side of the display. You can change that preset to two more options and save your frequencies on the new channels of the second and third preset.

How would you do that? The channels preset settings depend upon your location. You may have been receiving too many channels, so you need another FM preset to save other channels or you may not. If you do not have more than five or six channels in your locations, then you can save them on other presets with different locations.

So, when the FM1 preset is full, go to the next preset by tapping on the FM1 button on the touchscreen, it will take you to the FM2 preset. The procedure for saving radio frequencies on channel numbers for all presets is the same as for FM1 preset.

So, when you have saved all the presets and your FM is good to operate and provide good coverage to you while you are driving, you can select between presets and enjoy your show.

Best station memory in Pioneer Car Stereo

The best station memory is a feature in a Pioneer car stereo, which is a beneficial thing for a traveler. What does the best station memory feature do? The BSM or best station memory, when activated, searches for the best available frequency channels.

When the BSM is searching the frequencies, it saves the channels one by one on the channel number of the opened preset. So, if you have opened the FM1 preset and you do not want to search out the frequencies, you can tap the BSM button and it will automatically lock the six strongest stations on the preset.

Save the radio channels on Pioneer Car Stereo

So, when you often travel to different cities, you can save their FM frequencies in your stereo by this function. You can keep a separate preset for that purpose so that you do not have to disturb your current setting and set a new preset in a new city again and again.

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